Monday, November 14, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik (ABB) remanded in custody for another 12 weeks

Anders Behring Breivik, who is charged with the terrorist attacks in Norway on July 22nd, was on Monday sentenced by an Oslo court to be remanded in custody for another 12 weeks.
The court found that it was still grounds to fear that the accused could temper with evidence, and that there was still possibilities that Breivik had received assistance in order to carry out the terrorist attacks, in which 77 people were killed and several seriously wounded.
The court also sentenced Breivik to correspondence and visiting control for another eight weeks, and no access to media for another 4 weeks. He has been held in complete isolation since he was arrested on July 22nd.
This was the first open remand hearing, and long line-ups formed outside the courthouse in the morning hours. In addition to around 175 journalists from the Norwegian and international media, many survivors of the Utøya youth camp massacre, as well as family and friends of those who were killed have wanted to face the self confessed terrorist in court.
According to media reports, Breivik had wanted to explain to the court why he carried out the terrorist acts, but the prosecutor says to Aftenposten that the court hearing is not an arena where Breivik will be able to express himself freely.
Breivik did ask permission to adress the victims who were present at Monday's court hearing, but was denied permission to do so.
He presented himself as military commander of the resistence movement. And he said the judge was disqualified since he supported "multicolorism".
Extensive security has been mounted outside and inside the Oslo Court House (Oslo Tinghus).
Earlier remand hearings have been closed to the public and press, but on Friday The Norwegian Supreme Court ruled that from now on, they should be held in open court.
(NRK/Norway Post)

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