Friday, December 24, 2010


Coldest December in 11 years

Oslo. Norway's capital city has not has not registered a December month as cold as this one in 110 years. So far, the mean temperature for the month is 9.2 degrees Celsius.
And there are several even colder days left to bring it even lower, if we are to believe the forecasts.
The former Oslo "record" is minus 9 degrees, from 1981.
This year all Norwegians will enjoy a "White Christmas" it seems. Southern Norway is in the grip of a cold-spell, with temperatures from around minus 10 degrees, down to minus 30 degrees Celcius at the inland city of Røros. On the West Coast it is also cold, around minus 5.
And contrary to what one would believe, it is mildest in the North, with coastal temperatures barely below freezing in places, and snow flurries.
Source: NRK/Norway Post.

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