Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Tanzanian man accused of ingesting more than 100 pellets of heroin at Bush International Airport

HOUSTON—A Tanzanian man has been indicted for allegedly ingesting more than 100 pellets of heroin while traveling to the United States.

Bryan Mukama Hans, 30, was arrested on June 3 as he arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport. He is accused of possessing one kilogram or more of heroin with intent to distribute.

According to investigators, Hans arrived at IAH and applied for admission to the U.S. with a tourism visa. He allegedly told customs officers that he had arrived for a family reunion in Utah, but his reservations did not show any travel from Houston to Utah.

Agents said they uncovered several inconsistencies in his statements and observed physical behavior consistent with deception.

Hans consented to an X-ray of his abdomen and was transported to the Northwest Medical Center where he allegedly passed 22 plastic-wrapped pellets from his body.

One was tested and revealed the presence of heroin.

Hans remained in medical care until he passed all pellets from his body and remains in police custody pending further criminal proceedings.

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