Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oslo, Norway

Controversial arrest of illegal immigrant

Maria Amelie (25), who has been living in Norway as an illegal immigrant since 2003, has been arrested by the Police Aliens Office (PU), after she delivered a lecture at Lillehammer Wednesday evening.
PU confirms that Amelie will be jailed and expelled from Norway as soon as possible. They point to the fact that the state immigration office recently ruled that Amlie had no need for protection and that she should leave the country as soon as possible.
Amelie, originally from Caucasus, came to Norway with her parents in 2003 as asylum seekers.
Against all odds she has completed a university education in Norway. Last year she published the book "Ulovlig norsk" (Illegal Norwegian), and was named "Norwegian of the Year" by the magazine Ny Tid (New Times).
Deputy leader of the Liberal Left Party, Helge Solum, reacts with anger against the arrest of Amelie.
- There is reason to be ashamed over what has happened, Solum says.
Source: NRK/Norway Post

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