Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Afrikan History Week present to you an interesting, under-discussed historical perspective on the Afrikan presence in Europe.

The African Presence in Early Europe is a visual presentation by historian Runoko Rashidi the looks at Afrikan people in Europe not as helpless victims and destitute refugees, but as the first Europeans, as a people who helped contribute to Europe's great civilizations, as religious icons and saints, as intellectuals and scholars, as warriors and artists.

The photos are spectacular and plentiful. The lecture is inspiring and uplifting. It is not just Black history.

Runoko Rashidi Runoko Rashidi is a historian, research specialist, writer, world traveler, and public lecturer focusing on the African foundations of world civilizations. He is particularly drawn to the African presence in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, and has coordinated numerous historic educational group tours worldwide.

Yacoub Cisse from Afrikanere i Norge will do an insightful introduction on his research on Afrikan presence in Norway.

Dr. Rashidi is the author of Introduction to the Study of African Classical Civilizations. He edited, along with Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, The African Presence in Early Asia, considered "the most comprehensive volume on the subject yet produced". Dr. Rashidi also authored The Global African Community: The African Presence in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. In December 2005 Dr. Rashidi released his first text in French, A Thousand Year History of the African Presence in Asia.

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