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And the winner is.....

Tanzania's Richard Bezuidenhout has won Big Brother Africa II. The 24 year-old film student had a tumultuous time in the House. He fell in love, had more than a few tantrums and survived nomination five times on his road to the $100 000 prize.

Richard with a suitcase full of Benjamin Franklin (100,- Dollar notes)
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Richard, his sister Linda, Ofunneka Molokwu (Nigeria) and Richards brother.
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Richards sister Linda (left) and Tatiana (Angola)
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Nigeria's Ofunneka Molokwu took second place, with Tatiana Durao of Angola coming in third. Ofunneka and Tatiana both win tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, courtesy of MTN.

Richard received votes from Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia and the rest of Africa voted for Ofunneka, while Tatiana received Angola's vote.

The Grand Finale

The show kicks off with KB chilling in the House with the Housemates. As they toast to the winner, Ofunneka says that she is at a loss for words at making it that far. "It's unbelievable I was able to stay locked up for three months," Tatiana adds, "I'm a party animal." Richard, for his part, says that it has really been a challenge for him. "I'm glad to be in the final three," he says.

Looking Back

"What a rollercoaster it was." The viewers are treated to a look back at some of the highlights of the last 98 days. Tasks, challenges, laugher and tears, as well as those unforgettable Penthouse visits. Big Brother has provided so many memorable moments that it would take another 98 days just to recall them all.

Blasts from the Past

After the highlights, KB welcomes the 9 evicted Housemates onto stage. They are greeted with rapturous applause by the crowd outside the House.

The Sounds of Africa

The Housemates treat the crowed to a splendid musical performance, with Code and Bertha leading the way with smooth, soulful and truly African sounds. The crowd responds by singing along with the Housemates, creating yet another magical moment on Big Brother Africa.

The musical extravaganza continues with stellar performances from South African kwaito stars Bongo Maffin and Kenyan maestro Eric Wainana. Their sounds keep the crowd rocking amidst the excitement of the show.

From the Winner's Mouth

In his post-eviction interview, Richard tells the crowd "I love you all. Whatever I do I want to change people's live positively." He then has an emotional renuion with his brother and sister before receiving the $100 000 prize.

The End

Nigerian rapping duo P-Square close out the show with a pumping performance. Big Brother Africa II has been a truly fantastic 98 days and one of the most intense competitions Africa has ever seen.

Source: Big Brother Africa 11

Oliver Occean mshambuliaji wa Lillistroem (Lillestrøm)
akishangalia goli alilofunga. Picha toka Dagbladet

Timu ya soka ya Lillestroem imekuwa mabingwa wa Kikombe cha soka Norway, baada ya kuifunga timu ya FK Haugesund mabao 2 - 0 kwenye uwanja wa taifa Ullevaal, mjini Oslo. Magoli yote mawili ya Lillestroem yalifungwa na Oliver Occean (Mkanada). Kikombe cha soka Norway huchezwa na timu za ligi kuu pamoja na zile za ligi ya daraja la kwanza.

Uwanja wa taifa, Ullevaal, Oslo.

Zaidi kuhusu ligi ya soka hapa Norway gongola:

Malikia wa Ngwasuma,Ketura Kihongosi,akikagua gari alilokabidhiwa baada ya kuibuka mshindi.

Kutoka Bongo Celebrity.

Juzi usiku ndani ya ukumbi wa Diamond Jubilee jijini Dar-es-salaam, bendi ya FM Academia au maarufu kama Wana Ngwasuma, walikuwa wanahitimisha zoezi la kumtafuta Malikia wa Ngwasuma au mwanamke bingwa wa kulicheza “sebene” hilo la Wana Ngwasuma.

Warembo kumi waliingia fainali na mpaka mwisho Ketura Kihongosi, ndio aliibuka mshindi na hivyo kujipatia gari lenye thamani ya milioni kumi za kitanzania. Kwa picha zaidi za tukio hilo, endelea hapa

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day: Wednesday
Date: 14 NOVEMBER 2007
Time: 1800 – 1930 Central European Time

Place: Voksenåsen Oslo
Ullveien 4, 0791 Oslo

K.K. Is coming to Norway to attend an international conference:

“A Dialogue conference on the unpredictable past and future of genocide,”

which is to be held at Voksenåsen November 16 and 17. To mark this occasion, Voksenåsen in collaboration with Networkers South North is hosting a reception and meeting with
Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda.

One remembers Kenneth David Kaunda for his important role in the fight against colonial powers, apartheid in Southern Africa throughout several decades of the 20th century. Kenneth Kaunda is 83 years old and is still active both in political diplomacy and in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

It is crucial that guests RSVP by Sunday, November 9 to confirm their attendance to the of the following email address:

Food and Drinks will be served for free!!!!

On Behalf of Networkers and Voksenåsen

Karl Einar Ellingsen and Øystein Tveter

Memoir insults Muslims

The autobiography of outspoken Progress Party politician Carl I. Hagen "Ærlig talt" - Speaking Honestly - has offended Norwegian Muslims.

PHOTO: Aftenposten
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A passage where the controversial Hagen calls the prophet Mohammed a warlord, man of violence and abuser of women has, unsurprisingly, caused offense.

"That the Islamic council is disappointed and angry and furious is as expected. I had more or less counted on this to happen when I wrote that," Hagen told newspaper Vårt Land.

Norway's Islamic Council asked Norwegian Muslims to refrain from reacting to Hagen's book.

Hagen's remarks come in connection with the massive trouble linked to the publication of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

Hagen writes that the government's handling of the matter led to freedom of speech "taking a back seat to respect for the warlord, man of violence and woman abuser Mohammed, who murdered and accepted rape as a method of conquest".

"If one puts religious feelings high, one cannot remain indifferent to such talk," said Islamic Council Norway leader Senaid Kobilica to Vårt Land.

The council is now working on a statement taking exception to Hagen's remarks and asking Norwegian Muslims not to react in an unsuitable way.

Hagen's memoirs has also received attention for the denigrating comments rained over most of Norway's leading politicians.

From Aftenposten.

Oslo: Gang raids nab 27

Police carried out a coordinated series of raids aimed at criminal gangs on Thursday, arresting 27 and confiscating weapons, drugs and stolen property.

The raids extended across the southeastern police districts of Oslo, Follo, Romerike and Asker and Bærum.

"First and foremost we have visited the 'top assistants' this time," Iver Stensrud, head of the Organized Crime division at Oslo police told

Stensrud said that the operation had not targeted any specific gang, but spread out to over 50 addresses in Oslo and Akershus County.

Police said it was important to demonstrate the risk of police attention even for those a bit lower down on the criminal ladder.

"We have confiscated a not insignificant amount of drugs - among others, opium, amphetamine, hashish and GBH," Stensrud said. He said that police had also recovered about 100 stolen bank cards, credit cards and drivers licenses.

"In relation to our goals and expectations this went as we hoped and expected. We are very satisfied with the action and the effort that was made," Stensrud said.

Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter
Nina Lødemel

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Jonathan Tisdall

Friday, November 09, 2007

WANTED: Photo of radar suspect released

Dar es Salaam

AUTHORITIES in Dar es Salaam have released a photograph of the man wanted in connection with the 28 million pounds sterling (approx. 70bn/-) military radar scandal in Tanzania, and are asking for help in identifying the current whereabouts of the suspect.

Shailesh Pragji Vithlani is believed to have been the main broker behind the 2002 deal allegedly sweetened with the payment of $12m (approx. 15bn/-) in illegal kickbacks to high-profile figures in former president Benjamin Mkapa’s government.

In the undated colour photo released exclusively to THISDAY, the 42-year-old Vithlani is seen seated comfortably in a chair facing the camera, apparently in a hotel room in an undisclosed location.

Latest findings by THISDAY show that Vithlani currently holds British travel documents with UK passport number 500326824 issued on August 1, 2000. Previously, the businessman also travelled with an old British passport with the full name of ’’Shailesh Pragji Pradhan Vithlani’’ printed on document.

Tanzanian authorities have already alerted the international police organisation Interpol about an arrest warrant against Vithlani issued by the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam.

According to law enforcement agents, the suspect - who grew up in Mwanza - also holds a Tanzanian passport despite the country’s immigration laws prohibiting dual citizenship.

Informed sources say that while Vithlani maintains a home in the UK, he also keeps rented premises in Dar es Salaam in the form of a residential flat at the NIC Investment House along Samora Avenue in the city centre.

Local companies owned by the suspect include Merlin International Limited and Vithcorp Food Packers, with offices located in the unassuming Avalon cinema building in the city.

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) announced earlier this week that investigations into the military radar scandal have been concluded and Vithlani has already been formally charged before the Kisutu court.

Details of the charge sheet seen by THISDAY show that, Vithlani was charged on November 1 this year on three counts of lying in court and lying to an investigating officer.

He was charged in absentia, as he is understood to have long since skipped the country.

In the first of three counts, Vithlani is charged with committing perjury in a court proceeding before Magistrate Katarina Revocati at the Kisutu court on July 25 last year.

It is alleged that Vithlani lied to the court that he was not the owner of Envers Trading Corporation, a shadowy company linked to the radar deal.

In the second count, also of perjury, he is alleged to have on July 28 last year lied to the same court that he was paid a commission of just $390,000 (approx. 500m/-) by the radar manufacturer BAE Systems of Britain, being only one per cent of the sale price.

Prosecutors maintain that Vithlani was actually paid $12,391,459.50 (approx. 15bn/-) as a consultancy fee, equivalent to 31 per cent of the radar purchase price, based on a contract entered between Red Diamond Trading Corporation and Envers Trading Corp.

In the third count, Vithlani is charged with giving false information to a senior official of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), one Kassim Ephrem, at Sea Cliff Hotel in the city on December 27 last year about receiving a one per cent commission for the radar deal.

If tried and convicted, he could face seven years in jail for each of the two counts of perjury, plus additional time in prison for lying to the PCCB official.

Rai ya Jenerali Ulimwengu

Ni uongozi, basi.

MANTIKI ya msingi kabisa katika hayo niliyosema wiki iliyopita ni kwamba ili tuweze kuendelea tunahitaji vitu vinne: Mosi, uongozi bora, pili, uongozi bora, tatu, uongozi bora na nne, uongozi bora.

Basi.Vingine, kama nilivyosema, tunavyo, kuacha siasa safi, ambayo haina budi kutokana na uongozi bora. Hili ndilo suala litakalotusumbua kwa muda mrefu, na kabla ya kulidurusu ipasavyo na kulipatia ufumbuzi, hakuna matumaini ya kupiga hatua yo yote ya maendeleo. Tutaendelea kusuasua na kubabaisha; tutakimbilia kunukuu mafanikio ya kitakwimu na maliwazo ya sifa za kinafiki za “wafadhili”, lakini hatua endelevu za kimaendeleo hazipigwi katika mazingira yaliyokosa uongozi bora.

Sasa inabidi kujadili dhana yenyewe ya uongozi bora, kwa sababu kwa jinsi tulivyoivuruga dhana ya uongozi katika nchi hii haitashangaza iwapo tutashindwa kuelewana kuhusu dhana yenyewe.

Iwapo nafasi nyingi zinazoitwa za uongozi zimekamatwa na walaghai, matapeli mabazazi na mafisadi, nadharia juu ya ‘uongozi’ itasaidia nini wakati wananchi wamekuwa wakiona sifa mbovu na matendo machafu ya hao wanaojiita viongozi?

Hata hivyo hatuna budi kuendelea kukumbushana kuhusu sifa zinazotakiwa kuambatana na uongozi. Ni kitu gani kinachomfanya raia au mwanajamii awe kiongozi, tofauti na raia au wanajamii wengine?

Hapana shaka kwamba haya nitakayosema hapa ni yale yale yaliyosemwa miaka yote hii. Lakini ukweli ni kwamba matendo yetu hayaendani kabisa na sifa hizi ninazozizungumzia . Namwalika msomaji azipitie tena sifa hizi, halafu aamue mwenyewe ni lini mara ya mwisho aliwahi kukutana na kiongozi.

Kwanza kabisa hana budi kuwa na sifa kadhaa ambazo zinampambanua na wengine, sifa zinazowafanya raia na wanajamii wengine wamwone kama mfano wa kuiga, kama funzo la kujifunza, kama njia ya kufuata.

Hii ina maana kwamba ana hulka, tabia, mwenendo, na lugha ya uungwana; anao uadilifu mkubwa katika kufuata maadili yanayoiongoza jamii; hana ubinafsi na yuko tayari kujitolea kuwasaidia wanajamii wenzake, hata kama kufanya hivyo kutamtwisha gharama, kumpotezea muda au kumsababishia matatizo mengine.

Pia ni mjuzi wa mambo, kwa kuwa anajibidiisha kujielimisha na kujipatia taarifa ambazo zinamwezesha kujua mwelekeo wa jamii yake, nchi yake na dunia nzima, na sifa hii inamwezesha kuwa na msaada kwa jamii yake. Kuongoza ni kuonyesha njia, na ili mwanajamii aweze kuwaonyesha wenzake njia, hana budi kuwa na ari na uwezo wa kutaka kujua na kuweza kukieleza hicho alichokipata kwa ufasaha ili wenzake wamwelewe na, kwa kumfuata, wanufaike nacho.

Pamoja na ujuzi wake na uwezo mkubwa wa kupata taarifa na maarifa kiongozi wa asili hajengi kiburi kinachotokana na kujua, na wala hawaonyeshi dharau wenzake kwa sababu anajua kwamba hata mwanajamii asiyejua mambo mengi naye anao mchango wa kutoa.

Kwa hakika busara kubwa za kijamii zimesinzia ndani ya wanajamii wenye akili za kawaida tu, ambazo zinasubiri kiongozi wa kweli azitambue, azitekenye na kuzileta nje, kisha aziunganishe pamoja ili kujenga busara ya pamoja ambayo haiwezi kulinganishwa na busara za mtu mmoja, hata zingekuwa kubwa kiasi gani.

Kiongozi asilia hapendekezi jina lake, wala hajitokezi kusema anataka kuwa kiongozi. Kiongozi wa kweli huonekana na kutambulika ndani ya jamii yake, na akiisha kutambulika, hubebeshwa majukumu ya uongozi, na mara nyingi atasita kuyakubali majukumu hayo, kimsingi kwa sababu anajua kwamba ni mzigo anabebeshwa, si nafasi ya kula anayopewa. Anajua kwamba uongozi rasmi, tofauti na ule wa kujitolea bila kuwa na ofisi, una maana kwamba atakuwa na muda kidogo zaidi wa kushughulikia mambo yake binafsi, na biashara zake zinaweza zikaathirika.

Aidha kiongozi ni mtu mwenye misimamo inayoeleweka na kutabirika. Kutokana na jamii anayoiongoza, kiongozi anakuwa na misimamo kuhusu mambo yote makuu na muhimu yanayoihusu jamii yake, na misimamo hii haina budi kutabirika, ili anaowaongoza wasilazimike kubahatisha au kupiga ramli ili kujua msimamo wake utakuwa upi kuhusu suala la msingi.

Katika umoja wa majizi, mathalan, wezi wote watajua kwamba kiongozi wao akipewa taarifa kwamba mmoja wao amevunja benki na kuchota mamilioni ya shilingi, atampongeza na kumpandisha cheo, kumfanya jambazi mfawidhi.

Lakini akijua kwamba mmoja wao anawasiliana na polisi ili kuusaliti umoja wake wa wezi, atamchinja.Huyu ni kiongozi. Anatabirika.

Katika umoja wa watu walioapa kuitumikia nchi yao na watu wake na wakasema “Ewe Mwenyezi Mungu nisaidie”, iwapo kiongozi atapewa taarifa kwamba mmoja wa watu wake walioapa hivyo anafanya mambo yanayohujumu nia yao ya pamoja ya kuitumikia nchi, kisha watu wasijue atachukua hatua gani dhidi ya msaliti huyo (kwa kuwa msaliti mmoja aliwahi kufungwa lakini wasaliti wengine wakapandishwa vyeo) huyo si kiongozi, kwa sababu hatabiriki, ni kigeugeu, hana msimamo.

Kutabirika huku kunakwenda sambamba na ujasiri. Mtu asiyetabirika ni mwoga anayebadili msimamo wake kila mara kutegemea amekabiliwa na nani na ana maslahi gani kwa wakati huo. Kutokana na woga atasema maneno tofauti katika nyakati tofauti kwa watu tofauti ili kumpendeza kila mmoja. Tofauti yake na malaya ni biashara wanazofanya, lakini mwenendo ni sawa sawa.

Katika mazingira yetu nchini na barani Afrika ni dhahiri tunahitaji uongozi wa aina fulani, lakini imekuwa vigumu mno kuupata. Tunahitaji uongozi wa kujitoa mhanga, kwa sababu hali yetu ni mbaya, kama nilivyosema mapema, na inazidi kuwa mbaya; watu wetu wanateseka na umsikini ambao hauelezeki tukiangalia raslimali zilizowazunguka; ipo hatari ya kweli ya watu wetu kufikia hatua ya kusema, “Ah, liwalo na liwe, tumechoka na hali hii!”

Dalili zinajitokeza taratibu, lakini watawala wetu, kwa ustadi wao wa kubeza, uliochanganyika na “shibe mwanamalevya” hawatambui alama za nyakati.Wanabeza bila kujua kwamba wanaibeza Historia. Wakija kulitambua hilo, jua litakuwa limekuchwa.

Nchini mwetu utapeli, ubazazi na ubabaishaji vimo ndani ya vyama vyote vya siasa, kama ulivyo ndani ya shughuli nyingine nyingi za kitaifa: biashara, michezo, mapenzi, hata imani za kiroho. Kwa hiyo ninapozungumzia utapeli wa kisiasa nisije nikaeleweka kwamba nataka kukisema chama tawala pekee.

Hata vyama vya upinzani vinao matapeli wengi tu, na baadhi yao ni hao popo wanaohama kila uchao, leo wapinzani wakali wanaokitukana chama tawala kama samaki waliooza, kesho ndio hao hao “wanaorejea” chama tawala (hata kama hawakutoka huko awali) na kupokelewa kwa nderemo na kuwa “makada waandamizi” wa chama hicho wanaogeuzia matusi yao upande ule ule walikokuwa wakitambia jana. Na wala hawaoni haya.

Hapana, matapeli wako kote katika vyama vyetu. Lakini chama tawala hakina budi kukubali kubeba jukumu zito zaidi kuliko vyama vingine; hivyo iwapo katika maandishi yangu haya nitakitaja mara nyingi ieleweke kwamba CCM ndiyo chama kikongwe kuliko vyote na ndicho kilichotafuta na kufanikiwa kupewa dhamana ya kuliongoza Taifa hili.

Aidha chama hicho kimejenga tabia ya kutamba kwa jeuri ya “chama tawala”, na kinayo haki ya kutamba, sawa sawa na baba alivyo na haki ya kutamba kwa kuwa mkuu wa familia. Pamoja na haki hiyo ya kutamba, chama hicho hakina budi kuelewa kwamba kina majukumu makubwa ya kulipa Taifa hili uongozi makini, sawa na baba alivyo na majukumu mazito ya kuiongoza familia yake na kukidhi mahitaji yake.

Iwapo baba atashinda klabuni akitambia ubaba wake, akasahau kushughulikia chakula, matibabu na elimu ya mkewe na wanawe, kuna siku atajikuta si mume wala baba tena, na familia yake inahudumiwa na mababa wengine, ambao anaweza baadaye akawaita “wafadhili”.

Si tofauti kwa chama kinachoshinda katika ulevi wa mikutano ya kujisifu na karamu za kusherehekea nini sijui, huku nchi inateketea kwa umasikini usioelezeka katikati ya utajiri mithili ya El Dorado, halafu nchi nzima inawekwa chini ya “ufadhili” wa mababa tusiowajua.

Mnamo mwaka 1993 nilijikuta katika kundi dogo lililokuwa likijadili masuala mbali mbali ya kisiasa na muasisi wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage.

Siku moja Mwalimu alitusimulia yaliyomkuta miaka ya 1986 na 1987 alipokuwa katika zoezi aliloliita “Mradi wa Kuimarisha Chama,” baada ya kuwa amestaafu urais mwaka 1985.

Anasema baada ya kutembelea wilaya zote nchini na kukutana na viongozi wa ngazi zote za uongozi wa chama, na kuwaangalia vizuri wale viongozi, na kuwasikiliza wakitoa taarifa, wakijenga hoja au wakijibu maswali yake, anasema alifika mahali akajiuliza swali: “Hivi hawa, pamoja na mimi, tumo ndani ya chama kimoja?”

Hali aliyoiona Mwalimu haijabadilika isipokuwa kama ni kuwa mbovu zaidi.

Wanafunzi 20 mbaroni kuvuja kwa mitihani.

Paul Sarwatt, Arusha
HabariLeo; Friday,November 09, 2007 @00:04

WANAFUNZI zaidi ya 20 kutoka shule tatu tofauti mkoani Arusha, wamekamatwa na polisi juzi kwa tuhuma za kukutwa na majibu ya Mtihani wa Taifa wa kidato cha pili.

Kukamatwa kwa wanafunzi hao, kunadhihirisha kukithiri uvujaji na wizi wa mitihani hiyo inayoendelea nchini kote ambako hata hivyo, tayari Serikali kupitia kwa Katibu Mkuu, Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi imesema inaendelea na uchunguzi wa hali hiyo.

Kuhusu tukio hilo la Arusha, habari zilizopatikana kutoka vyanzo mbalimbali na kuthibitishwa na Polisi, zinaeleza kuwa watahiniwa waliokamatwa, wanatoka shule mbili zilizoko wilayani Arumeru na moja ya Arusha Mjini.

Miongoni mwa matukio hayo ni wanafunzi wanane wa Shule ya Sekondari Muungano, iliyopo Usa River wilayani Arumeru na Mwalimu wao (jina tunalo). Walikamatwa baada ya mwalimu huyo kukutwa katika moja ya madarasa ya shule hiyo akiwafundisha watahiniwa hao majibu ya mtihani wa baolojia.

Mwalimu huyo pamoja na wanafunzi walikamatwa na kufikishwa katika kituo cha Polisi cha Usa River kabla ya kuachiwa kwa dhamana.

Wanafunzi wengine 10 wa Shule ya Sekondari ya Oldadai, walikamatwa na msimamizi wakiwa na majibu ya mtihani huo wa baolojia katika chumba cha mitihani na wengine wanne walikamatwa chooni wakipeana majibu ya mtihani wa somo hilo.

“Baadhi ya watahiniwa wa kike walikuwa wamenakili majibu kwenye mapaja yao kwa kutumia kalamu na baada ya majibu hayo kuoanishwa yalikuwa sahihi na maswali ya mtihani wa somo hilo,” alieleza mmoja wa walimu wa shule hiyo ambaye hakutaka jina lake liandikwe gazetini.

Watahiniwa wengine waliokamatwa, ni wa Shule ya Sekondari ya Kimandolu katika Manispaa ya Arusha ambao walifikishwa kituo kikuu cha Polisi cha Arusha juzi na waliachiwa jana asubuhi kwa dhamana.

Maofisa wa Elimu Kanda ya Kaskazini ambao mitihani hiyo ya kidato cha pili iko chini ya ofisi yao, jana walithibitisha kuvuja kwa mitihani hiyo lakini walikataa kutoa ufafanuzi wakisema kuwa msemaji wa suala hilo ni Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Elimu.

“Ni kweli kuna wanafunzi wamekamatwa na mitihani lakini sisi hapa tunaandaa taarifa na Katibu Mkuu ndiye mwenye jukumu la kuitoa taarifa hiyo kwa vyombo vya habari,” alisema moja wa maofisa hao.

Kaimu Kamanda wa Polisi, Wenceslaus Magoha alithibitisha kutokea kwa tukio na kueleza kuwa polisi bado walikuwa wanakusanya taarifa zaidi za upelelezi kuhusu watuhumiwa hao.

“Hivyo niko wilayani Ngorongoro katika operesheni maalumu lakini nikirudi mjini nitatoa taarifa zaidi juu ya suala hilo,” alisema Magoha kwa njia ya simu.

Akizungumza na HabariLeo kwa simu jana, Naibu Waziri wa Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi, Mwantumu Mahiza alisema wizara yake inaendelea na uchunguzi wa kina. Alisema watakaobainika kuhusika, watapelekwa kwenye vyombo vya sheria.

Mahiza alisema wizara yake iko makini katika kulishughulikia suala hilo kuhakikisha kwanza kama mitihani iliyovuja ni mitihani ya kitaifa kweli au ni wajanja wachache tu wamejifanya kutunga mitihani ya namna hiyo.

“Ikibainika ni kweli mitihani hiyo imevuja na wahusika wakatambuliwa hatua zitachukuliwa. Lakini kwa kweli tunatumia busara kubwa katika kulishughulikia suala hilo,” alisema Mahiza.

Bakita na mkakati wa kueneza Kiswahili kwa njia ya redio, TV.

Magnus Mahenge.

HabariLeo; Friday,November 09, 2007 @01:04
Katibu Mtendaji wa Bakita, Dk Anna Kishe, akizungumza na waandishi wa habari katika ukumbi wa Idara ya Habari (Maelezo) kuhusu kufanyika kwa kongamano la wazungumzaji Kiswahili duniani. Kulia kwake ni Oni Sigara, mmoja wa maofisa habari wa Bakita.
KONGAMANO la idhaa za redio na televisheni zinazotumia Kiswahili Tanzania na nje ya nchi, litafanyika kwa siku nne katika ukumbi wa Mkukuta, uliomo katika viwanja vya Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Dar es Salaam.

Kongamano hilo lililoandaliwa na Baraza la Kiswahili la Taifa (BAKITA), litafanyika Novemba 12 hadi 15, mwaka huu na ni ufunguo wa kujua namna Kiswahili kinavyokua na watumiaji wanavyoongezeka duniani.

Akizungumza na vyombo vya habari, Katibu Mtendaji wa Bakita, Dk. Anna Kishe, anasema kongamano hilo linafanyika kwa mara ya pili tangu kuanzishwa kwa chombo hicho miaka 40 iliyopita. Kwa mara ya kwanza lilifanyika katika miaka ya 1980.

“Kongamano hili linafanyika ili kuweka mikakati ya pamoja ya kukuza na kueneza Kiswahili duniani kwa njia ya redio na televisheni,” anasema Dk. Kishe.

Nia ni kuweka mbinu za pamoja za kujenga mazingira mapya ya kushughulikia mahitaji, maslahi na matatizo ya wadau wa lugha hiyo duniani na kubainisha njia za kuongeza zaidi watumiaji, aina na ubora wa huduma zinazotolewa kwa lugha hiyo.

Ukuaji wa Kiswahili nchini umechangiwa na Bakita, ambayo ndiyo tochi ya kutoa mwanga kwa watumiaji wa lugha hiyo ndani na nje ya nchi.

Kiswahili kimekuwa kikiongeza watumiaji wake na hadi sasa kuna watumiaji zaidi ya milioni 110 duniani.

Ukuaji huo umekwenda sambamba na ukuaji wa ndani, ambapo hadi hivi karibuni utafiti umebaini kuwa asilimia 97 ya wananchi wa Tanzania, wanazungumza Kiswahili na kukitumia kama lugha yao ya kwanza katika mazungumzo.

Miaka ya hivi karibuni, Kiswahili kimezidi kukwea na kuwa miongoni mwa lugha kubwa zinazotumiwa na mataifa mengi.

Mmoja wa Maofisa Uhusiano wa Bakita, Oni Sigala, anasema Kiswahili kimeshika nafasi ya sita, kikitanguliwa na Kiingereza, Kifaransa, Kihispania, Kiarabu na Kirusi na kukiacha nyuma Kijerumani, Kichina na Kireno.

Kauli mbiu ya kongamano hilo ni ‘Kiswahili kwa Ushirikiano na Mshikamano’. Kongamano hilo litachangia kwa kiasi kikubwa kuimarisha ushirikiano baina ya asasi za utangazaji, zinazotumia lugha hiyo duniani na namna zinavyokuza na kueneza lugha hiyo duniani.

Dk. Kishe anasema kongamano hilo linatarajia kujenga mazingira mapya na bora zaidi ya kiutendaji, yatakayowezesha kushughulikia kwa ufanisi zaidi mahitaji, maslahi na matatizo ya wadau mbalimbali wa Kiswahili, hasa asasi za utangazaji.

Kongamano hilo litazikutanisha redio ya Umoja wa Mataifa, Deutch Welle, BBC, Radio Vatican, Radio China International, Radio ya Ufalme wa Saudi Arabia, National Media Group ya Kenya, Radio Sauti Injili ya Kongo na Voice of Nigeria na nyingine nyingi.

Pamoja na hizo za nje, vituo vya redio vitavyoshiriki ni Radio Upendo, Radio One, Radio Faraja, Radio Tanzania, Radio Free Africa, Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar, Radio Imani-Morogoro, Radio Tumaini na Radio Zenj FM.

Vituo vya luninga vilivyoonyesha kupata mwamko wa kushiriki kongamano hilo ni pamoja na Mwakaleli, Sua, ya Taifa, DTV, CTN, Channel Ten, Abood, Sumbawanga na Independent na nyinginezo.

Waalikwa wawili kutoka katika kila idhaa, redio na runinga watakuwa na wakati mwafaka wa kushiriki katika kuchambua kinaga ubaga maendeleo na mchango wa Kiswahili katika kuboresha na kuendeleza maisha ya mwanadamu katika nyanja ya mawasiliano.
Idhaa za Kiswahili za redio na runinga za nje kwa pamoja na za ndani, zitakutana na kuangalia kama uwezekano wa kupanua wigo na kuongeza wingi wa watumiaji wa lugha hiyo. Mkusanyiko huo utaangalia, aina ya lugha inayotumika katika kuwasiliana, ubora wake na huduma nyingine kama ni sanifu na fasaha kote duniani.

Kongamano hilo pia litakuwa sehemu ya maadhimisho ya miaka 40 ya tangu kuzaliwa Bakita Julai 1967.

Katika nafasi hiyo, Bakita itajinadi na kutambulisha shughuli zake za uratibu na usimamizi wa Kiswahili Tanzania na nje ya nchi.

“Bakita inaadhimisha miaka 40 tangu kuanzishwa, hivyo imekomaa … Hivyo ina fursa kubwa ya kutoa mchango madhubuti katika kukuza na kuendeleza matumizi ya Kiswahili ndani na nje ya nchi,” anasema Dk. Kishe.
Katika kuratibu na kusimamia Kiswahili, Bakita imekuwa ikitumia njia za barua, barua-pepe, faksi simu na mitandao kuwasiliana na idhaa, redio na luninga za nje na ndani.

Lakini kwa kuitisha kongamano hilo, Bakita imeamua kupanua wigo wa kuwasiliana na kuhamasisha watumiaji wa idhaa za Kiswahili za nje ili waendelee kutoa kipaumbele matumizi ya lugha hiyo.

Kongamano hilo linalenga kutoa fursa ya kubadilishana mawazo, kuhusu mbinu za kuendeleza lugha hiyo kwa ufasaha na ubora wake kwenye vyombo vya habari vya kielektroniki.

Kongamano hilo ambalo litafunguliwa na Makamu wa Rais, Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein na kufungwa na Waziri wa Habari, Utamaduni na Michezo, Mohamed Seif Khatib, litakuwa jukwaa zuri la kuchambua makala mbalimbali kuhusu ukuaji wa Kiswahili.

Pia litakuwa jukwaa huru la kuonyesha kazi mbalimbali za Kiswahili, kama istilahi na nyingine zilizotungwa kwa nyakati mbalimbali za kutambulisha Kiswahili na kuonyesha teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano.

Kwa wale walioibuka washindi katika kutumia lugha hiyo, utakuwa ni wakati mwafaka kupewa tunu ya vyeti na ngao.

Jukwaa hilo litatumika kwa majadiliano na kutangazwa wazi au moja kwa moja na vyombo vya habari kama redio na luninga.

Ni wazi wajumbe mbalimbali watakaoshiriki katika kongamano hilo watapata fursa ya kuonyesha namna wanavyofaidika na Kiswahili.

Licha ya kualika idhaa zinazotumia Kiswahili, Bakita imealika taasisi mbalimbali zinazotangaza vipindi kwenye redio na televisheni nchini.

Taasisi hizo ni zile zinazotumia Kiswahili katika kuelimisha umma, hivyo kuongeza idadi ya watumiaji wa Kiswahili nchini na nje ya nchi.
Mchunguzi wa Lugha wa Bakita, Richark Mtambi, anataja taasisi zilizoalikwa kushiriki katika kongamano hilo ni pamoja na Padep, Wizara ya Kilimo, Chakula na Ushirika, Wizara ya Maendeleo ya Mifugo na Chuo cha Mwalimu Nyerere.

Nyingine ni Kampuni ya Ulinzi ya Zanzibar, Mfuko wa Hifadhi ya Jamii Zanzibar na Bodi ya Pamba nchini. Milango bado wazi kwa nyingine ambazo hazijathibitisha kushiriki, kwani kongamano hilo ni jukwaa la kutambua mchango wao katika kutumia lugha hiyo nchini na nje ya nchi.

Kangamano hilo linatoa nafasi ya kushiriki kwa vyombo vya habari vya elektroniki nchini.

Hata hivyo, hadi sasa mwitikio wa kujiandikisha kushiriki kwa vituo vya Dar es Salaam vya redio na televisheni ni mdogo, ukilinganisha na mwamko uliopo katika vituo vilivyoko mikoani.

Kongamano hilo litafungua ushirikiano wa karibu wa kikazi ndani ya vyombo mbalimbali vinavyotumia Kiswahili, hivyo kutekeleza kazi mojawapo ya Bakita, ambayo ni kuhakikisha kuwa watumiaji wa Kiswahili wanadumisha na kuendeleza ushirikiano wa kikazi.

Kazi yake nyingine ni kuratibu na kusimamia watumiaji wa Kiswahili, ikiwamo asasi mbalimbali nchini na mawakala wa wote wa lugha ndani na nje ya nchi, ili kukuza Kiswahili nchini na duniani kwa ujumla.

Bakita iliundwa kwa Sheria ya Bunge Namba 27 ya mwaka 1967.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rais Kikwete ateua Cisco, Biswaro mabalozi Malaysia, Brazil.

Abdul Omar Cisco Mtiro,
Balozi wetu mpya Malaysia.

RAIS Jakaya Kikwete amewateua mabalozi wapya kuiwakilisha Tanzania katika nchi za Brazil na Malaysia.

Taarifa iliyotolewa jana na Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa imesema kuwa rais amemteua Balozi Joram Biswaro kuwa balozi wa Tanzania nchini Brazil na Balozi Abdul Cisco Mtiro kuwa balozi wa Tanzania nchini Malaysia. Uteuzi huo utaanza mara moja.

Kabla ya uteuzi huo, Balozi Biswaro alikuwa Mkurugenzi Idara ya Asia na Australia katika Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa na Balozi Mtiro alikuwa Mkuu wa Itifaki katika wizara hiyo.

Pia Rais Kikwete amemteua Anthony Itatiro kuwa Balozi na Mkuu wa Idara ya Itifaki katika Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa. Itatiro alikuwa Mnikulu katika ofisi ya Rais.

Mullah Krekar (right) and his lawyer Harald Stabell at
the beginning of the Supreme process last month.
PHOTO: Bjørn Sigurdsøn / SCANPIX

Krekar can go.

Norway's Supreme Court ruled Thursday afternoon to uphold the previous court decisions ruling that controversial mullah Krekar can be expelled from Norway.

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The decision means that there will not be another round of trials but does not mean the founder of the Islamist Kurdish guerilla group Ansar al-Islam will be leaving Norway soon - Norwegian authorities still refuse to deport people to north Iraq, where Krekar is from.

In 2003 then Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Erna Solberg instructed the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) to begin deportation proceedings.

This decision was based on Krekar's violation of the Immigrant act - he repeatedly visited Iraq after gaining asylum in Norway - and his classification as a threat to national security.

Krekar has failed to overturn Solberg's decision, losing cases in Oslo Court, Borgarting Court of Appeals and now the Supreme Court.

Krekar, born Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, came to Norway as a quota refugee in 1991.

He has been accused of links to al-Qaida. The United States believes some members of the al-Qaida terrorist network fled Afghanistan and joined Ansar al-Islam before the war in Iraq.

Krekar was awarded damages after being arrested in the Netherlands and detained there for four months, where he was interrogated by US intelligence agents.

Jordan tried to extradite Krekar from the Netherlands on drugs charges, but he was deported back to Norway in January 2003.

The violation of the terms of his asylum in Norway is the basis of his legal expulsion, the question of a threat to national security was not pursued since some of the evidence is classified.

Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter
Jostein Ihlebæk
Aftenposten English Web Desk
Jonathan Tisdall

Tuhuma dhidi ya TAKUKURU mitandaoni zichunguzwe.

JUZI gazeti hili liliandika habari kuhusiana na baadhi ya wananchi kulalamikia tabia iliyojitokeza hivi sasa miongoni mwa watu, ya matumizi hasi ya mtandao wa intaneti kwa kutumia ujumbe wenye kashfa na matusi dhidi ya viongozi au taasisi mbalimbali za kijamii.

Wananchi hao pamoja na malalamiko yao, walisema hayo si matumizi mazuri na ni kinyume na nia hasa ya kuwapo kwa huduma ya mtandao wa intaneti katika jamii, kwamba badala ya kuweka ujumbe ambao unaelimisha jamii, hivi sasa hutumika kama chombo cha kueneza uongo na chuki katika jamii.

Baadhi ya watu maarufu wakiwamo wasanii hivi sasa wamekuwa wakibadilishiwa maumbile yao na miili iliyo uchi kubandikwa sura zao na kuonekana kuwa wanapiga picha za uchi na kuzisambaza ndani na nje ya nchi kwa nia ya kujipatia kipato.

Hali hiyo hivi karibuni iliingia katika medani ya siasa, ambapo watu wasiojulikana wamekuwa wakisambaza ujumbe wa kueleza kile wanachokiita ni ufisadi na uchafu unaofanywa na baadhi ya viongozi wa taasisi mbalimbali vikiwamo vyama vya siasa vya Upinzani na Tawala.

Maeneo yaliyokumbwa na kadhia hiyo ni viongozi wa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania (BoT), Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa (TAKUKURU), tasnia ya utalii, madini na biashara; kwa kinachotaka kuenezwa kuwa maeneo hayo yananuka kutokana na ubadhirifu usio na kizuizi.

Nia ya ujumbe huo ni kutaka kuifahamisha jamii kuwa viongozi wa maeneo hayo na hasa TAKUKURU hawafai na wanastahili kuondolewa kwa madai kuwa wanashirikiana na wafanyabiashara wachafu tena wakiwamo wageni katika 'kuiuza' nchi na maliasili zake.

Sisi tunaamini kuwa Serikali imeliona hili na inajua ni yapi madhara yake huko tuendako na hasa kama yanayosemwa humo hayatakuwa na ukweli; hivyo tunachotaka ni kuishauri ichukue hatua madhubuti za kuchunguza tuhuma hizo na kuzipatia ufumbuzi.

Ni kwa kufanya hivyo tu ndipo itakapobaini ukweli na uhalisia wa mambo, ili kama yanayosemwa yana ukweli, basi watuhumiwa wachunguzwe na kuchukuliwa hatua za kisheria na kama hayana ukweli, wanaoeneza uongo nao wachukuliwe hatua ili mtandao wa intaneti uwe mahali pa kujifunza na si kuchafuana au kuzushiana.

Tunasema hivyo, tukiamini kuwa TAKUKURU ni chombo muhimu chenye kustahili heshima kinachotegemewa na jamii katika kupambana na ufisadi na rushwa nchini, sasa kama nacho hakitaaminiwa na wananchi kutokana tu na ujumbe katika mtandao, basi litakuwa ni jambo la hatari sana.

Kutoaminiwa kwa TAKUKURU kwa madai kwamba uongozi wake una kasoro, ni sawa pia na kutoaminiwa kwa juhudi za Rais Jakaya Kikwete na Serikali yake katika mapambano dhidi ya rushwa ambayo yalishaanza kujionesha hata ndani ya chama chake cha CCM ambacho yeye ni Mwenyekiti.

Day care food stopped

A mouse can be seen in the kitchen, with bags of bread to the right.

Meals for children at an Østfold County day care center are off after the Food Safety Authority found a mouse loose in the kitchen.

During a routine check at the Berger Barnegård day care center in Halden a surprised FSA inspector found a live mouse sitting on bags of bread, and mouse droppings.

"A live mouse was found, and mouse excrement was observed both in the kitchen and in the center. Therefore we have closed two kitchens at the day care center until they can demonstrate that it is clean and mouse-free," FSA section leader Jorunn Aasgaard Grini told

Grini said it was likely that there were several mice, and she personally saw one before the center was closed.

The parents committee at the center were predictably upset and said that there were indications that there had been mice in the facility much of the autumn without anything being done.

"We have immediately taken the necessary steps. We hired a professional exterminator who came to the day care center half an hour after the FSA was there. Necessary equipment has been put out and it will take a few days until the mice are gone," Haakon Stang, the building owner, told, and promised the premises would be disinfected over the weekend.

Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter
Jostein Ihlebæk
Aftenposten English Web Desk
Jonathan Tisdall

Ethics council advises halt.

Norway's Finance Minister has decided to drop British mining and metals group Vedanta Resources from its petroleum fund investments.

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The Finance Ministry decided Tuesday to follow the recommendation of the fund's ethics council about investments made by its USD 330 billion Government Pension Fund - Global, commonly known as the "oil fund".

Norway's invests petroleum revenues in foreign stocks and bonds to save for when oil and gas run out.

"According to the recommendation (of the ethics council), the Fund runs an unacceptable risk of complicity in present and future severe environmental damage and systematic human rights violations by continuing to invest in the company," the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

to Announce Plan to Resume Output at Tanzania Mine (New York)

By Sarah McGregor

Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Barrick Gold Corp., the world'sbiggest producer of the metal, will announce a plan by Nov. 9 onrestarting output at its Bulyanhulu mine in Tanzania, saidTeweli K. Teweli, a company spokesman.

"We are working very, very hard to get the mineoperational again,'' Teweli said in an interview today in thecommercial capital, Dar es Salaam. ``We should have a much morespecific timetable'' by Nov. 9."

Bulyanhulu is Tanzania's largest underground gold mine inoperation, with 10.7 million ounces of mineable reserves. It haslost production of as much as 600 ounces a day since theTanzania Mines and Construction Workers Union began a strikeOct. 25 to demand higher salaries and improved health care.

Labor union representatives and company officials shouldwork quickly to end the strike, which threatens to tarnishTanzania's image as a stable foreign-investment destination,said Zitto Kabwe, a lawmaker from the opposition Chadema party.

"The workers have legitimate concerns, feeling Barrick iscoming to take their gold and they are not being paid enough,''Kabwe said in an interview today in Dar es Salaam. ``On theother side, Barrick is a big company and news of the strikecould discourage investment. The union and Barrick need to sitdown and resolve this amicably.''

--Editors: Richardson (slw).
To contact the reporter on this story:
Sarah McGregor in Dar es Salaam via Johannesburg at
+27-11-286-1999 or
To contact the editor responsible for this story:
James Ludden +44-20-7673-2645 or

Na Waandishi Wetu

Mwenyekiti wa Taifa wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi, Rais Jakaya Kikwete 'amezika' rasmi kundi la mtandao baada ya kumpendekeza na hatimaye kuchaguliwa Makamu Mwenyekiti wa chama chake, Bw. Pius Msekwa.

Kuna taarifa kuwa Bw. Msekwa katika uchaguzi mkuu uliopita hakuwa miongoni mwa wana mtandao na alikuwa akimuunga mkono kiongozi mwingine wa chama hicho, Bw. Frederick Sumaye ambaye alikuwa Waziri Mkuu katika serikali iliyopita....(soma zaidi)
Kikwete amrejesha Makamba kundi la vigogo CCM.

* Kusaidiwa na makapteni wawili

* Kingunge, Sumaye nje Kamati Kuu

* Waliotemwa sekretarieti kupangiwa kazi

* Salim, Msuya waula, nane kuteuliwa

Na Midraji Ibrahim, Dodoma

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), kimekamilisha kupanga safu ya uongozi wake, huku Katibu Mkuu, Yusuf Makamba akifanikiwa kubaki kwenye nafasi yake na mwanasiasa wa siku nyingi, Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru akitupwa nje ya Kamati Kuu (CC) ambamo amedumu kwa kipindi kirefu.

Kingunge ambaye ni Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Rais (Uhusiano Jamii), alipendekezwa na Mwenyekiti wa chama hicho, Rais Jakaya Kikwete kwa

halmashauri kuu, lakini akadondoshwa kwenye kura.

Kigogo mwingine aliyeangushwa ni Waziri Mkuu mstaafu, Frederick Sumaye ambaye katika kura za NEC aliibuka na ushindi mnono.

Akizungumza baada ya kikao hicho jana mjini hapa, Makamu Mwenyekiti wa CCM, Pius Msekwa, alisema Mwenyekiti wa chama aliwaeleza wajumbe kwamba waliokuwemo sekretarieti iliyopita watapangiwa kazi nyingine na kwamba isichukuliwe kuwa walishindwa kazi.

Watendaji wote waliokuwemo kwenye Sekretarieti iliyopita wameondolewa isipokuwa Makamba anayeendelea kuwa Katibu Mkuu. Waliondolewa ni Naibu Katibu Mkuu, Jaka Mwambi, Katibu wa Itikadi na Uenezi, Aggrey Mwanri na Mweka Hazina, Rostam Aziz.

Awali, taarifa zilisambaa kwamba Rostam alikuwa amejiuzulu nafasi hiyo kutokana na shughuli zake za biashara, lakini alipoulizwa alisema kuondolewa kwake ni uamuzi wa Mwenyekiti wa chama.

Katika sekretarieti mpya, Naibu Katibu Mkuu anakuwa Mbunge wa Newala, Kapteni George Mkuchika, Uchumi na Fedha imechukuliwa na Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana, Amos Makalla, Itikadi na Uenezi anakuwa Waziri wa Kazi, Ajira na Vijana, Kapteni John Chiligati na Katibu wa Siasa na Mambo ya Nje ni Benard Membe, ambaye ni Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa kimataifa.

Upande wa Zanzibar, Naibu Katibu Mkuu, Ramadhan Saleh Feruzi, anaendelea na wadhifa huo.

Wajumbe Kamati Kuu ni Waziri wa Fedha, Zakia Meghji, Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Pindi Chana, Naibu Spika wa Bunge, Anna Makinda, Waziri wa Miundombinu, Andrew Chenge, Mbunge wa Handeni, Dk Abdallah Kigoda, Kanali mstaafu Abdulrahman Kinana na Mbunge wa Igunga, Rostam Aziz.

Majina mengine yaliyodondoshwa upande wa Bara ni Mwenyekiti wa CCM Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Guninita John Guninita, Meya wa Jiji la Dar es Salaam, Adam Kimbisa, Mwenyekiti wa CCM Mkoa wa Dodoma, William Kusila, Dk Rehema Nchimbi, Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu (Tamisemi), Mizengo Pinda na Waziri wa Kilimo, Chakula na Ushirika, Stephen Wasira.

Upande wa Zanzibar waliopitishwa ni Waziri Kiongozi mstaafu, Dk Gharib Bilal, Naibu Waziri Miundombinu, Dk Maua Daftari, Waziri wa Habari, Utamaduni na Michezo, Muhammed Seif Khatib, Fatma Saidi Ali, Naibu Waziri wa Ulinzi na Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa, Omar Yusuf Mzee na Waziri wa Biashara, Viwanda na Utalii, Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Waliokuwa wamependekezwa na kudondoshwa ni Mwajuma Majid Abdallah, Ali Mzee Ali, Machano Othman Saidi, Salim Hamad Saleh, Usi Yahya Haji, Waziri wa Maji, Ujenzi, Nishati na Ardhi, Mansoor Yusuf Himid, Haroun Ali Suleiman na Hamad Masauni Yusuf.

Kwa mujibu wa Katiba ya CCM, Mwenyekiti anatakiwa kupendekeza majina yasiyozidi 30, majina 15 kutoka kila upande wa muungano; ili yachaguliwe majina saba kutoka kila upande na miongoni mwa watakaochaguliwa wanawake wasipungue wawili.

Kulingana na Katiba ya CCM, Mwenyekiti wake anaruhusiwa kuchagua wajumbe 10 kuingia kwenye NEC. Walioteuliwa ni Mawaziri Wakuu mstaafu, Cleopa David Msuya na Salim Ahmed Salim.

Msekwa alisema, Rais Kikwete alisema hakuteua kujaza nafasi zote kwa sababu anaendelea kuangaza wengine wanaoweza kumsaidia.

Pia, Rais Kikwete alisema kikao cha halmashauri kuu kijacho kitafanyika Butiama, Mara kwa ajili ya kumuenzi Baba wa Taifa, Marehemu Mwalimu Julius Nyerere na kwamba maandalizi ya kikao hicho yatafuatiliwa kwa karibu na Mbunge wa Musoma Vijijini, Nimrod Mkono.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Richard of Tanzania. Click on:


Voting by SMS Please SMS "VOTE NAME" of the Housemate you would like to see WIN Big Brother Africa.

Nicknames, or surnames, will not be counted as a vote.

If you want Tatiana to WIN, SMS: VOTE TATIANA

If you want Ofunneka to WIN, SMS: VOTE OFUNNEKA

If you want Richard to WIN, SMS: VOTE RICHARD

If you do not include the word VOTE in your SMS, your vote will not be counted.

You can SMS your vote to the same number you use for the SMS strap.

Your country’s standard rates for SMS’s will apply.

If you’re lost, just look at the SMS strap at the bottom of your TV’s.Non participating countries are also invited to vote. Details of the numbers to send your votes remain the same as the SMS number to which you send your comments.

See below for a full list.

Angola 15626 (USD 0.50)
Botswana 15626 (P3.00)
Ghana 15626 (50GhP)
Kenya 15626 (Saf: Kes 30, Celtel: Kes 35)
Malawi 15626 (MK 56.00)
Namibia 15626 (N$ 3.00)
Nigeria 34626 (N75)
South Africa 34626 (R2.00)
Tanzania 15726 (Tsh 600)
Uganda UTL: 5626
Celtel: 0903015626
MTN: 15626 (U700)
Zambia 15626 (ZK2100)
Zimbabwe 15626 (Z$1,160)
Non Participating Countries can use these codes:
Gambia 15626 (15 Dal)
Sierra Leone 15626 (1550 SL L)
Liberia 15626 (50 US cents)
Togo 15626 (CFA240)
Swaziland 15626 (50 US cents).

Voting by Phone You can also submit your vote by calling the Big Brother Africa vote line on +27-83-900-0000.

There is a list of options available and all you have to do is pick one.WinEach week, one lucky viewer can also win an O’Boticário Hamper to the value of ZAR2,500.

An overall winner will win an all expenses paid trip for two to Rio.
Happy Voting and Good Luck!


Photo and link by

Rais Jakaya Kikwete. Picha kutoka

Kauli za Kikwete kuiponza serikali.

na Peter Nyanje na Christopher Nyenyembe.

KAULI kuhusu kuunda kamati ya kupitia mikataba pamoja na sheria za madini, iliyotolewa mwishoni mwa wiki iliyopita na Rais Jakaya Kikwete, kupitia hotuba yake ya ufunguzi wa Mkutano Mkuu wa nane wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), imeelezwa kuwa itawasha moto mpya utakaoitia matatani zaidi serikali anayoiongoza pamoja na chama chake.

Watu mbalimbali walilieleza gazeti hili jana kuwa, kauli hiyo kimsingi inathibitisha kuwa kuna matatizo katika mikataba ya madini na sheria yake, hivyo kufuta kabisha utetezi uliowahi kutolewa na baadhi ya watendaji wa serikali, wakiwamo mawaziri, kuhusu mikataba ya madini.

"Rais anaonekana amezungumza kitu tofauti kabisa na wasaidizi wake… tulizoea kusikia kutoka kwa watendaji wa serikali kwamba hakuna matatizo katika mikataba ya madini, huu wa Buzwagi ndio uliokuwa ukitolewa mfano… sasa kama hakuna matatizo, kwa nini rais atake kuunda tume kuipitia upya?" alihoji mhadhiri mmoja wa Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam ambaye hakuwa tayari kutajwa jina lake gazetini.

Msimamo huo wa Kikwete, unaweza kusababisha baadhi ya watendaji wa serikali waliotumwa kuitetea mikataba ya serikali kujiona wamegeukwa, na hivyo kupunguza imani yao kwa wakuu wao.

"Sasa hivi watakapotumwa kwenda mikoani kutetea kitu fulani, wanaweza kuwa na wasiwasi kuwa wasije wakatetea na kesho bosi wao akaja kusema kitu tofauti na walivyokuwa wakitetea wao, pia wananchi wataanza kutowaamini… waliutetea sana mkataba wa Buzwagi na mingine ya madini, lakini bosi wao kawaumbua hadharani," aliongeza.

Mhadhiri huyo alionyesha wasiwasi wake iwapo mshikamano ndani ya serikali na chama utaendelea kuimarika, hasa baada ya hotuba hiyo kuonyesha kuwa kilichokuwa kikisemwa na baadhi yao si sahihi.

"Haiwezekani hata mara moja uunde kamati kupitia mkataba ambao ni safi, nasisitiza hilo haliwezekani, alichofanya Kikwete ni kuwaumbua wenzake," alisisitiza.

Aidha, baadhi ya wapinzani wamemuonya Rais Kikwete na kumweleza asitarajie kuwa uamuzi wake wa kuwahusisha katika kamati ya kupitia mikataba na sheria za madini utawanyamazisha.

"Kauli hii ya Kikwete isiwapumbaze Watanzania na kuzima mjadala wa kitaifa unaoendelea hivi sasa kuhusu hatma ya madini yetu na rasilimali nyingine za taifa," alisema John Mnyika, Mkurugenzi wa Vijana wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) alipozungumza na gazeti hili.

"Wapinzani hatutanyamaza, wala mjadala kuhusu rasilimali madini hautazimika kwa sababu kauli ya Kikwete imedhihirisha wazi hoja ambazo wapinzani tumekuwa tukisimamia, zilikuwa ni sahihi tofauti na baadhi ya mawaziri na viongozi wengine wa chama chake walivyokuwa wakipita mikoani kubeza," alisema Mnyika.

Aidha, mchambuzi mwingine alisema kuwa kauli hii ya Rais Kikwete kukiriri mapungufu, inadhihirisha wazi umuhimu wa upinzani katika taifa, kwani hoja kuhusu matatizo katika sekta ya madini iliibuliwa na wapinzani.

Kwa upande wake, akionekana kuunga mkono hoja hiyo, Mnyika alisema: "Kauli ya Kikwete inadhihirisha umakini wa hoja aliyoiibua Mbunge Zitto Kabwe, ya kutaka kuundwa kwa kamati teule, wabunge wa CCM wakaikataa, lakini leo mwenyekiti wao wa chama anaeleza wazi nia yake ya kuhakikisha inaundwa kamati inayojumuisha makundi mbalimbali ya kijamii, ikiwemo wasomi na wapinzani."

Akifafanua kuhusu wapinzani kuendelea kulivalia njuga suala hilo, Mnyika alisema kuwa kuundwa kwa kamati ni suala moja tu, na la msingi ni kuwa maoni yatakayotokana na kamati hiyo kufanyiwa kazi ipasavyo.

"Uzoefu unaonyesha zipo kamati za kiserikali ambazo ziliundwa, lakini zikatoka na misimamo ya kiserikali badala ya kuwa na misimamo huru itokanayo na maoni ya wananchi walio wengi," alisema na kuongeza:

"Pia zipo kamati nyingi ambazo zimewahi kuundwa huko nyuma na kutoka na maoni mazuri, lakini yakaishia kwenye makabati. Kwa mfano, katika sekta hii hii ya madini zipo tume zilizowahi kuundwa mathalani Tume ya Kipokola ambayo ilikuja na maoni mazuri tu, lakini sehemu kubwa hayajatekelezwa."

Mnyika alisema kuwa kikubwa kinachokosekana ni dhamira ya kisiasa ya kutekeleza maoni ya wananchi na hilo linadhihirishwa na Rais Kikwete mwenyewe aliyetoa ahadi nyingi Desemba 2005, alipozindua Bunge, lakini leo takribani miaka miwili imekaribia bado mabadiliko ya kisheria hayajafanyika, pamoja na hoja hii kuwemo tayari kwenye ripoti za kamati mbalimbali.

"Rais Kikwete anazungumza kwamba kamati hii itatumwa nje ya nchi kwenda kujifunza zaidi, huku ni kuendelea kutumia muda zaidi na fedha za walipa kodi na kuchelewesha kuchukua hatua katika jambo ambalo linafahamika tayari.

"Wataalamu wa Tanzania wenye ujuzi na masuala ya madini pamoja na wanasiasa wenye maono katika sekta hii wapo tayari na wengine wameshatoa maoni yao, vipi hatua zisichukuliwe?" alisema na kuhoji.

Aidha, imeelezwa kuwa hakuna haja ya kamati hiyo kwenda nje ya nchi kujifunza kama ilivyoelezwa na Rais Kikwete, kwani nchini wapo wataalamu wa kutosha kutoa ushauri ambao ukifuatwa, nchi itanufaika na rasilimali zake.

Suala kwamba kauli za viongozi wa juu zinaweza kusababisha mtafaruku katika chama na serikali, limeanza kujitokeza pale baadhi ya wajumbe wa Mkutano Mkuu wa CCM walipoelezea kukerwa pia na tabia ya Katibu Mkuu wa chama hicho taifa, Yusuph Makamba ya kuwasimanga hadharani viongozi wa kambi ya upinzani.

Makamba alitoa kauli hizo za kejeli dhidi ya wapinzani juzi, alipotakiwa kuwasilisha taarifa ya chama hicho katika kipindi cha miaka mitano ya kazi (2002 hadi 2007) na mwenyekiti wake, lakini yeye aliutumia sehemu ya muda huo kuwakejeli wapinzani.

Baadhi ya wanachama waliozungumza na gazeti hili, walionya kuwa tabia ya kuendekeza siasa, hata kwenye masuala nyeti na muhimu kwa nchi kama hoja zinazotolewa na wapinzani zinavyoonyesha, kunaweza kukigharimu chama hicho.

Mjumbe mmoja alisema inasikitisha zaidi pale kauli kama hizo zinapotolewa katika mikutano ambayo baadhi ya viongozi wa upinzani wanahudhuria baada ya kupata mialiko rasmi.

"Inaonyesha tumewaita ili tuwakejeli… lakini hili si lengo letu, ukiisikiliza na kuichambua hotuba ya mwenyekiti, utabaini kuwa anaheshimu hoja zinazotolewa na wapinzani, na mara zote amekuwa akisisitiza kuwa wapinzani si wa kubezwa… tunamshangaa sana katibu wetu," alisema mjumbe huyo kutoka moja ya mikoa iliyo katika Nyanda za Juu Kusini.

Mjumbe mwingine alisema kuwa licha ya Makamba kuonekana kuwa anawafurahisha wajumbe wa mkutano huo, wengi walikwazwa na maneno hayo ambayo hayaonyeshi ukomavu wa kisiasa na kujenga demokrasia ya kweli katika mfumo wa vyama vingi vya siasa na hulka ya kuvumiliana na kuheshimiana, huku CCM yenyewe ikilalamika kuwa inasakamwa na upinzani.

"Ulifika wakati nilitaka ninyooshe mkono kumuomba Mwenyekiti Kikwete niulize swali kuhusu kero hizo, lakini jirani yangu alinizuia nisifanye hivyo, naomba muandike kuwa Makamba hakuwatendea haki wapinzani walioalikwa, hiyo si demokrasia," alisema kada huyo wa CCM.

John Cheyo, ni mmoja wa viongozi wa upinzani ambaye alihudhuria mkutano huo na aliipongeza hotuba ya Rais Kikwete, lakini anakwazwa na tabia ya Makamba ya kuwabeza wapinzani kila anaposimama kwenye majukwaa kuhutubia tofauti na maneno ya busara yanayotolewa na Mwenyekiti wake.

Kutoka Tanzania Daima.

Assassination accusations.

A television documentary claims that a Norwegian security company trains staff to torture and cites a report accusing the firm of executions.

On the Monday edition of Dokument 2 images from the Norwegian managed security company Special Intervention Group's (SIG) extreme training course will be shown.

The company is led by two Norwegians and provides training for Norwegians, Swedes and Danes to become bodyguards in war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, newspaper Dagbladet reports.

TV 2 has acquired a classified police report on the "specialized security industry" and according to the program SIG is one of the most feared companies in terms of creating potential criminals.

The police report claims to have confirmed information that SIG has carried out liquidation assignments in Afghanistan for the American government, but the company rejects the accusation as "nonsense".

(Aftenposten English Web Desk/NTB)

Press accreditation for

Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

Press release, To the editors.

published 05.11.2007

No.: Unr.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony will be held in Oslo City Hall on Monday 10 December at 13:00. This year’s prize is to be shared equally between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. A press conference with Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri and Al Gore Jr will be held on Sunday 9 December at 13:00 at the Norwegian Nobel Institute, Henrik Ibsens gate 51.

A press centre will be set up in the Grand Hotel, floor 7, which will open on Sunday 9 December at 10:00.

This year too, CNN will broadcast a programme featuring the prize winners direct from Oslo City Hall from 17:00, after the actual award ceremony is over. This programme will be shown on CNN International and journalists are welcome to attend.

The Peace Prize Performance of the Oslo Schools will take place in Oslo City Hall on Tuesday 11 December from 15:30 to 16:45. Journalists are welcome to attend.

Information about the Nobel Peace Prize is published on the Norwegian Nobel Institute’s website.

Applications for press accreditation should be sent on the application form to The deadline is 6 December 2007.

Information on the Nobel Peace Prize Concert on Tuesday 11 December at 20:00 is available from the concert press officer, Miriam Henriksen, tel.: +47 974 79 238, email: Press releases, photos and information about the concert can be found at You can log on to this site with:

username: concert password: imgpress

The deadline for applications for accreditation for the concert is 29 November 2007.

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mawaziri, wabunge wabwagwa uchaguzi NEC-CCM.

* Wapo manaibu watano wa bara

* Pia wamo mawaziri watatu wa SMZ

* Waandishi wa habari nao hoi

Na Waandishi Wetu Dar , Dodoma

MATOKEO ya uchaguzi wa nviongozi wa Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) yameonyesha sura tofauti na matarajio ya wengi hasa kwa baadhi ya wagombea wenye majina makubwa kujikuta wakitupwa nje bila matarajio yao.

Manaibu waziri watano ni miongoni waliokosa nafasi katika uwakilishi wa Viti 20 NEC nao ni pamoja na Naibu waziri wa Kilimo Chakula na Ushirika, Dk David Mathayo, Naibu Waziri wa Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mshariki Dk Deodorus Kamala na Naibu Waziri wa Nishati na Madini, William Ngeleja.

Wengine ni Naibu Waziri wa Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi Mwantumu Mahiza na Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya makazi Ritha Mlaki aliyegombea nafasi hiyo kupitia kundi la wanawake.

Pia wapo manaibu waziri watatu wa SMZ wametupwa chini ambao ni Jabir Makame Naibu Waziri wa Elimu na Mafunzo, Khatib Suleiman ambaye ni Naibu Waziri Kilimo, Mifugo na Mazingira na Dk Mwinyi Haji Makame, Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais.

Katika nafasi za kundi la wanawake Tanzania Bara kuna Mbunge wa zamani wa Afrika Mashariki na sasa Mbunge Beatrice Shelukindo. Pia yupo Mbunge Tatu Ntimizi na Katibu Mkuu mstaaf wa UWT Halima Mamuya.

Kwenye kundi la Vijana kuna wagombea Hussein Mohamed ambaye alionekana kufanya kampeni maeneo mengi ya nchi na kuonyesha kuwa angeibuka mshindi naKiongozi katika ofisi ya UVCCM taifa, Fransis Issack walitupwa.

Kwa upande wa Issack, hili ni pigo lingine kufuatia kupoteza nafasi zote alizogombea mkoani Singida huku akitajwa kuwa na nia ya kusaka kiti cha Mwenyekiti wa UVCCM ngazi ya taifa katika uchaguzi utakaofanyika mwakani.

Wengine katika kundi hilo ni Vanessa Mugeta ambaye naye alifanya kampeni kubwa na kuonekana kuweza kushinda. Pia wapo viongozi wa UVCCM katika ngazi za mkoa kama Jasinta Mboneko na Sixtus Mapunda ambao wote wamedondoka huku wakielezwa kuwa walitarajia matokeo mazuri ili kuendeleza nia ya kusaka madaraka ya juu katika jumuiya hiyo.

Katika kundi la wazazi Tanzania Bara, hapa kulikuwa na wagombea wengi ambao ni wabunge. Katika kundi hili kuna jina moja tu la aliyeshinda ambaye si mbunge ambaye ni Nondo Mohamed.

Lakini pia Danhi Makanga, Ruth Msafiri, Thomas Ngawaiya

na Tambwe Hiza wamepoteza katika kundi hili. Ngawaiya na Hiza

walitoka upinzani na walitarajiwa kupewa kura za huruma jambo ambalo halikufanyika.

Wengine nni pamoja na wabunge Margareth Agness Mkanga, Zuhura Mikidadi na mhamasishaji wa tenzi wa CCM, Salim Shomvi Tambalizeni, Naibu Meya wa Ilala Mustafa Yakub, Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Mara Isdore Shirima na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya

Frank Uhaula walikosa nafasi hizo.

Wanasiasa wengine maarufu waliokosa nafasi baada ya kupata kura chache ni Wilson Masilingi, Brigedia Jenerali Mstaafu Hassan Ngwilizi, Tarimba Abbas, Filbert Bayi, Enock Chambiri, Christopher Gachuma, Charles Kagonji, Lukas Kisasa, Pascal Mabiti, Dk James Msekela, Profesa Idrisa Mtulia, Abeid Mwinyimsa na Job Ndugai.

Wengine ni wandishi wa habari Jacqueline Liana, Jeni Mihanji na Novatus Makunga.

Katika kundi la viti 20 kutoka Zanzibar, hapa kumekuwepo na maswali kiasi kuhusu namna kura zilivyojipanga.

Wengine waliokosa ni Shyrose Banji aliyekuwa miongoni mwa wagombea watatu wa kike katika kundi hili.

Katika kundi hili namna kura zilivyojipanga ni sawa na kilichotokeakatika uchaguzi wa CCM mwaka 2002 ambapo matokeo yamekuwa yakifuata nafasi za madaraka.

Sababu ya kuwepo kura za aina hii inaelezwa kuwa ni kutokana na kuwepo baadhi ya wanaojiandaa kwa ajili ya nafasi za kisiasa siku za usoni na pia kuwawekea mazingira mazuri viongozi wa serikali na chama ili kuonyesha wanakubalika na wanachama wote.

Hata hivyo, uchaguzi huo ulifanyika katika hali ya utulivu na amani na hata matokeo yaliposomwa wajumbe na wagombea wote waliyapokea bila kinyongo.

Katika nafasi mbalimbali zilizokuwa zinawaniwa, eneo lililokuwa gumu zaidi ni la viti 20 kwa Tanzania Bara na Visiwani huku ikionekana wazi kuwa, kuna watu waliokuwa wamejiandaa kupata kura nyingi na kuhakikisha kuwa wenzao hawafurukuti.

Kwa upande wa Zanzibar, uchaguzi huo ulionyesha jinsi kambi za kuwania urais mwaka 2010 zitakavyokuwa. Kwa hiyo utata utabakia kama wajumbe wa CCM Bara watabakia na nguvu ya kuwachjagulia wenzano wa Zanzibar mgombea urais bila kuangalia kukubalika kwake na Wazanzibari.

Matokeo ya uchaguzi huo kufuatana na makubdi yalikuwa: Kundi la Wanawake Bara walioshinda na kura zao kwenye mabano ni Margaret Sitta (1780),Zakia Meghji (1207), Pindi Chana (1203), Anne Makinda (1146), Diana Mkumbo Chilolo(1103), Anna Malecela (993), Dk Rehema Nchimbi (887), Shamsa Mwangunga (850), Khadija Kopa (842), Asha Baraka (769), Kate Kamba (706) na Sofia Simba(686).

Kundi wanawake kwa upande wa Zanzibar ni Mwaniju Abdalla (1,151), Fatma said Alli (1082) Yasmin Aloo (1,064), Amina Mabrook (1,030) Catherine Lao (1,064) na Aisha Bakari Makame (943).

Kundi la Vijana Bara ni Zainab Kawawa (1390), Violet Mzindakaya (1165), Nape Nnauye (1056), Jerry Slaa (994), Sarah Ally (935), Suleiman Chambi (862), Beno Malisa (857), Edwin Sanga (804), Lucy Mayenga (770).

Vijana Zanzibar ni Hawa Sukwa Said (980), Hamad Yusuph (894), Hadila Hilal (886), Michael Bundala (845), Ashura Ismail (808), Suleiman Muhsin Haji (770).

Kundi Jumuia ya Wazazi Bara ni Stella Manyanya aliongoza kundi hilo kwa kura 948, akifuatiwa na Dk Zainab Gama (818) Mussa Zungu (730) Adam Malima (698) Mohammed Nondo (670 ) na Richard Nyaulawa (669) walishinda kuwakilisha kundi hilo.

Wazazi Zanzibar walioshinda ni Dogo Iddi Mabrouk, hassan Rajab, Fatma Haji(736), Mtumwa Yusuph Beya (715).

Wazazi Zanzibar; Oogo Iddi Mabrouk, Fatma Abeid Haj, Mtumwa Yussuf Peya, Hassan Rajab Khatib.

Kundi la viti 20 Zanzibar; Katika kundi hili linaonyesha kuwepo kura za itifaki au nafasi ya nguvu za wajumbe wa Bara katika kuwapa kura wagombea wa Zanzibar wanaowafahamu.

Aliyeongoza ni Makamu wa Rais Mohamed Shein kwa kupata kura 1663, akifuatiwa na Waziri Kiongozi wa Zanzibar Shamsi Vuai Nahodha (1525), Dk Hussein Mwinyi ambaye ni Waziri Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais anayeshughulikia Muuungano (1496) kisha Waziri Kiongozi Mstaafu Dk Gharib Bilal (1366).

Matokeo haya ni wazi yanatoa picha ya namna nafasi ya urais wa Zanzibar kwa mwaka 2010 itakavyokuwa. Bilal ana nguvu na mtaji mkubwa wa wanachama Zanzibar tofauti na Shein, Mwinyi na Vuai Nahodha. Kama hali itakuwa hivi ni wazi kuwa nguvu ya Bara itaweka tena rais mwingine wa Zanzibar kama

ilivyokuwa kwa Karume mwaka 2000.

Wengine katika kundi hilo ni; Salehe Ramadhan Ferouz (1352), Mohamed Seif Khatib (1346), Samia Suluhu Hassan (1281), Salum Msabah Mbarouk (1151), Khadija Hassan Aboud (1076), Mansoor Yusuf Himid (1073), Omar Yusuf Mzee (1022), Balozi Seif Alli Idd (997), Moh’d Hassan Moyo (959), Profesa Makame Mnyaa Mbarawa (958), Maudlin Cyrus Castico (950), Vuai Ali Vuai (943), Brigedia Adam Mwakanjuki (936), Thuwaybah Edington Kissasi (860) na mwisho ni Abdalla Sharia Ameir.

Katika nafasi Vijana Tanzania Bara walioshinda ni; Lucy Mayenga aliyepata kura 770, Edwin Mgante (804), Beno Malissa (857), Suleiman Masoud (862) Sara Msafiri (935), Jerry Silaa (994), Nape Nnauye (1056), Violet Mzindakaya (1165), Zainab Kawawa (1390).

Kundi la wazazi Tanzaia Bara; Richard Nyaulawa alishinda kwa kupata kura 669, Mohamed Nondo (679), Adam Malima (698), Mussa Zungu (730), Dk Zainab Gama (818) na Stella Manyanya (948).

Katika kundi la Viti 20 vya Itifaki kwa upande wa waliochaguliwa ni Waziri Mkuu Edward Lowassa aliweza kuibuka mshindi akiongoza kwa kura 1,681, akifuatiwa na Waziri wa Miundombinu Andrew Chenge aliyepata kura 1,530.

Wengine ni Katibu mkuu wa CCM Yusuph Makamba(1,510), Waziri waMambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Bernard Membe (1,281), Naibu Katibu Mkuu CCM Jaka Mwambi (1,239), Waziri wa Ulinzi na Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa Profesa Juma Kapuya (1,216).

Katika Kundi hilo wengine ni mwanasiasa wa siku nyingi Abdulrahman Kinana (1,204) Christopher Gachuma (1,181) Waziri wa Kilimo na Chakula Stephen Wassira (1,107) Katibu Mwenezi wa CCM Aggrey Mwanri (1,068) Naibu Waziri wa Miundombinu Makongoro, Mahanga (1067) na Waziri Mkuu wa zamani Frederick Sumaye (1065).

Weingine ni Mbunge John Komba (1056), Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais (Siasa na Uhusiano wa Jamii), Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru (1023), Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dodoma William Lukuvi (943), Waziri wa Kazi Ajira na Maendeleo ya Vijana, Kapteni John Chiligati (910), Katibu Mkuu UVCCM, Amos Makala (871), Profesa Samwel Wangwe (817), Waziri wa Afya na Ustawi wa Jamii, Profesa David Mwakyusa (754) na Jackson Msome (747)

Kwa upande wa Zanzibar waliochaguliwa ni Makamu wa Rais, Dk Alli Mohamed Shein aliongoza kundi hilo kwa kupata kura (1965) akifuatiwa na Waziri Mkuu Kiongozi Shamsi Vuai Nahonda (1525), Dk Hussein Mwinyi (1496) Dk Gharib Bilali (1366) Ramadhani Ferouz (1352), Salum Msabaha (1151), Yusuph Kimiti, Mzee Omari (1,022), Balozi Alli Iddi (987) Moyo Mahmoud (959) Dk Mbarawa, Muhsin Kastiko (950), Vuai Alli Vuai (943), Brigedia mstaafu Mwakanjuki (936) na Waiba Kisasi (860).

Kwa upande wa nafasi ya Mwenyekiti, Jakaya Kikwete akichaguliwa tena kwa kura 1887 na kukataliwa kwa kura tano na nafasi ya Makamu Mwenyekiti Bara, Pius Msekwa alipata kura1875 na akikataliwa kwa kura nne na Makamu Mwenyekiti Zanzibar, Abeid Karume alipata kura 1886 na kura moja ya hapana.

Kutoka gazeti mtandaoni la Mwananchi, Jumatatu 5. Novemba 2007