Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lake Malawi dispute: Tanzania, M23, and the greed it will ‘suffer’ for - Jinsi Wamalawi wanavyoiandika Tanzania.

I may be Malawian and full of life, but am never a prophet of doom. However, it is starting to smell like Tanzania, our dear and long stood cousin-neighbor to the North-East, will end up reddening its once peaceful country if it continues to develop its greedy tendencies over resources that may never belong to them at all. We are all aware, and I am very mindful, that there are current negotiations with former Mozambique leader, Joachim Chisiano, at the helm, as Malawi and Tanzania like the ostrich continue to bury their heads in the sand, refusing to listen to each others’ arguments. To be precise, it is Tanzania that is playing the ostrich, for neither a drop of Lake Malawi and a resource from within Malawi’s borders has ever and will ever be for the former Mussolini/Hitler colony. Ah-hash!!...

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