Thursday, February 06, 2014

Today is The Sami People's Day


Day in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. The day was first celebrated on
February 6th 1993
The Nordic Sami Council decided in 1992 to celebrate a joint Sami National
Day, and the first was
celebrated on February 6th 1993.

A Sami woman
in traditional garb

It marks the date of the first Sami
National Convention in Trondheim in 1917. This was the first time the Sami
gathered around common interests, across national Nordic boundries.

After 100 years of
"Norwegianization", Sami spokesmen started working for a recognition
of Sami culture, language and Sami rights around the turn of the century.

The Sami language is again used in local

The Sami are also campaigning for
first rights to natural resources in their region.

The Sami anthem and flag were approved
at a Nordic Sami Convention in 1986.

The Sami National Day on February 6th
has been made official flag day in Norway, and the Sami flag is flown on all
official buildings, alone or alongside the Norwegian flag.

Around 40,000 Samis live in Norway,
20,000 in Sweden and 7,000 in Finland. In addition, an estimated 2,000 live in

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