Monday, October 03, 2011

World press visits Utøya, Tyrifjorden in Hole Municipality, Buskerud County

Utøya (Utoya)

Around 170 journalists from Norway and around the world, were allowed to visit the Utøya youth camp today, where a Norwegian terrorist massacred 69 persons on July 22nd.
Following the attack, the Labour Party Youth Branch (AUF) appealed to the press not to visit the island before all the next of kin of those who died and the survivors had had the opportunity to visit the place.
During the press tour, AUF leader Eskil Pedersen and Utøya Camp manager Maartin Henriksen briefed the visitors.
The journalists were allowed to move freely around the premises and visit the buildings.
The AUF has beforehand warned both survivors and next of kin of the many reports and pictures from Utøya which may appear in the press during the coming days.

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