Sunday, May 27, 2012

 “Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak???!!!”

From: Mrs.Suzanne Mubarak
Sent: 25.05.2012 15:22
Subject: Hello Dear Friend

Hello Dear Friend,

I know that you will be suprise reading from me since we have not met before but situation around me warrant that I contact a total stranger (you) for a business transaction of mutual benefits.

My name is Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak wife of deposed president of Egypt. I have the mandate of my husband to communicate you for a possible funds transfer.

Following the 18 days civil unrest that forced my husband President Hosni Mubarak out of power I wish to use this medium to seek your assistance to move /secure part of our family treasure of a total sum of 150million in united state dollars which we managed to moved out of Egypt to abroad in the verge of the Unrest.

Should you be able to take this advantage to assist us to claim these funds , you shall be rewarded handsomely.

Indicate your willingness to this offer by communicating me via this email enclosing your full information name, age , occupation, address telephone numbers as all our telephone lines are monitored which email communication will be the best for now.

Thanks for your anticipated response to this offer.

Mrs.Suzanne Mubarak.

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