Thursday, November 10, 2011

Believe it or not...

Amini usiamini...maajabu ya dunia!

From: Mariano, Priscilla
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 3:22 PM
Subject: FW: Alert Alert Alert

Friends and Family

This morning we received shocking news from a co - worker her cousin was dating a guy called Norman from Florida probably a false name they met through BADOO a dating website, apparently they have been dating for three months only through phone , he has been sending her money and telling her things that a woman needs to hear from a man, they only met on the 27th October 2011 in Polokwane booked at the holiday inn hotel, rented a car from Tempest Polokwane cruised the town and villages of Polokwane , they only became intimate on Saturday after the guy met the girl's family then  all hell break loose, the guy became some reptile the girl could not describe entered her body and dissapeared in her body for 3 hours.  This man re-appeared became human and asked if she enjoyed it, she was confused and weak , she then called her  mother explained what just happened and managed to drive  home.

She is now admitted in  Polokwane's private hospital, " Norman " left  her parents R82 500 for her funeral, when the hotel's footage is viewed today the guy in invisible only the girl is been seen in the cameras.

Please , please ,please this is not a joke for the sake of our loved ones let us be aware of this animal, unfortunately there is no picture of him , but let us be careful of the people we are dating

I know some of you will not take this seriously, but it is true and serious


Ommy Guy Agallo Chichi said...

Kuna moja ilitokea miaka ya 70 maeneo ya Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam. Enzi hizo sinema za Empress, Empire, Avalon etc...zipo.

Kuna jamaa mmoja alitoka jioni akajiendea sinema Empire. Wakati yuko kwenye foleni ya tiketi akamwona dada mmoja mzuri. Jamaa akaamua kumfuata na kumtongoza yule dada. Jamaa akamkatia yule dada tiketi wakaaingia.

Baada ya kumaliza; yule dada akaamua kumwondoa wasiwasi yule jamaa kuwa hamdanganyi kuwa siku ya pili (Jumapili) watakutana. Yule dada akatoa kufu wake akampa yule jamaa na yule jamaa alikuwa amevaa koti flani hivi akampa yule dada. Yule dada akamwelekeza yula jamaa mahali anapokaa Kariakoo. Wakagana. Jamaa alikuwa anakaa Magomeni.

Siku ya pili ilikuwa Jumapili, jamaa akajifungasa huyo na safari hadi hadi Kariakoo alikoelekzwa na yule dada.

Jamaa akabisha hodi akapokelewa. Jamaa akasema amemfuatana flani walikutana jana yake Empire Cinema. Yule mama na watu wengine kwenye ile nyumba wakaanza kulia. Jamaa akashtuka, akawauliza kulikoni?

Wakamwambia mbona flani alishakufa siku nyingi? Jamaa hakuamini alidhani wanamdanganya.

Jamaa akatoa ule mkufu wa yule dada akawaonyesha. Wakazidi kulia na kumwambia ni kweli mkufu ni wa yule dada na ulikuwa ndani ya nyumba pale Kariakoo!

Yule mama (Mama wa marehemu) akaamua kumchukua jamaa hadi kwenye kaburi la binti yake.

Kufika kwenye kaburi; wakakuta juu ya kaburi, koti la yule jamaa.

Jamaa alizimia!

Sayuni said...

please if the girl is still alive the only solution is to be taken to prophet TB Joshua in Nigeria (see Emannuel TV as soon as possible or to any spititual church where she can be delivered. Otherwise no hospital cen save her life.

Anonymous said...

vetadoHicho cha mtoto wewe hujayasikia yaliotokea Serrender brigde Dar?

Omba omba kamuomba dada kumpa tu tenga 2 mkono wa yule dada mtoaji ukageuka kuwa kama mwanaume manyoya matupu dada kuhamaki jamaa katoweka mbele ya macho ya kila mtu na walikuwako watu kama 15 wakishuhudia mbele ya macho yao, hio ni habari ya kweli muulize askari yeyote pale dar