Saturday, July 26, 2014

Advice from the Norwegian Police

On the basis of the threat evaluation from the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) the police will continuously provide advice to the public.  The advice will be updated as soon as the police receive information which suggests that changes are required.

  • The information the police have received does not contain threats against concrete objects, events or individuals. At the present time there is no reason to recommend the public to take any specific precautionary measures.
  • We still ask the public to be alert. If you see anything suspicious, please call the police immediately on the following telephone number: 02800. In case of an emergency, please call 112.
  • Concerning planned events, local police are in dialogue with organisers in order to ensure appropriate levels of security. Such assessments will be carried out by local police in cooperation with the organisers.
  • Past experiences show that some individuals unfortunately make use of situations like this one to spread incorrect information. It is recommended to remain skeptical to rumors circulating in social media and to rely on the verified information provided by the police and other authorities.

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