Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to Tanzania Global Network (TGN), a multi-faceted resource created with the intention of enriching the lives of members of the Tanzanian Diaspora. We are a non-profit organization committed to mutual aid, assistance and fraternity among Tanzanians worldwide, including those who have permanently returned to Tanzania from abroad.

Tanzania Global Network is much like any other Tanzania Diaspora organization but in a much bigger, global scale. We also plan to offer a diverse types of services to our members. TGN is going to reach out to every Tanzanian regardless of where in the world there are, to join. The founder of TGN, Mr Peter Kilaba has kindly provided U.S $ 30,000 to start this organization and is committed to add up to U.S $ 50,000 more if needed. As of Jan 23,2014, TGN have over U.S $11,000 in it's three Bank of America accounts to support it's mission.

Tanzania Global Network is committed to doing it's business in an open and transparent way. All documents including financial records will be readily available here on the website. Members will be sent monthly bank statements to their inbox so they know the financial standing of their organization

This year, 2014 we are going to devote most of the funds towards bereavement assistance. All other benefits will be offered in 2015, contingent to available fund .TGN is not a business but a member funded, non profit organization that unite its members for mutual benefits.

No matter where in the world we find ourselves, Tanzanians have so much that brings us together socially, culturally and economically. Our goal is to foster a lodge system that serves as a foundation on which to facilitate the success of Tanzanian citizens living around the world. Benefits of membership include:
  • Bereavement Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Entrepreneur Assistance
  • Education Assistance
  • Wedding Gift
  • New Child Gift
  • And more
Moving forward, our goal is to use the services we provide to lay a foundation upon which Tanzanians can pursue and achieve their goals anywhere in the world. Living away from one’s homeland comes with a number of inherent cultural, social and economic challenges, and TGN is here to help you address those challenges head-on.

We are excited about the future of Tanzania Global Network, and encourage you to open up yourself to a world of benefits as a member. There is strength in numbers, and by lifting each other up in the ways offered here we can all succeed both individually and as a community.

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