Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tanzania expels Malawi registered oil explorers

Tanzania on Monday ordered all Malawi licensed companies that search for oil and gas along the disputed borders of Lake Nyasa to stop with immediate effect.

As the tension grew between Tanzania and Malawi over their border at Lake Nyasa, the government talked tough, declaring that it will protect its people at any cost.

The Minister for Foreign affairs and international cooperation Bernard Membe told the Parliament that both governments are still in discussions over the border conflict and recently agreed to stop all activities which may be perceived as affecting the interests of either country.

According to Mr. Membe, the government received credible information from Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation that Malawi has already divided some plots along the shores of the lake on the Tanzanian side to some oil and gas prospecting firms.

“The government orders such firms to stop their activities from today (Monday) and we hope our colleagues from Malawi have understood. We want to assure Tanzanians that our country will remain safe from any vivid and secret threat,” emphasized Mr. Membe when tabling his ministry’s estimates for this financial year.

Tanzania and Malawi are feuding over the ownership of Lake Nyasa that borders the two countries. Tanzania seeks 50 per cent ownership of Lake Nyasa, but Malawi is claiming it all. “This may threaten security of our country. We urge our counterpart Malawi to respect agreements and remove all aircrafts that are landing on the lake,” he added.

Malawi claims 
Malawi is citing the Anglo-German Agreement signed July 1, 1890 as the contract that grants it full ownership. 

By ALAWI MASARE Posted Monday, August 6  2012 at  15:40

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