Friday, June 17, 2011

From Zanzinet – Tanganyika Owes Zanzibar

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 01:19:32 -0700

Do you know that Zanzibar Gold Reserve before and after the Revolution was estimated at more than 5,000 tons?

Do you know that the Gold Reserve was transferred to Central Bank of Tanzania in 1975 and was slowly and secretly used by Nyerere to prop-up his Government through social services and salaries?

Do you know that Zanzibar started to pay for all parliamentary activities, the army, police, fuel and others since 1973 for the Union Government?

Do you know that Zanzibar bought all the army hardware including the MiG fighter aircraft, tanks, police marine boats, ammunition and made a down payment deposit even for Air Tanzania aircraft at its inception?

Do you know that Zanzibar fully funded the 1982 War against Idd Amin?

Do you know that Zanzibar until 1984 was the sole financier of the Mainland Government?  

Do you know the reason of Zanzibar succumbing to bankruptcy was because of these reasons? 

Today we are hearing politicians, academicians and others complaining about the Mainland Government footing the Union bill, why don't our politicians and those responsible in dishing out our precious revenue comes out in the open and said the truth.

It is time that Zanzibari be allowed to go through the Treasury records and shed light to this miss-management and claim compensation if proven true on the above.

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Anonymous said...

Huyu jamaa ana ndoto za Alinacha....sigusi mengi. La vita vya Kagera vya kung´oa nduli Iddi Amin..mwangapi walichangia mabasi ayo kwenda Mutukula? Wangapi askari toka Zanzibar walienda? Nina jamaa alikuwa fundi wa kushona. Alijitolea kushona nguo za askari wa JWTZ na alifanya kazi usiku na mchana. Watu wangapi walikufa kwa wote hao ni Wazanzibari waliokufa? Nimemmegea kidogo tu...