Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Police strike

Due to a labour strike by Norwegian police officers, some applicants in Norway will have trouble handing in their application for residence permits, citizenships and visas. Pleas note! The offices of the police in Oslo are now open again.  

In the police districts outside Oslo, opening hours will vary. Therefore, please check with your local police whether the office is open.

This also applies to you who wish to collect your residence permit from the police or order a residence card.

You may still register your application online, but you will have to wait until the strike is over until you can hand in the additional documentation for your application.

No employees of the UDI are on strike, so applications which the UDI has received from the police and the embassies will be processed as normal.  

For those who are applying to renew their residence permit, it is normally a requirement that you must hand in your application with all the required documentation to the police no later than one month before your previous permit expires.

During  the strike, it will now be sufficient that you have registered your application online no later than one month before your previous permit expires.

This means that you will have the same rights with regards to work, studies etc while you are waiting for the application to be processed, as long as the application is registered as submitted in the Application Portal Norway no later than one month before your previous permit expires.

Case processing times
The case processing times will still be calculated from the day you hand in the complete application with documents to the police.

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