Friday, July 15, 2011

Ex-pastor now says Loliondo concoction can cure barrenness

Babu wa Loliondo anadai kikombe chake kinaweza kuwafanya wagumba kupata mimba

Loliondo ex-pastor Ambilikile Masapila, who late last year announced that he had discovered a ‘magical’ herb capable of treating chronic diseases, including HIV, cancer and diabetes, has claimed that the concoction can do more, including making barren women conceive.

He told hundreds of patients who had gone to his Samunge-based clinic in Loliondo district recently that the herb, which thousands of people have been rushing to the village to take it to cure HIV, cancer, asthma, diabetes and blood pressure, “can make barren women fertile”.

“There have been many questions regarding what more my herb can do. Some people have asked me whether childless couples could drink it and get children. I now confirm that it can,” Masapila said.

He claimed that a number of women who previously could not conceive had gone back to report to him that they had conceived after taking the herb.

Responding to suspicions whether the concoction could cure HIV, the ex-pastor claimed that the herb could indeed cure HIV/Aids. However, so far no laboratory scientific study has proved the efficacy of the concoction.

According to official regional statistics, close to 4 million people have so far taken the ‘Babu’s cup’ since the former cleric opened business late last year.

Meanwhile, the vehicle fees charged to all cars, vans and buses taking people to Masapila’s Samunge village have been doubled from the previous 5,000/- per vehicle to 10,000/-.


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