Wednesday, January 23, 2013

50 persons might have received letters with wrong information - UDI

Before the weekend, we discovered that letters sent from the UDI between 15th January and 18th  January might contain wrong information. 

After a thorough investigation we now know that about 50 people may be affected by this. We will now try to contact these people.

The mistake, which was in the automatic systems which send out the letters, will be corrected by the end of the day. On Tuesday 22nd January, we can resume sending out letters. 

We apologise for what has happened, and promise that the people affected will receive the correct letter shortly. If you have not been contacted by us, and you are doubting whether a letter you have received from us is correct, we ask that you contact our Information Service at (+47) 23 35 16 00.

Source: Norwegian Immigration Directorate (UDI)

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