Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Humans of Oslo - Mathias Mkude from Tanzania

"I'm taking my Masters Degree in international social and health policies. This is the first time I've been outside of Tanzania and I must say its a bit of a culture shock which is expected since we have a different history and nature.

In Tanzania you can go anywhere and people will greet you on the street. People are constantly interacting and if you are silent and reserved it's considered rude. We have a culture of communication.

In Oslo I've experienced a culture of silence. People are more reserved and prefer not to impose.

On several occasions I've behaved the way I normal would have back home, and when I've seen people's reactions I've had to reflect and change the way I behave. I can't be who I am because of the restrictions in social norms. To break from them is to be a social deviant so I try to adapt to the environment I'm in.

Once I've finished my masters I hope to travel back home. Tanzania is a rapidly developing country due to natural resources. Foreign investors, including Norway are already there . I hope that I can bring a positive impact to my community to improve people's life."

— with Mathias Mkude at Aker Brygge.


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