Thursday, March 27, 2008

Confirmed: Tanzania

has strong oil deposits

Dar es Salaam

LABORATORY test results of liquid hydrocarbons extracted by Canada’s Artumas Group at Mnazi Bay in Mtwara Region last year have established that there is high quality crude oil in the area, it has been confirmed.

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) Managing Director, Yona Killagane, told a press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday that Artumas is now studying whether there are enough reserves to warrant commercial exploitation.

He was echoed by TPDC’s Chief Exploration Geologist Herry Kajato, who said Artumas is drilling more wells in the area to determine whether the oil deposits justify large investments required to commercially extract the commodity.

’’Hydrocarbons results from wells number 2, 3 and 4, which are licensed to Artumas, have showed positive results. However, in order to determine if the project is viable for commercial purposes, the company is currently undertaking further surveys and assessments,’’ said Kajato.

He stated that after two months of assessment, the viability of the project for commercial purposes will be known.

Artumas last year announced discovery of hydrocarbons at Mnazi Bay in Mtwara Region, where it had drilled about 50 barrels for testing. According to exploration geologists, hydrocarbons are a good sign of existence of oil.

The company said in a statement earlier this year that substantial crude oil potential has been observed in the Ruvuma basin lying midway between Tanzania and Mozambique.

According to an announcement by Artumas Group Energy & Power, the Canadian-based parent company of Artumas Tanzania Limited, 86 barrels of liquid hydrocarbons from Mtwara Region had been sent abroad for evaluation.

’’In November (last year), Artumas successfully completed a $170m (approx. 170.025m/-) financing enabling the next stage of exploration and development over the upcoming two years, with proposed capital spending of $124m (approx. 124.018m/-) on its upstream work programme for both Mozambique and Tanzania,’’ the company said.

It declared progress in developing its assets in Tanzania and Mozambique, saying market confidence in the company and potential to deliver had been confirmed by the successful $170m equity and debt issue earlier this year.

’’We are well capitalized to move forward with our planned activities through 2008. One of the greatest challenges for any E&P company in today’s environment is access to exploration acreage,’’ said Artumas Group Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Mason.

He said the 25,000-square kilometre land position that the company is operating in the Ruvuma basin is recognized as a ’’highly potential deltaic basin’’ and gives Artumas substantial room to run in growing its resource base.

Artumas has also announced significant progress in power sales from its 12-megawatt Mtwara energy project increasing by 8.7 per cent over the second quarter average this year.

An ’arranger agreement’ with Dutch FMO was completed to facilitate the financing of Artumas planned 300MW integrated power project also in Mtwara Region. FMO will act as arranger for two structured finance facilities for the power generation plant and the high-voltage transmission interconnect to the Tanzania grid, estimated at $225m and $400m respectively.

Kikwete azindua shirika la

utangazaji Tanzania (TBC)

Raisi Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,akisoma hotuba wakati wa uzinduzi wa Shirika la Utangazaji Tanzania (TBC) jana mchana jijini Dar-es-salaam.TBC imezinduliwa upya rasmi jana pamoja na nembo/logo mpya ya shirika hilo.Kuanzia sasa, iliyokuwa Televisheni ya Taifa (TVT) itaitwa TBC-One na iliyokuwa Radio (PRT) itaitwa TBC-FM na pia kutakuwepo na External Service itakayoitwa TBC International.

Wengine pichani (kulia kwa JK) ni First Lady,Mama Salma Kikwete na Tido Mhando ambaye ndio Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa shirika hilo.Kabla ya kurudi Tanzania kushika wadhifa huo mpya,Tido Mhando alikuwa Mkuu wa Idhaa ya Kiswahili ya Shirika la Utangazaji la Uingereza(BBC)

Nembo mpya ya Shirika la Utangazaji Tanzania(TBC).Nembo ina kauli mbiu ya Ukweli na Uhakika. Ni matumaini yetu kwamba hivyo ndivyo itakavyokuwa na si vinginevyo.Picha zote na Ahmad Michuzi.

Habari toka Bongo Celebrity

Collapsed building still burning,

victims inside

Firefighters in the west coast city of Ålesund were trying Thursday morning to cool down fires that continued to burn inside a residential building destroyed by a landslide. Five persons remain trapped inside.

This aerial photo shows how the hill behind the newly built condominium complex gave way.


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The fires sparked by gas leaks, along with the building's instability, have blocked rescue workers' attempts to reach victims.

It's believed that five residents living on the building's lower floors were caught under the rubble. The landslide hit just before 4am Wednesday, knocking the building off its foundation and causing the lower floors to collapse.

The neighbourhood around the building on Fjelltunvegen, not far from downtown, also remained evacuated Thursday morning. Fear of explosions from the fires and leaking gas prevented residents from returning to their homes.

Police said it was impossible for emergency workers to enter the building until the gas had burned out. There was less smoke than on Wednesday, and firefighters believed they had control over the burning wreckage.

Fifteen of the building's 21 residents were rescued after the landslide hit, one resident was said to be away on a trip and five others are believed to have been caught inside and are feared dead.

Speculation over the cause of the landslide continued to rage. One geologist said he'd warned that the hill behind the building, completed just four years ago, could give way.

Others, however, said it had been secured and the building's developer and contractor claimed all regulations and re-enforcement measures had been followed. City officials had issued building permits after approving plans submitted.

Norway has a long history of land- and rockslides, and many of them have occurred in the western, mountainous area near Ålesund. Some geologists claim that warmer and wetter weather raises the danger of slides.

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Nina Berglund

Soccer boss found guilty

Morgan Andersen, who played a key role in the controversial transfer of young Nigerian player John Obi Mikel to top British club Manchester United, was found guilty on Wednesday of contract forgery. The former director of Oslo club Lyn was also convicted of filing a false police report against Mikel's agent.

Morgan Andersen


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A court in Oslo found Andersen guilty on all counts of his indictment and handed him a one-year suspended jail term, meaning he won't actually have to spend time in prison.

Andersen appealed the court's decision on the spot nonetheless. He has vigorously denied all charges of falsifying documents.

Prosecutors had sought a year in prison for Andersen, with just half of it suspended, mainly for forging a contract it claimed it had with Lyn's former rising star Mikel.

Prosecutor Svein Holden claimed Andersen, who later went to work for Fredrikstad Football Club, falsified the contract so that Lyn and its owner, businessman Atle Brynestad, could claim rights to sell Mikel to top British club Manchester United, profit from the transfer and from any subsequent transfers.

Mikel and his agent had claimed all along that Mikel wanted to play for top London club Chelsea and was merely spending time at Lyn until he was old enough to sign a professional deal with Chelsea. Instead, Andersen claimed Lyn had rights to Mikel, and the right to transfer him to Manchester United.

The two British clubs ultimately struck a deal allowing Mikel to land at Chelsea, where he currently plays. Mikel testified in court that Andersen had lied, and insisted he never had a contract with Lyn.

The case shed light on the money and power plays behind professional soccer. Some observers likened the buying and selling of Mikel to human trafficking, as agents and club managers sought ways of getting around international regulations aimed at protecting young players.

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Nina Berglund

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brick & Lace waahidi makubwa kesho

na Khadija Kalili tarehe 27.03.2008

WASANII mahiri wa kundi la Brick & Lace wanaotamba na miondoko ya R&B kutoka Jamaica, wameahidi shoo ya aina yake watakapotumbuiza kesho katika fainali za kumsaka nyota wa Bongo ‘Bongo Stars Search’ zitakazorindima kwenye Ukumbi wa Ubungo Plaza jijini Dar es Salaam.

Wakizungumza na waandishi wa habari jana kwenye hoteli ya Movenpick, wasanii hao ambao wanatamba na wimbo wao unaofahamika kama, ‘Your Love is Wicked’, walisema wamekuja Tanzania kuwapa raha na si vinginevyo.

Wamewataka mashabiki wa muziki kufika kwa wingi ili kupata burudani ya uhakika, ambako wamewaandalia vitu vya uhakika.

Kundi hilo liliwasili jana jijini Dar es Salaam na kufikia Hoteli ya Movenpick ambako kesho litaungana na wasanii mbalimbali katika kupamba fainali hizo.

Naye Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Kampuni ya Benchmark Productions, ambao ndiyo waratibu wa shindano hilo, Rita Paulsen alisema kwamba maandalizi ya fainali za shindano hilo yamekamilika, hivyo mashabiki wajitayarishe kumpata mrithi wa mshindi wa BSS wa mwaka jana, Jumanne Idd.

Rita alisema, mshindi katika fainali hizo, atapatikana kutokana na kupigiwa kura na mashabiki, hivyo mashabiki wawapigie kura washiriki ambao wanaona wanafaa kutwaa taji hilo.

“Mashabiki wana asilimia yao ya kumteua mshindi, kadhalika na majaji nao tuna nafasi yetu ya kutoa kura kwa washiriki pia, hivyo kila shabiki anapaswa kutambua kwamba ana wajibu wa kumchagua yule ambaye anaona kwamba anafaa kuwa mshindi wa BSS 2008,” alisema Rita.

Washiriki watano watakaochuana katika fainali hizo na namba zao kwenye mabano ni Ellynema Mbwambo (BSS 16), Misoji Nkwabi (BSS 11), Maangaza Nyange (BSS 05), Yohana Simon (BSS 14) na Rogers Lucas (03).

Brick & Lace kutua Dar es Salaam

na Khadija Kalili, tarehe 26.03.2008

Brick & Lace. Picha kutoka:

Sikiliza "Love is Wicked"

WASANII mahiri wa kundi la Brick & Lace wanaotamba na miondoko ya R&B kutoka Jamaica, wanatarajiwa kuwasili nchini leo, mahusus kwa ajili ya kupamba fainali za shindano la kumsaka nyota bora wa bongo katika Bongo Stars Search, zitakazorindima Ijumaa, katika mbanda wa Blue Pear, Ubungo, Dar es Salaam.

Brick na Lace ambao wimbo wao unatamba katika kumbi mbalimbali za burudani unaofahamika kama ‘Your Love is Wicked’, watazungumza na waandishi wa habari, kwenye ukumbi wa Idara ya Habari (MAELEZO), mara baada ya kuwasili nchini.

Akizungumza jijini, jana, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Kampuni ya Benchmark Productions, waratibu wa shindano hilo, Rita Paulsen, alisema kwamba maandalizi ya fainali za shindano hilo, yamekamilika, hivyo mashabiki wajitayarishe kumpata mrithi wa aliyekuwa mwasisi na mshindi wa BSS wa mwaka jana, Jumanne Iddi.

Rita alisema mshindi katika fainali hizo za Machi 28, atapatikana kutokana na kupigiwa kura na mashabiki, hivyo mashabiki wawapigie kura washiriki wanaoona wanafaa kutwaa taji hilo.

“Mashabiki wana asilimia yao ya kumteua mshindi, kadhalika na majaji nao tuna nafasi yetu ya kutoa kura kwa washiriki pia, hivyo kila shabiki anapaswa kutambua kwamba ana wajibu wa kumchagua yule anayeona kwamba anafaa kuwa mshindi wa BSS 2008,” alisema Rita.

Washiriki watano watakaochuana katika fainali hizo na namba zao kwenye mabano ni pamoja na Ellynema Mbwambo (BSS 16), Misoji Nkwabi (BSS 11), Maangaza Nyange (BSS 05), Yohana Simon (BSS 14) na Rogers Lucas.

Chanzo: Tanzania Daima

Language under assault

Culture Minister Trond Giske worries that the ever-expanding use of English in Norway is threatening the very existence of the Norwegian language. He's preparing an official government declaration aimed at nothing less than ensuring its survival.

Government minister Trond Giske feels a need to protect the Norwegian language from too much English interference.


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Giske plans to put forth what's known as a stortingsmelding, or "white paper," on the Norwegian language at the end of next month. It won't merely be concerned with comma rules or grammatical matters.

Rather, it's the survival of the language itself that will be the subject of the declaration. Giske is seriously worried that Norwegian is being too heavily influenced by English, not least because of the Internet and the emergence of English as the common language of the globe.

"Languages around the world are simply disappearing, not being used anymore," Giske told news bureau NTB. "Norwegian is under entirely new pressure than it was just a few years ago, especially because of the development of the Internet and the media."

Giske, who hails from the left wing of the Labour Party, wants to make sure that a full Norwegian vocabulary is upheld within business and academia. Those are two areas that he feels are particularly subject to too much influence from English.

It's not unusual., for example, for business journals and people active in the business world to use the word "cash" instead of the Norwegian "kontant." Some companies in Norway already use English as a working language, and the use of English terminology is widespread.

At the same time, some classes at Norwegian colleges and universities are taught in English, not Norwegian. Students can be required to submit papers in both Norwegian and English, or simply English.

Giske himself was an education minister when the decision was made to allow classroom teaching in English, and he still feels that was unavoidable. "We have many more foreign students and teachers," he said.

But that doesn't mean Norwegian should be overlooked. He criticizes companies like airline SAS, for example, which stresses English on its website even though it's part-owned by the Norwegian government.

Sylfest Lomheim of the state language council known as Språkrådet says a government declaration on Norwegian will be the most important on the language in the past 40 years.

"It will represent an attempt to create a new language policy that we haven't had in the country before," he said. "In the 1900s, a declaration on language involved issues of how it was written. Now it involves how the language shall survive."

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Nina Berglund/NTB

Mambo Yanaendelea

Picha ya chini ni Wanajeshi wa jeshi la wananchi la Tanzania(JWTZ) wakiwa wamewaweka chini ya ulinzi wapiganaji kutoka kundi la waasi linaloongozwa na Colonel Mohamed Bacar ambaye inasemekana hajaonekana kisiwani hapo kwa siku tatu sasa.Hata hivyo majeshi kutoka africa Union yakiongozwa na jeshi la wananchi wa Tanzania yameanza msako mkali wa kumtafuta kiongozi mkuu wa waasi Col Mohamed Bacar baada ya kutwaa mji mkuu Anjouan na Uwanja wa ndege mapea jana.Hata hivyo habari za kuaminika kutoka Comoro zinasema wapiganaji Saba wa Col Mohamed Bacar wameuawa mpaka sasa huku kukiwa hakuna vifo wa majeruhi kutoka vikosi vya Africa Union vikiongozwa na Jeshi la Wananchi wa Tanzania..


JWTZ wachukua Anjouan

Wanaume wakiingia mji mkuu wa Anjouan, Mutsamudou.

Habari za uhakika zinasema kuwa Jeshi la Wananchi wa Tanzania (JWTZ) likiongoza vikosi vya Umoja wa Afrika (AU) vimeuteka mji mkuu wa uwanja wa ndege wa Anjouan na kuwa hakuna askari yeyote wa JTWZ aliyejeruhiwa au kuuawa. Hapa wanajeshi wa JWTZ wakiwa mitaani
Mutsamudou na wakishangiliwa na wananchi.

Habari na picha toka BBC/AFP. Zaidi BOFYA HAPA

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rostam: Simshangai Mtikila

*Alisema Nyerere anatoka Rwanda, Mkapa Msumbiji
*Aunga mkono hoja ya kutenganisha biashara, siasa

Na Mwandishi Wetu

MBUNGE wa Igunga, Rostam Aziz, amesema hashangai hatua ya Mwenyekiti wa Democratic Party (DP), Mchungaji Christopher Mtikila, kusema yeye si raia wa Tanzania.

Akizungumza na mwandishi wa habari hii kutoka Tabora ambako amekwenda kwa ajili ya mapumziko ya Pasaka na kutembelea wapiga kura wake, Rostam alisema Mtikila ametambua umuhimu wake kisiasa na kijamii ndiyo maana amesema hayo aliyoyasema.

Mtikila ametambua umuhimu wangu katika taifa hili hadi akaamua kuniweka kundi moja na Mwalimu Nyerere na Mheshimiwa Mkapa.

Huyu rafiki yangu Mchungaji ambaye si Afisa wa Uhamiaji, aliwahi kusema Nyerere ni Mnyarwanda na pia akasema Mkapa ni wa Msumbiji, sasa anasema Rostam ni Muirani. Ni dhahiri manesi wa Ndala Mission walioshuhudia nikizaliwa watakuwa wameshangaa sana kusoma maneno ya Mtikila, alisema Rostam.

Kuhusu uhusiano wake na Kampuni ya Richmond, alisema siasa za Tanzania zinatumika vibaya. Alisema yeye anafanya biashara ya ukandarasi, amejenga miradi mingi hapa nchini, lakini huo wa Richmond asiokuwa na uhusiano nao hata kidogo ndiyo unaochukuliwa kama kashfa dhidi yake.

Kama nilivyosema mwanzo naendelea kusema kuwa sihusiki na Richmond. Na bado nasema ungekuwa mradi wangu nisingeshindwa kuujenga kwa mwaka kampuni zangu zinalipa kodi serikalini zaidi ya Sh bilioni 100. Kwa maana hiyo kodi tu ninayolipa ndani ya miezi 12 ingetosha kabisa kuutekeleza mradi wa Richmond, alisema na kisha akaongeza:

Siasa ni mchezo wa ajabu sana. Richmond ambayo sihusiki wananibambikia kwamba ni kampuni yangu, lakini mradi wanaousifia sana kwenye Ripoti ya Kamati ya Mwakyembe wa Watsila Ubungo, nimeujenga mimi mwaka huu upo next to (karibu na) Dowans, ambapo pia niliomba kazi lakini sikupata. Huo wa Watsila ambao wanausifu hawanihusishi nao.

Alimshukuru Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Bunge iliyoteuliwa na Spika Samuel Sitta kuangalia taratibu za zabuni ya kupata kampuni ya kuzalisha umeme wa dharura ya Richmond, Harrison Mwakyembe wakati akifanya majumuisho bungeni hakumhusisha Rostam na umiliki wa Richmond.

Mwakyembe alisema bayana kuwa Richmond si yangu, lakini wapi bwana, bado watu wanaendelea tu. Huu ni mchezo wa kisiasa tu, alisisitiza Rostam.

Kuhusu wazo la Rais Jakaya Kikwete la kutenganisha biashara na siasa, Rostam alisema yeye anakubaliana na wazo hilo, kwasababu katika nchi nyingi za dunia ya tatu mifumo haijakomaa kutenganisha biashara na siasa hivyo dawa pekee ni hiyo aliyokuja nayo Mheshimiwa Kikwete.

Alisema wapo baadhi ya watu wanaoingia kwenye siasa kwa nia ya kujiongezea pato au kuboresha biashara zao, badala ya kutumikia wananchi.

Sina tatizo na mwelekeo wa rais katika hilo. Kuna dhana nyingi hapa, nyingine sahihi na nyingine si kweli. Wapo wanaoingia kwenye siasa kufanya biashara, na wengine ni wafanyabiashara lakini wanaingia kwenye siasa kwa mapenzi yao ya siasa au kutumikia wananchi au vyote viwili.

Rostam alisema wafanyabiashara wote ni wajanja, na hakuna mfanyabiashara unayeweza kumfuatilia ukamkosa. Awe Rostam, Mengi, Mbowe au Bakhresa, utakuta vitu vinavyoonekana ni kashfa katika siasa, kumbe ni ujanja wa biashara. Katika siasa vitu hivi vinatumika kuvuruga mtazamo wa watu.

Angalia suala la (Freeman) Mbowe (la kukopa NSSF na hatimaye kuingia mgogoro nao hadi kufikishana mahakamani). Kibiashara ni kitu cha kawaida. Ndiyo ujanja wa biashara, lakini unapokuwa kiongozi hasa anayetafuta urais kama Mbowe, kisiasa inakuwa ni kashfa, alisema Rostam.

Hata hivyo, alisisitiza kuwa ni muhimu kutenganisha biashara na siasa, kwani baadhi ya wafanyabiashara si waaminifu na matatizo haya ndiyo yamelifikisha pabaya taifa la Kenya.

Matatizo ya Kenya pamoja na ukabila hili la biashara limechangia sana. Wanasiasa wengi wao Kenya, wanatafuta madaraka kuneemesha biashara zao. Rais yuko sahihi. Hili lisiposhughulikiwa linaweza kuleta madhara Baadaye, alisema Rostam.

Alisema hashangai kwa nini yeye aandamwe kwani anajua yapo makundi matatu yanayomwandama muda wote. Aliyataja makundi hayo kuwa ni wafuasi wa vyama vya upinzani ambao yeye ni mwiba nambari moja kwao, kundi la walioumizana ndani ya CCM wakati wa mchakato wa urais na siasa za walikotoka mikoani na wengine ni kundi la wanasiasa wenye hulka ya wivu.

Rostam alikuwa akihojiwa na gazeti hili kutokana na tuhuma mbalimbali zinazoelekezwa kwake siku za karibuni.

Armed killer still at large

Police in Oslo continued to search on Monday for a Somalian man in his 20s, who's believed to have shot and killed an acquaintance during a street battle in the city's Grünerløkka district over the Easter weekend.

The shootings have rattled the trendy neighbourhood just east of downtown, and it's not the first time neighbours have been disturbed by street violence.

Some told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) they're fed up with apparent gang-related conflicts that have led to violent clashes on the streets and in local parks before.

The shootings late Sunday night left one man dead and another wounded. Witnesses claim at least 10 shots were fired in the park in northern Grünerløkka.

One man involved in the shootings turned himself in to police on Monday. He's an acquaintance of the man in his 20s, and has also been charged with murder.

The other suspect is believed to be armed but police don't think he presents a danger to the public in general. The motive behind the weekend shootings remained unclear, but police indicated it may have stemmed from a conflict among individuals and wasn't gang-related.

Souce: Aftenposten English Web Desk

JWTZ kukiteka Anjouan?

Jeshi la Wananchi Tanzania (JWTZ) wakiongoza Majeshi ya Umoja wa Afrika wakiwa katika medani za kivita.JWTZ na Majeshi ya Umoja wa Afrika wanatarajiwa kukiteka kisiwa cha Anjouan wakati wowote kuanzia sasa. Picha kutoka AFP. Zaidi bofya hapa

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mungu wangu wee!!

Christopher Lissa na Richard Bukos

Mkazi wa Kijiji cha Kilema kilichopo Moshi mkoani Kilimanjaro, (jina tunalihifadhi) anadaiwa kubambwa ‘laivu’ na mkwewe (mke wa mtoto wake) akiwalawiti wajukuu zake wa kike ambao ni mapacha ndani ya zizi la ng’ombe...

Akizungumza na Ijumaa Wikienda mwishoni mwa wiki, mama mzazi wa watoto hao, alisema kuwa tukio hilo lilitokea Siku ya Wapendanao Februari 14, mwaka huu, ingawa anasikitishwa na familia ya mkwewe kulifumbia macho suala hilo.

Akisimulia ilivyokuwa, mama huyo alisema mara baada ya kujifungua aliondoka jijini Dar es Salaam kuelekea Moshi, ambapo wakwe zake walimuita ili wakamhudumie na kumfanyia mambo ya kimila.

Alisema katika safari hiyo alifuatana na mumewe Gowi hadi Kilema Moshi na baada ya kuishi huko kwa miezi miwili, mumewe alirudi Dar es Salaam na kumuacha na watoto ukweni.

Alisema, alianza kupata shaka na mkwewe huyo pale alipokuja kufumwa na mkewe akimuingiza vidole kwenye sehemu za siri, mmoja wa watoto hao na alipobanwa aliomba asamehewe kwa madai alipata ushawishi wa kishetani.

“Siku nyingine tena mama mkwe alimfuma mumewe akimuingiza vidole sehemu za siri mtoto mwingine wakati akijisaidia, ndipo mama mkwe ikabidi aitishe kikao cha wazee ili kumkanya mzee huyo,” alisema.

Alidai pamoja na kukanywa lakini Februari 14, mwaka huu mchana wakati akiandaa chakula alisikia kilio cha mtoto wake na alipotoka nje na kumuuliza shemeji yake aliyemtaja kwa jina moja la Roger kuna nini ndipo akaambiwa mkwewe kaingia na watoto kwenye zizi la ng’ombe.

"Ilibidi nitoke mbio ili kwenda kuwaokoa watoto ambapo nilimkuta baba mkwe akiwa mtupu na akimlawiti mmoja wa watoto.

“Nilimkwapua mtoto kutoka mikononi mwake na nilipomchunguza nilikuta ametapakaa mbegu za kiume sehemu za nyuma, huku akiwa na michubuko mingi sehemu za kukalia,” alisema.

Mama huyo alisema, kitu alichofanya ni kumpigia simu mumewe ambapo ilibidi arudi ghafla Kilema na baada ya kikao cha familia walikubaliana kuyamaliza kindugu masuala hayo, huku wakimuonya kutofichua siri hiyo.

Alisema hakuridhika na hali hiyo, kwani watoto wake waliendelea kuishi na majeraha bila kupatiwa matibabu kutokana na kuzuiliwa na wanafamilia kupelekwa hospitali kwa kuhofu mzee wao atakamatwa.

“Nilipoona watoto wangu wanateseka kufuatia kutokwa na vidonda sehemu za siri, nikamlazimisha mume wangu anirudishe nyumbani kwetu Dar es Salaam na alikubali lakini akinipa sharti nisije nikatoboa siri hii kwa ndugu zangu.

“Tulipofika Dar es Salaam akanipeleka kwa mjomba wake Tabata Liwiti na kunionya nisikutane na ndugu zangu, lakini kwa kuwa hali ya watoto ilizidi kuwa mbaya ikabidi nimtoroke na kwenda Buguruni Kisiwani kwa baba mkubwa.

“Nilipofika pale nilimueleza kilichowasibu watoto, ndipo akanishauri twende kutoa taarifa Kituo cha Polisi Buguruni ambapo tulipewa PF3 nikawapeleka wanangu kutibiwa Hospitali ya Amana,” alisema.

Aliongeza kuwa uchunguzi wa madaktari wa Amana uliofanywa Machi 13, mwaka huu ulionyesha watoto hao wameharibiwa sehemu zao za siri na pia kuambukizwa magonjwa ya zinaa.

Mama huyo alisema kwa sasa anataka msaada mkubwa wa kisheria, kwani Polisi Buguruni wamemshauri aende kufungua mashitaka katika kituo kilichopo eneo la tukio.

“Sina uwezo wa kwenda huko na kufungua mashitaka, kwani hata maisha yangu naona hayapo salama, naaomba msaada ili niweze kwenda na kutetea haki za watoto wangu,“ alisema.

Juhudi za kumpata mtuhumiwa ili kusikia kauli yake bado zinaendelea, akipatikana tutaweka wazi majina ya wahusika.

Kutoka Global Publishers TZ.

Na Issa Mnally

Wakati Jiji la Dar es Salaam kwa kutumia kada zake za dola, likipambana kikamilifu kuhakikisha linatokomeza biashara ya ukahaba, kama nyenzo ya kuimarisha vita dhidi ya Ukimwi, hali bado ni hatari....

Uwapo wa matukio mengi ya kifuska, wakati wa sherehe za Pasaka, ni hali inayotoa ishara ya wazi kwamba kufanikiwa kuondosha biashara hiyo ni majaliwa ya Mwenyezi Mungu.

Uchunguzi wa gazeti hili, uliweza kubaini wanawake wengi wanaojiuza (machangudoa) wakiwa kwenye maeneo mengi maarufu kwa biashara hiyo na wakifanya kazi yao bila hofu.

Baadhi ya maeneo hayo ni Sinza Afrika Sana, Barabara ya Kinondoni, Buguruni, Ilala, Manzese Uwanja wa Fisi na katika viunga karibu na Lambo Bar ya Manzese.

Maeneo mengine ni Barabara ya Ohio, Mwananyamala kwa Wahaya, Barabara ya Uhuru, Kariakoo, karibu na maeneo ya Kisuma Bar na Sugar Ray, Temeke, Makutano ya Barabara za Sofia Kawawa na Nkrumah na kadhalika.

Katika kufanya kazi kwa mifano, usiku wa Ijumaa Kuu ambao kwa kawaida ni kumbukumbu ya mateso ya Bwana Yesu msalabani, mmoja wa wanatimu ya dawati la Ijumaa Wikienda, alifanikiwa ‘kumnunua’ changudoa mmoja nje ya Klabu ya Usiku ya Ambiance, iliyopo Sinza.

Aidha, ‘kachero’ wetu, aliombwa na changudoa huyo, kutoa shilingi 7,000 kwa ajili ya huduma ya chapchap (short time).

Baada ya makubaliano hayo, kachero wetu alimpakia mrembo huyo kwenye pikipiki na kwenda naye hadi kwenye nyumba moja (siyo gesti), kama sehemu ya makubaliano.

Hata hivyo, kwa vile lengo lake halikuwa kujamiiana na changudoa huyo, mwandishi wetu alianza kumuuliza maswali mbalimbali kuhusu biashara yao ya kujiuza na changamoto zinazowakabili kwa sasa.

Maswali hayo, hayakuweza kujibiwa na changudoa huyo ambaye alidai anapotezewa muda wa kuwahi kurudi kazini, hivyo aliomba apewe chake mapema, kisha ‘kazi ianze’.

Habari zaidi zinasema kwamba jitihada za mchunguzi wetu, kumbana kwa maswali mwanamke huyo ziligonga ukuta, hivyo aliamua kumpa pesa yake (shilingi 7000) ili kila mtu ashike hamsini zake.

Hata hivyo, changudoa huyo hakukubali kuachwa kwa staili hiyo, badala yake alilazimisha kuwa ni lazima ajivinjari na kachero wetu kama walivyokubaliana.

“Yaani unanileta huku, kuniuliza maswali halafu unanipa hela niondoke. Kumbe wewe ni mwandishi eeeh! Basi leo utachoka na muziki wangu, ni lazima uni… (tusi),” alisema changudoa huyo ambaye hata alipoulizwa jina lake, hakutaja.
Katika kuonesha kwamba hakuwa akitania, changudoa huyo alianza kuvua nguo moja baada ya nyingine, hadi akabaki mtupu kisha akamvaa mwandishi wetu akimlazimisha wafanye mapenzi.

“Mimi sikuelewi, hatujakubaliana unipe hela ya bure, tumekubaliana unipe nikupe. Kama wewe ni mwandishi, leo utakoma kuringa, mimi sichezewi,” alisema kwa kufoka.

Hata hivyo, waandishi wengine wa Ijumaa Wikienda, walifika mara moja kumuokoa mwenzao na varangati hilo na kumtaka changudoa huyo kuondoka kwakuwa alikuwa ameshapewa pesa zake.

Pamoja na hali hiyo, changudoa huyo aliendelea kufanya fujo, mpaka mmoja wa waandishi wetu alipomtishia kumuitia polisi, jambo ambalo lilimtia hofu mwanamke huyo na kutimua mbio akiwa nusu uchi.

Baadhi ya picha za matukio ya mrembo huyo akifanya fujo, zinaonekana ukurasa wa kwanza wa gazeti hili.

Katika hatua nyingine, Makongoro Oging’ anaripoti kuwa jumla ya wanawake 26, wanaojiuza walikamatwa siku chache kabla ya Pasaka, Buguruni, jijini Dar es Salaam.

Warembo hao ambao hujulikana pia kwa jina la wadoezi wa mali za watu, wawili kati yao, wanaonekana ukurasa wa kwanza wa gazeti hili katika picha ndogo chini kushoto.

Kamanda wa Polisi, Mkoa wa Ilala, Faustine Shilogire alithibitisha kuwepo kwa kamata kamata hiyo na kuongeza kuwa kazi ya kuwakamata machangudoa bado inaendelea na kwamba itakoma pale akina dada hao watakaposalimu amri.

Easter vacation ends

Today, Monday, or 2nd Day Easter as it is called in Norway, ends a 10-day vacation for most Norwegians. Although many returned home from the mountains already on Easter Sunday, resulting in long lineups on the roads leading to the larger citities, Monday's lineups are expected to be even longer.

There have so far been no reports of major accidents in the mountains, or on the roads this Easter, partly due to mixed weather and skiing conditions many places.

However, the number of persons assisted by the mountain Red Cross patrols had reached 852 by Sunday evening, compared to 623 at the same time last year.

On the whole, Northern Norway have had the most sunshine, but this last weekend there have been some beautiful days on the mountain slopes or at the seaside cabins also in Southern Norway.

Source: The Norway Post

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mgonjwa asimulia yaliyompata saluni

WIKI moja baada ya HabariLeo Jumapili kuchapisha habari ya kuenea kwa saluni za kuchua ambazo zimegeuzwa madanguro baadhi ya watu waliokwenda kwa maelekezo ya madaktari wamelalamikia hatua ya wahudumu wa saluni hizo kulazimisha kufanya ngono.

Kwa mujibu wa baadhi ya watu waliowahi kukutana na hali hiyo walisema hata kama mtu anakwenda kwa huduma ya kuchua kwa ajili ya matatizo ya viungo vya mwili kama madaktari wanavyowaagiza, lakini wahudumu katika saluni hizo wengi wao wakiwa wanawake wamekuwa wakiwashawishi wateja kufanya ngono.

Mkazi mmoja wa jijini Dar es Salaam akizungumza na HabariLeo Jumapili alisema yeye binafsi alikuwa na matatizo ya mgongo na baada ya kupata huduma katika Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili, daktari alimshauri akapate huduma ya kuchua.

Alisema kutokana na maagizo ya daktari alijaribu kwenda katika saluni ambazo zimesambaa maeneo mbalimbali ya jiji na kila sehemu alipata huduma ya kuchuliwa mgongo, lakini mwisho wa huduma hiyo alikuwa akiulizwa kama anataka kufanya ngono baada ya kuchuliwa kwa malipo zaidi.

“Mimi pia nilipitia kama saluni nne hivi baada ya kushauriwa na daktari, nilikwenda ya kwanza kuchua mgongo mhudumu akaniuliza kama nataka huduma nyingine… na bila kutarajia nikamuuliza huduma nyingine ni nini? Ndipo nilipoelezwa kuwa kuna huduma ya ngono kama nataka.

Ilibidi nibadilishe saluni ile kwa kuwa mimi mtu mzima si vizuri kuingia kwenye ngono bila kutarajia, lakini kila saluni niliyokwenda kuchua mwisho wa yote ilikuwa ni kuniuliza kama nataka kufanya ngono. “Nilijikuta nikienda kama saluni nne hivi ili kuona kama ni tofauti, lakini zote utaratibu ulikuwa hivyo nikaona bora nijiachie tu, ” alisema.

Kwa mujibu wa shuhuda huyo hali hiyo ilimtia woga akaamua kuachana kabisa na saluni hizo kwa kile alichokieleza kukwepa vishawishi ambavyo vingemtumbukiza katika mambo yasiyofaa na hivi sasa anahudumiwa Muhimbili.

Alitaja baadhi ya sehemu zinazopatikana huduma hizo kuwa ni pamoja na maeneo ya kufanyia mazoezi ya viungo, katika baadhi ya saluni kubwa maeneo ya Masaki na hata mahoteli makubwa ya hapa jijini Dar es Salaam.

Aidha uchunguzi uliofanywa hivi karibuni na gazeti hili kwa wiki kadhaa uligundua kuwa baadhi ya saluni hizo ambazo kwa kawaida zilikuwa zikiendesha huduma za kunyoa nywele na kusafisha uso maalumu kwa wanaume, sasa zimekuwa zikitoa huduma za masaji katika eneo lolote la mwili analotaka mteja.

Lakini pia kuna saluni nyingine ambazo ni maalumu kwa ajili ya kuchua na kukanda mwili, lakini zote zinatoa huduma zinazofanana katika kufanya masaji, huduma inayoonekana kupendwa na watu wa rika zote hapa jijini Dar es Salaam ingawa kwa baadhi ya watu wamekuwa wakipata woga na kuamua kuachana na saluni hizo kwa kuogopa vishawishi.

Pia baadhi ya wawekezaji wameamua kufungua huduma hizo kwa kuwafuata wateja nyumbani kwao kwa gharama ambazo wataelewana na bila woga wasichana wanaofanya shughuli hiyo huwa tayari kwa ngono.

Chanzo: Habari LEO

Mchina afumwa!!!

Na Richard Bukos

Raia wa China ambaye ni mkazi wa Msasani, jijini Dar es Salaaam, Michael Sao Tong, hivi karibuni alifumwa na maofisa wa Maliasili akifuga na kusafirisha viumbe wa baharini bila kibali.... Sao Tong alikamatwa nyumbani kwake akiwa na viumbe kadhaa wakiwemo kaa na kamba walio hai wakiwa tayari kusafirishwa kwenda nje ya nchi. Kwa mujibu wa mtoa habari wetu ambaye alishuhudia tukio hilo (jina tunalihifadhi), baada ya kutiwa mbaroni, Mchina huyo alipelekwa katika Kituo cha Polisi Oysterbay kabla ya kufikishwa katika Mahakama ya Kisutu kujibu tuhuma zinazomkabili.

Akiwa katika Mahakama hiyo, Mchina huyo aliwaacha hoi wananchi waliokuwepo baada kuangua kilio kama mtoto akiomba msaada wa dhamana. Hatua ya Sao Tong kulia mahakamani hapo, ilitokana na Mwendesha Mashitaka wa Jeshi la Polisi Nassoro Sisiwayah aliyekuwa akiendesha kesi hiyo mbele ya Hakimu Mkazi wa Mahakama hiyo John Msafiri kumuwekea pingamizi la dhamana.

Ndugu wa Mchina huyo waliokuwa wameongozana naye mahakamani hapo walikuwa na wakati mgumu kutokana na kutojua Kiswahili wala Kiingereza hivyo, kushindwa kuifuatilia kesi hiyo. Hata hivyo, Sao Tong alikanusha kutenda kosa hilo na kutupwa rumande hadi Aprili 9, mwaka huu kesi yake itakapotajwa tena.

Chanzo: Global Publishers TZ.

Winter is back in the South and East

The winter is back in full force in Southern and Eastern Norway, where people woke up to a heavy snowfall and strong wind Friday morning. In the Agder counties, up to 9000 households were without electricity, and trains were cancelled in the same area.

The railway lines were re-opened by Friday evening, but many were still without electricity Saturday morning.

The snowfall was not as heavy in the Oslo region, but more than enough to ensure perfect skiing conditions in the worn down trails in the surrounding forests.

Saturday morning was again bright and sunny in the South and East, with temperatures a bit lower than earlier in the week, - a perfect day for skiing. Easter Sunday is again expected to become a bit cloudy, with some snow towards evening.

The same is also forecast for the rest of the country.

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corp./Norway Post

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chama Cha Watanzania

Kinawatakia wote

Pasaka njema!

Forening for


Ønsker alle sammen

en hyggelig påske

Maimartha anauza dawa za

kuongeza makalio na matiti

Mtangazaji maarufu wa Kituo cha Televisheni cha EATV cha jijini Dar es Salaam, Maimartha Jesse, anashutumiwa kuyaweka hatarini maisha ya wanawake wenzake nchini kufuatia kudaiwa kuuza dawa za kuongeza makalio na matiti....


Taarifa zilizolifikia gazeti hili zilidai kuwa, katika duka la mwanadada huyo mwenye makeke awapo katika kipindi chake cha Afro-Beat, lililopo Kinondoni, anauza sabuni na dawa zinazoweza kumfanya mwanamke kuongeza makalio na matiti.

Hata hivyo, taarifa hizo zimepokelewa ndiyo sivyo na baadhi ya wataalam wa afya ambao wametahadharisha kuwa wanaotumia dawa hizo hawajipendi.

Mmoja wa madaktari maarufu jijini Dar es Salaam aliyeomba hifadhi ya jina lake alieleza kuwa, kitendo cha Maimartha kuwauzia wanawake dawa hizo ni kuwaweka katika mazingira ya kuathirika kiafya.

Alisema, wanaouza dawa hizo huenda hawajui madhara yake kwani zina uwezo mkubwa wa kuharibu mfumo wa vichocheo vya mwili ‘hormones’, hivyo kuweza kumsababishia mwanamke kuzeeka haraka na kuathiri vichocheo vinavyohusika na mfumo wa mambo ya uzazi.

“Mwanamke anayetumia dawa hizo hujiweka katika mazingira ya kupata kansa, ugonjwa ambao umepoteza maisha ya baadhi ya watu. Niseme tu kwamba wanawake wakiendelea kuwa na tamaa ya kuwa na maumbile ambayo hawakuumbwa nayo, maisha yao yatakuwa mafupi,” alitasema Daktari huyo.

Kutoka gazeti la Amani.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nectar launches changes

in exam system


Daily News

LAST week the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA), launched a system aimed at revolutionising the way future candidates would apply and registered for exams. Staff Reporter JIANG ALIPO, digs deep into the system…

THE system that would be used by National Examination Council of Tanzania to manage and supervise exams country-wide has been identified and would then be called the 'Comprehensive Examination Information System (EMIS)'.

According to the National Examination Council of Tanzania Executive Secretary, Dr Joyce Ndalichako, it is designed to help promote efficient running of examinations, the task that has been faced with many challenges, especially in the registration process.

She says the system allows the body to process scheduled exams, types, series and related events like exams’ slips deliveries as well as whatever period the exam has been set out. The secretary says the system has three elements that support the comprehensive management of exams for Necta stakeholders and goes on to illustrate that one of them is the web-based system for Online Candidate Registration.

In her explanation, the web based application system will enable future candidates of the council’s exams, both private and school candidates, to register for their exams online, adding: “School managers like headmasters/mistresses, academic masters, will register their school candidates in batches using the Microsoft Excel.

“The user friendly system allows registration to be done at any time and it makes the process of submitting information to Necta easier and faster.” Dr Ndalichako went on to say that the system also reduces registration errors when one wants to secure the candidate’s registration.

The second element is the window-based system for Registration and Examination Process (REP), which is for internal use by the Necta staff during exams processing period. Here she adds that the system can be accessed only through Necta’s local area networks across different departments.

Finally, Dr Ndalichako mentions the last element as the Short Message Services (smsNECTA), which enable the candidate or school managers to access related examination information such as registration status and examination results vie e-mails or mobile phones.

She told the Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Prof Jumanne Maghembe, who launched the system that one of the challenges the council faced was caused by the candidates filling their previous exam information with many errors.

The secretary said the challenges experienced include candidates registering in exam centers that are not registered by the council, registration forms delaying to reach the council and miscommunication between the candidates and the council. “The whole process of verifying the information, then replying the candidate on their registration status, where sometimes the candidate was informed that he/she did not qualify reach too late.

“Now candidates are able to get feedback of their status of registration immediately, as they would be informed via e-mails, auto-reply service and messages though their mobiles. Thus the candidate can be assured whether they are registered or not instantly,” she explained.

Dr Ndalichako also said that the system will simplify the registration exercise, as it reduces the errors and time used to verify a candidate’s information, as that is done by the system itself and not manually. She added: “It will also erase the chances of repeating the numbers and names of the candidates, as it enables candidates to add initials when registering.”

Through the system, the examination council will also be able to know registration statistics at any time needed, thus making it not difficult to plan such as examination budgets. Necta is optimistic that the Comprehensive Examination Information System (EMIS) will bring about better implementation of its duties, as it is an important step towards eliminating registration nuisances that have been faced by the institute and its clients.


Nani malaya?

Kwa Waziri wa Mikiki na Makeke,
Uzitoni Street,

Frank mpenzi,

MBONA kimya kimezidi mpenzi wangu? Yaani nakaa, nakaa, nakaa nikisubiri angalau maneno mawili matatu kutoka kwako lakini kimyaaa! Hata ninapojaribu kukupigia simu hujibu. Napiga weeeee hakuna wa kupokea. Kulikoni mpenzi!!

Yaani sina raha hata kidogo. Kama nimekukosea si uniambie mwenzio, si kuniacha solemba namna hiyo. Nakaa nawaza, nawaza, nimekukosea nini, lakini jibu sipati. Mbona tulipoongea siku ile hakukuwa na dalili yoyote upande wako? Nini kimekubadilisha ghafla?

Hata hivyo, ukitaka kujua hali yangu, mimi hapa ni mzima, ukiacha misononeko inayotokana na ukimya wako. Hadi hata mama bosi alitambua. Lakini kama kawaida ya wakubwa hakutaka kuuliza. Badala yake alirukia uamuzi.

‘Vipi Hidaya? Mbona unashika taya hivyo? Umechoka kazi?’

‘Hapana mama.’

‘Sema kama umechoka kazi nikurudishe nyumbani.’

‘Si hivyo mama. Nilikuwa ninawaza kidogo tu.’

‘Unawaza unawaza. Nakulipa ili uwaze! Basi changamka hapa. Sitaki kukuona umenuna wasikia.’

Basi mpenzi pamoja na misononeko yote ya kukukosa bila kujua sababu, ilibidi niamke na kuchangamka kana kwamba sina shida kabisa. Na kweli, mara nyingine kazi inasaidia maana ninapofua lundo la nguo za bosi (na ni nyingi kwa sababu anang’ang’ania kuvaa suti daima hata ikiwa joto namna gani, eti suti ni dalili ya maendeleo ...) basi nasahau angalau kwa dakika mbili tatu kwamba mpenzi wangu wa moyo hataki kuongea na mimi. Kwa hiyo nihurumie jamani, nihurumie, vinginevyo utashtuka nimefukuzwa kazi hivihivi.

Tuache hayo. Maana najua pia, upande wa shida, kwa kweli siwezi kujilinganisha na wasichana wenzangu wengi. Angalau nina kazi japo mshahara masihara anavyosema fyatu mkuu, angalau bosi hajajaribu kunitongoza hovyohovyo, angalau nina kitanda cha kulalia na chakula kila siku.

Juzi niliangalia wale wasichana walioswagwa na kuburuzwa eti wanajiuza usiku. Kwani wana nafasi ya kuuza bidhaa nyingine? Kwani wamepewa uwezo wa kujenga maisha tofauti?

Nakumbuka huko nyumbani mmoja wa wale wasichana alikuwa anapanga karibu sana na nyumba yetu pamoja na wadogo zake wawili. Kila usiku wanakula pamoja kisha anajipara na kuondokea viwanja. Wazazi walikuwa wananikataza kila siku nisiongee naye, eti mshenzi, eti malaya, eti sijui nini. Lakini kadiri walivyomtukana na mimi nilishikwa na hamu ya kumfahamu zaidi. Kila nikipita nilikuwa namsalimia hadi tukazoeana kidogo. Kisha siku moja akanikaribisha ndani ya chumba chake. Lo! Bonge ya kitanda. Ukiingia tu, yabidi uangukie kitanda hakuna mahali pengine. Nilipoonyesha mshangao akacheka.

‘We Hidaya unashangaashangaa nini? Kashangae watu. Wajifanya watakatifu na kuwalaani wenye dhambi kumbe dhambi zao zimewatifua wengine wafanye kufuru.’

‘Unasemaje dada?’

‘Hebu kaa basi upate soda.’

Nilikuwa na wasiwasi mpenzi, labda alitaka kuniingiza ndani ya biashara hii kijanja lakini sikuona dalili ya mwanamume yeyote. Hata hivyo, nilihakikisha kwamba nakaa karibu kabisa na mlango ili niweze kukimbia mbele ya hatari. Lakini msichana wa watu akaendelea na shughuli zake, kaniletea soda na kalimati mbili tamu sana.’

‘Unazipika mwenyewe dada?’


‘Sasa, samahani, kama ni hivyo, kwa nini una ... una .. nanihii?’

Wacha yule msichana (anaitwa Neema) acheke.

‘We Hidaya si useme tu. Kwa nini najiuza?’

Niliangalia chini kwa aibu.

‘Ndiyo. Samahani lakini.’

‘Samahani ya nini! Mimi sifurahii kujiuza lakini nitauza nini zaidi. Si umeona wadogo zangu wawili. Watakula nini kama sijishughulishi namna hii. Kalimati hazitoshi kuwalisha hata kidogo, na watu walivyo washenzi wala hawalipi hadi mwisho wa mwezi, tena kwa kukabwa sana. Lakini hii biashara nyingine, lazima walipe kwanza ndipo napata pesa kwa ajili ya wadogo zangu.’

‘Lakini kwa nini ndugu zako hawakusaidii?’

‘Wanisaidie mimi? Usinichekeshe.’

Basi Neema akatoa kicheko cha uchungu sana kisha akanyamaza. Mimi niliamua kushughulikia soda kwanza maana niliona kama machozi yanamlenga.

‘Unajua Hidaya, wazazi wangu walipokufa katika ajali miaka miwili iliyopita, nilikuwa na miaka 14. Ndugu wakaja wakijitia kuangua kilio huku wanachungulia wazazi wangu walikuwa na nini. Wakachukua kila kitu eti ni haki yao kama walezi wetu lakini hakuna aliyekuwa tayari kutuchukua kwa pamoja na kutusomesha. Sasa sisi watoto hatukutaka kutenganishwa hata kidogo, kwa hiyo nilikataa. Nikasema kwamba nitawasomesha wadogo zangu mimi mwenyewe. Wakajifanya wanapinga na kunihurumia tena lakini walikuwa wanatoa tabasamu za kifedhuli kabisa na katika furaha ya kukosa majukumu kwetu walihakikisha kwamba wamechukua hadi sufuria ya mwisho ndani ya chumba.’

‘Lo pole sana dada. Watu wengine washenzi sana.’

‘Si ndiyo. Lakini wanavyojifanya watakatifu mwisho utacheka tu. Yaani wakati wanaondoka wananipa maneno meeeengi ya kuniasa eti niwe na tabia njema, UKIMWI upo, Mungu yupo ... na pia kujidai kunikaribisha kwao nikiwa na shida. Lakini nilijua ni maneno ya fiksi tu. Sasa nimebaki hapa na wadogo zangu. Kutokana na biashara yangu ya mwili nimeweza kuwasomesha wadogo zangu na sasa yule mkubwa anaingia Kidato cha Kwanza. Mungu akinipa miaka minne zaidi ya uhai, bila huo ugonjwa, najua atamaliza Sekondari na hatalazimika kufuata nyayo zangu.’

‘Hee Neema, pole tena’

‘Usinipe pole. Ninafurahi. Sifurahii upumbavu wa wanaume wengi lakini yuko mmojammoja anayenijali na kunifanya nijisikie nathaminiwa angalau kidogo. Lakini kila nikiwaangalia wadogo zangu nafurahi. Na najua, licha ya maneno ya kinafiki ya ndugu zangu na wengine, thawabu yangu iko mbinguni. Watanielewa.’

‘Lakini dada nakupongeza kwa ujasiri wako.’

‘Si mimi tu. Tuko maelfu wenye matatizo kama hayo na hakuna anayejali. Mwanzoni yatima mwenzangu akanishauri kwenda kwenye danguro anakofanya kazi yeye. Alisema kwamba robo tatu wa wasichana pale walikuwa yatima kama mimi na waliobaki wanatoka kwenye familia za kambo. Kwa hiyo tungeelewana. Lakini mimi nilitaka uhuru zaidi ndiyo maana niliona bora nikae mwenyewe barabarani. Kwa nini mwenye danguro achukue pesa zangu wakati naumia mie!!’

Lo mpenzi nilishangaa na nilitaka hata kuwaambia wazazi kwamba wanakosea kumlaani Neema. Lakini nilijua watanihusisha naye nikimtetea kidogo. Si ndiyo akili fupi za watu. Nasikia kulikuwa na bosi mmoja hapa Bongo eti akiamka vibaya anawaswaga wasichana hao ndani. Hakuna cha maswali wala cha kutaka kuelewa matatizo yao. Funga tu. Na watu walipojitokeza kumwambia kwamba hata yeye hana huruma wala haki akawatukana eti ni wateja wao. Sasa juzi bosi mwingine naye ameamua kufanya vilevile. Badala ya kuwakamata waliofanya nchi hii iwe masikini anawakamata wanaouza umasikini wao. Kwa nini wasiwasikilize akina Neema na kujua matatizo yao badala ya kufura kwa kujidai wana maadili wanaochukia maovu? Kama ni watu wa maadili kwa nini hawawafungi wenye madili. Kwa sababu ni Wafarisayo wenzao? Yaani!!!

Labda ni hasira zangu kutokana na wewe kukaa kimya namna hii lakini kwa kweli wiki hii nawachukia watu hao vibaya sana. Namkumbuka Neema kila wakati. Eti yeye anajiuza. Na namwona akijibu.

‘Mnanikamata na nini. Mimi nauza mwili wangu, mali yangu tu. Wenzenu wanauza nchi, wanauza mali isiyo yao. Mimi nauza mwili wangu ili nijilishe mimi na wadogo zangu. Wao wanauza nchi ili waishi maisha ya fahari huku wakivaa masuti yao yanayonuka jasho la ufisadi. Nani malaya?’

Akuchunukuye hata kama wanichunia,


Kutoka Raia Mwema la wiki hii.





Kutakuwa na mkutano mkuu wa wanachama

wote na wanafunzi wapya.

Mahali: Norges Idrettshøgskole - Sognsvann

(Norwegian School of Sport Sciences)

Tarehe: 29.03.2008

Muda: Saa 7:30 mchana - 11:00 jioni


1. Taarifa ya mwaka ya uongozi

2. Taarifa ya mhazini

3. Marekebisho ya katiba

(tafadhali isome katiba vizuri kabla ya mkutano)

4. Viongozi wapya

5. mengineyo

Wanafunzi wote wa kitanzania wanaosoma hapa Oslo –

Norway mnakaribishwa!

Uongozi – TASAO




Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa anapenda kuwatangazia Watanzania wenye sifa kutoka Bara na Visiwani, kuomba kazi zilizotangazwa hapa chini. Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano .wa Kimataifa inazingatia usawa wa kijinsia katika kutoa ajira. Hivyo wamawake wenye sifa wanahimizwa kuomba.

Nafasi zinazotangazwa ni kama ifuatavyo:­



i. Kusimamia utekelezaji wa Sera ya Mambo ya Nje kwa kutilia maanani masuaJa yaliyopewa kipaumbele katika kukuza na kuimarisha uchumi wa Taifa.

ii. Kufanya tathmini za utekelezaji wa Sera mbalimbali za kiuchumi na kutoa ushauri na mapendekezo ya utekelezaji wake.

iii. Kuratibu Wizara na Taasisi mbalimbali kutekeleza majukumu/makubaliano yaliyokubalika Kikanda na Kitaifa (Regional and International Cooperation) kwa wakati uliokubalika.


i. Awe na Shahada ya Uzamili (Masters) kutoka Vyuo Vikuu vinavyotambuliwa na Serikali katika mojawapo ya fani zifuatazoa.

a. Uhusiano wa Kimataifa

b. Public Policy

c. Uchumi

d. Biashara ya Kimataifa; na

e. Sheria ya Kimataifa.

ii. Awe na ujuzi wa kutumja kompyuta pamoja na uzoefu wa kazi kwa muda usiopungua miaka kumi na mbili (12).


Awe mwenye uwezo wa kuzungumza lugha za kigeni kama vile, Kifaransa, Kireno, Kirusi, Kichina, Kijerumani, Kihispania na Kiarabu.



i. Kuhudhuria mikutano ya Kimataifa.

ii. Kutafiti na kuchambua taarifa mbalimbali.

iii. Kuratibu njia za wageni toka nje zinazopitia Anga za Nchi yetu au kutua nchini.

iv. Kuratibu mabaraza ya pamoja ya ushirikiano baina ya nchi yetu na Mataifa ya nje.

v. Usaili katika ngazi za Kiwaziri na Kibalozi.


i. Awe na Shahada ya Uzamili (Masters) kutoka Vyuo Vikuu vinavyotambuliwa na Serikali katika mojawapo ya fani zifuatazo:

a. Uhusiano wa Kimataifa;

b. Public Policy;

c. Uchumi;

d. Biashara ya Kimataifa; na

e. Sheria ya Kimataifa.

ii. Awe na ujuzi wa kutumia kompyuta pamoja na uzoefu wa kazi kwa muda usiopungua miaka saba (7).


Awe mwenye uwezo wa kuzungumza lugha za kigeni kama vile Kifaransa, Kireno, Kirusi, Kichina, Kijerumani, Kihispania na Kiarabu.



I. Kuandaa Muhtasari, nakala na taarifa zinazohusu masuala ya mahusiano ya Kimataifa.

II. Kuhudhuria mikutano mbalimbali.

III. Kuandaa mahojiano.

IV. Kufuatilia masuaJa mbalimbali ya kimataifa.

V. Kufanya utafiti juu ya masuala mbalimbali yanayohusu uchumi, siasa na jamii.

VI. Kutunza kumbukumbu za matukio mbalimbaJi. .


Awe na Shahada ya Sanaa (B.A.) kutoka Chuo (kikuu cha Dar es Salaam au Vyuo vingine vinavyotambuliwa na Serikali, na ambaye amejiimarisha (major) katika mojawapo ya fani zifuatazo:­

a. Uhusiano wa Kimataifai

b. Uchumi; na

c. Sheria.

ii. Awe amefanya na kufaulu mtihani unaotolewa na Chuo cha Diplomasia, Dar es Salaam.

iii. Awe na ujuzl wa kutumia kompyuta.


i. Awe mwenye uwezo wa kuzungumza Jugha za kigeni kama vile Kifaransa, Kireno Kirusi, Kichina, Kijerumani, Kihispania na Kiarabu.

ii. Mwenye Shahada/Stashahada ya Uzamili (Masters/Postgraduate Diploma) kutoka Vyuo Vikuu vinavyotambuliwa na SerikaJi katika mojawapo ya fani zifuatazo:­

a. Uhusiano wa Kimataifa;

b. Public Policy;

c. Uchumi;

d. Biashara ya Kimataifa; na

e. Sheria ya Kimataifa.



i. Kuandaa bajeti ya matumizi ya Wizara.

ii. Kuratibu na kuhifadhi kumbukumbu za matukio muhimu katika Wizara.

iii. Kufanya kazi za uhusiano na itifaki Serikalini. Kushughulikia masuala ya nidhamu na ufanisi wa kazi kwa watumishi wa Wizara.

iv. Kusimamia utekelezaji wa Mipango ya Maendeleo kulingana na mahali alipo.

v. Kuandaa taarifa za utendaji na matukio mbalimbali kila mwezi.

vi. Kutekeleza utaratibu wa uundwaji na utendaji wa Mabaraza ya Wafanyakazi kwa mujibu wa kanuni na taratibu.


i. Awe mwenye Shahada/Stashahada ya Uzamili (Masters au Postgraduate Diploma) kutoka Vyuo Vikuu vinavyotambuliwa na Serikali katiko Fani zifuatazo:­

a. Utawala;

b. Elimu ya jamii;

c. Sheria (baada ya internship);

d. Menejimenti Umma; na

e. Uchumi.

ii. Awe na ujuzi wa kutumia kompyuta pamoja na uzoefu wa kazi kwa muda usiopungua miaka saba (7). Aidha, mafias tawala watakaoajiriwa katika cheo hiki watatakiwa kufanya au kufaulu mtihani wa maafisa tawala katika kipindi cha miaka miwili tangu waajiriwe.


Awe mwenye uwezo wa kuzungumza lugha za kigeni kama vile Kifaransa, Kireno, Kirusi, Kichina, Kijerumani, Kihispania na Kiarabu.



i. Kuchapa barua, taarifa na nyaraka za kawaida.

ii. Kupokea wageni na kuwasaili shida zao, na kuwaelekeza sehemu wanapoweza kudhughulikiwa.

iii. Kutunza taarifa/kumbukumbu za matukio, miadi, wageni, tarehe za vikao, safari za Mkuu wake na ratiba ya kazi zingine zilizopangwa kutekelezwa katika ofisi anamofanyia kazi, na kumuarifu Mkuu wake kwa wakati unaohitajika.

iv. Kusaidia kutafuta na kumpatia Mkuu wake majalada, nyaraka au kitu chochote kinachohitajika katika shughuli za kazi Wizarani.

v. Kusaidia kufikisha maelekezo ya Mkuu wake wa kazi kwa wasaidizi wake na pia kumuarifu kuhusu taarifa zozote anazokuwa amepewa na wasaidizi hao.

vi. Kusaidia kupokea majalada, kuyagawa kwa Maofisa walio katika sehemu alipo, na kukusanya, kuyatunza na kuyarudisha sehemu zinazohusika.


i. Awe amehitimu kidato cha nne (IV) na kuhudhuria Mafunzo ya Uhazili na kufaulu mtihani wa Hatua ya Tatu.

ii. Awe amefaulu soma la Hatimkato ya Kiswahili na Kiingereza maneno 80 kwa daika moja na awe amepata mafunzo ya Kompyuta kutoka chuo chochote kinachotambuliwa na Serikali na kupata cheti katika programu za Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet, E-mail na Publisher.


Awe mwenye uwezo wa kuzungumza lugha za kigeni kama vile Kifaransa, Kireno, Kirusi, Kichina, Kijerumani, Kihispania na Kiarabu.


1) Maombi yaandikwe kwa mkono na kuambatanishwa nakala za vyeti vya Shule, Vyuo, Vyuo Vikuu (Certificate and transcript) na kozi uJizohudhuria.

2) Wasifu binafsi wa mwombaji (CV) pamoja na picha moja ya

pasipoti ya siku za karibuni.

3) Kwa wale wote walioajiriwa maombi yao ya kazi ni lazima

yapitishwe kwa waajiri wao.

4) Waombaji wawe na umri kati ya miaka 18 na 45.

5) Tarehe ya mwisho ya kupokea maombi vote ni Februari 29,


Maombi vote yatumwe kwa anuani ifuatayo:­

Katibu Mkuu

Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa