Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Tanzanian Diaspora,

The Committees of the Tanzanian Constitutional Assembly will meet to discuss “dual citizenship” issues on Monday, August 11th, 2014.

We, the Leaders of the Tanzanian Diaspora in the United States, in collaboration with Honorable Kadari Singo, our Representative in the Constitutional Assembly, have managed to bring an “Immigration and Dual Citizenship Expert” to Dodoma to speak with the members of the Assembly in order to provide them with some useful information on how to evaluate our petition for dual citizenship. We expect that the Expert will clarify some of the issues raised by the opponents of our motion in the Assembly. 

This is the very first and initial stage. The outcomes of Monday’s discussions will then be brought to the Constitutional Assembly by the Committees and will be used to determine whether there is a need to grant the permission that allows Tanzanians living abroad to naturalize and obtain a second citizenship.

As this is a very important moment, we implore every Tanzanian either living in the Diaspora or living in Tanzania to help move this motion forward by reaching out to their members of the parliament or to their representatives in the Assembly in order to convince them to support us when our motion will be tabled in the different Committees and in the Constitutional Assembly. Please reach out to everybody you know who will 
be able to make a difference.

We thank you all for cooperating with us in this matter as we look forward to convincing every member of the Constitutional Assembly that our petition for dual citizenship will bring more successes than failures in the pursuit of Tanzania’s freedom, economic development and welfare. 

Thank You All.

On behalf of the leaders of the Tanzanian Diaspora in the United States, 

Deogratius Mhella.
The Secretary.

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