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Pichani ni mwanamuziki wa muziki wa kizazi kipya, Jaffarai akiwa na mpenzi wake Shyrose Banji. Shukrani za picha hii zimwendee Haki wa Food For Thought.

Letter from Washington: Stars and sand dunes

MWAMOYO HAMZA, Washington D.C.

YOU could almost see the faint streak of a star running across the Washington sky this week as President Jakaya Kikwete visited the political capital of the world. The Tanzanian president is indeed evolving into the most favored African presidents in Washington. He makes unusual waves when he visits Washington ? well, not quite like Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia but the Tanzanian president clearly embodies the tremendous promise of a star African president.

While in town President Kikwete made rounds that are markers of important guests in this most powerful political town in the world. When you are in Washington and you have a long conversation with the powerful Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice; have an earnest talk with the influential Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) ? a group of black representatives in the United States Congress ? you must be doing something right.

Most impressive was the talk Kikwete had with members of the CBC Tuesday that was attended by all influential black congressmen, including representatives Barbara Lee, Elijah Cummings, and Donald Payne. Sources say the Tanzanian president briefed the members on various African issues and challenged them to strengthen Africa’s constituency in the US by pushing African issues into the domestic agenda of US national politics.

He informed the CBC that the African Union had designated the African Diaspora as the Sixth Chapter of the AU - underlining the seriousness that Africa pays to its relationship with Africans and people of African descent who live outside the continent. So impressive was the president that the representatives waited until the last minute to rush to the floor of the House of Representatives for an impending vote.

President Kikwete’s meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have elicited instant outcome, for just the next day, the US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation announced that Tanzania would get a $ 698m aid package to be spent on poverty reduction programmes.

The statement said the money would be used to improve the country’s road network, power system and water supply. Just so you know, the Millennium Challenge Corporation gives grants only to countries that demonstrate a commitment to good governance, economic freedom and elimination of extreme poverty.

On Monday President Kikwete gave the inaugural African Presidential Lecture Series jointly organized by the African Union Mission in the US and the Washington-based Academy of Education and Development (AED). It was a remarkable honour at a time when there were so many African leaders in the area, ready for the United Nations General Assembly next week in New York. In what sounded like a self-prophecy Kikwete pleaded with the West to focus on the stars in the African landscape instead of the forbidding sand dunes.

This visit demonstrated that Washington is warming up to Kikwete as the kind of an African leader who could lead the way in forging a dependable working relationship with the West ? a star president. Melvin Foote, Chief Executive Officer of Constituency for Africa says: ’’I am very impressed with President Kikwete.? He operates very much in line with the tempo established by Julius Nyerere.?I find him very rationale, compassionate, and Diasporic in his perspective.’’

But with stardom comes more scrutiny. While the president is clearly winning Washington’s confidence, it is also obvious that he is yet to step out there and claim his place in the spotlight. His speeches are sensible but not spirited or memorable. He is articulate but lacks fire in his speeches.

I mean just like, let it all hang out and drop a bomb ? not that kind - a vision bomb that announces to the West that there is new thinking in Africa and ’I’m the face of it.’ He also needs to learn the art of making his visits to Washington a major news event for the American media.

For now, the big media outlets such as television networks ? CNN, ABC and CBS and major newspapers such as the Washington Post hardly give him coverage. That would not come with halting, quiet diplomacy. It comes with making noise, sensible noise.

Government reshuffle on Friday (Norway)

Oil and Energy Minister Odd Roger Enoksen steps down, and will be replaced by Aaslaug Haga, the present Minister for Municipal and Regional Affairs, NRK reports.

Both represent the Agrarian Party (Senterpartiet) in the coalition government.

Haga will be replaced by Magnhild Kleppa, a member of Parliament from the Agrarian Party.

It is expected that the reshuffle will be confirmed at the regular Friday meeting of the Cabinet later in the day.

Invitation to tender: Scheduled air services in Norway - 1 January 2008 – 31 March 2009

The Ministry of Transport and Communications invites tenders to an open tender procedure for regional scheduled air services on the routes Andenes – Bodø v.v. and Andenes – Tromsø v.v. during the period 1 January 2008 to 31 March 2009.

The deadline for submitting tenders is 22 October 2007.

For more information:

More Russian jets appear off the northern coast

Norwegian F-16BM Fighting Falcon. Photo:

The Norwegian military scrambled fighter jets twice on Thursday, to monitor yet another series of flights by Russian jets just outside Norwegian air space.

The Norwegian F-16 fighter jets took off from Bodø in the early morning hours to keep an eye on Russia bombers flying in international airspace off the Norwegian coast.

It was the latest of several such incidents in recent months, as Russia apparently is trying to assert its presence in the north. The Russians have stepped up military exercises from its Arctic bases and flown near Norway and the UK, both members of NATO.

A Norwegian military spokesman said the Russian aircraft stayed well away from the coast and did not near Norwegian territory.

Aftenposten English Web Desk.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Work permit delays under fire

Norwegian companies have such desperate need for workers, and are so fed up with the hassles foreigners face getting work permission in Norway, that they want to be able to simply issue work permits themselves.

Read in full:

Source: Aftenposten (English)

Jose Mourinho resigns as Chelsea manager

Jose Mourinho sent text messages to his top players wishing them 'good luck in the rest of your career'

By Henry Winter, Football Correspondent
Last Updated: 6:32am BST 20/09/2007

Jose Mourinho last night told his senior players that he was resigning as manager of Chelsea after a final fall-out with the club's billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich.

Mourinho sent text messages to John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba wishing each of them "good luck in the rest of your career" and saying that he was leaving the club this morning.

He has been frustrated for some time with the tense situation at Chelsea, and particularly the perceived interference of Abramovich in team affairs.

Mourinho was unhappy with the £30 million arrival of Andrei Shevchenko, a striker much admired by Abramovich.

Following Chelsea's lame display in a competition Abramovich has his heart set on winning, Mourinho was yesterday summoned to a crisis meeting.

After that, Mourinho decided to resign, his frustration at Chelsea's ludicrous internal politics boiling over.

Chelsea now head to the Premiership champions, Manchester United, on Sunday without their charismatic coach.

At the heart of yesterday's final fall-out between Mourinho and Abramovich is the owner's desire for more attractive football, the type of free-flowing attacking game that Chelsea have failed to manage consistently under Mourinho.

While the Portuguese manager was winning back-to-back League titles, an uneasy peace lingered - but when results began to slip, Abramovich's displeasure became obvious.

The Russian walked out early from Chelsea's 2-0 defeat at Aston Villa earlier this season, and he will not have enjoyed Tuesday's poor result and performance.

Mourinho, 44, will go down as Chelsea's most successful manager, and the fans will lament the charismatic coach's departure.

He was voted Premiership Manager of the Year in 2005 and 2006, and he will not be short of job offers. Chelsea's board must now quickly call a meeting with Terry, Lampard, Drogba.

Combating forced marriage in Norway

Intervention in the workshop held in Oslo September 4th by the British Embassy and IMDI

Read the speech: Combating forced marriage in Norway

Mfahamu: Khadija Mwanamboka, mbunifu wa mitindo/mavazi

Khadija akiwa na mtoto Hussein.Picha na Esther Mngodo.

Ingawa dhana ya “ubunifu wa mitindo” bado haijatapakaa sana nchini Tanzania,wapo wabunifu wa mitindo ambao kila kukicha wanazidi kuitambulisha sanaa hii kwa watanzania walio wengi kwa namna mbalimbali. Mmojawapo ya wabunifu hao wa mitindo ni Khadija Saad Mwanamboka. Akiwa na umri wa miaka 30 tu ameshajijengea jina miongoni mwa wabunifu wa mitindo nchini Tanzania.
Khadija haishii kwenye kutengeneza viwalo tu bali ni mmojawapo wa wale celebrities ambao wanaikumbuka jamii yao na hivyo kila mara kukuna vichwa ni jinsi gani wanaweza kusaidia kila inapowezekana. Hivi karibuni ameanzisha asasi isiyo ya kiserikali (NGO) inayoitwa TANZANIA MITINDO HOUSE. Asasi hiyo inalenga mambo makuu mawili; kwanza kuwasaidia wabunifu wa mitindo wenzake na pia wale chipukizi katika kutimiza ndoto zao za mahiri zaidi na hivyo kuzidi kuitangaza mitindo ya kutoka Tanzania duniani kote. Khadija anasema wapo watu wengi tu wanaotamani kuwa wabunifu wa mitindo lakini hawajui wafanyeje wala waanzie wapi. Anawakaribisha kuwasiliana naye.
Pili asasi hiyo inalenga katika kusaidia watoto yatima, walioathirika na ugonjwa wa Ukimwi na wale wasiojiweza aidha kutokana na umasikini au sababu nyinginezo. Kauli mbiu ya kampeni yake ameiita “Tanzanian Designs For Lives”.
Lakini Khadija mwenyewe ametokea wapi? Alianza vipi kazi zake za ubunifu wa mitindo? Ana ushauri gani kwa vijana wenzake? Ana ujumbe gani kwa watanzania kuhusiana na suala la mitindo ya kitanzania? Kwa hayo na mengi mengineyo BongoCelebrity tumefanya naye mahojiano yafuatayo; (Kutoka Bongo Celebrity)

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Happy birthday Smiley!

Smiley Lore/Ecomotion (below)

turn 25,

Wednesday 19th September 2007.

The inventor is Scott E. Fahlman

Here is the original message

posted by Scott Fahlman on

19th September, 1982:

19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E  Fahlman 
I propose that the following character sequence for joke
Read it sideways.  Actually, it is probably more economical
to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends.
For this, use

By Mwamedi Jumanne Semboja, Wednesday, 19th September 2007.


Takribani wiki mbili tu zilizopita, Richa Adhia (pichani) alitwaa taji maarufu la Miss Tanzania kwa mwaka huu wa 2007. Maswali mengi na majibu mengi yaliibuka kufuatia ushindi wake. Bado ni gumzo linaloendelea huku kila mmoja akiwa na maoni yake. Kila mtu ana haki ya kutoa maoni yake bila tu kuvunja sheria, kumkashifu au kumtukana mtu. Hiyo ndiyo misingi ya ustaarabu.

Jambo moja muhimu ambalo sote hatuna budi kukubaliana nalo ni kwamba Richa Adhia ndiye atakayetuwakilisha watanzania wote katika mashindano ya urembo ya dunia (Miss World) tarehe mosi(1) Desemba mwaka huu huko Sanya nchini China.

Hivi sasa anapojiandaa kuiwakilisha Tanzania huko nchini China, tulipata fursa ya kufanya naye mahojiano mafupi kuhusiana na maandalizi yake na ujumbe alionao kwa watanzania na wadau wote wa masuala ya ulimbwende. Yafuatayo ni mahojiano kamili;

BC: Richa kwanza hongera sana kwa ushindi wako wa Miss Tanzania 2007. Ulijisikiaje baada ya kutangazwa mshindi siku ile pale Leaders Club?

RICHA: Asante nashukuru. Nilipotangazwa kuwa mshindi nilishikwa na butwaa na kwa sekunde chache niliona kama ni ndoto.

BC: Watu wengi wametuandikia wakiomba tukuulize swali hili. Kwa maoni yako unadhani ni kwanini majaji wa Miss Tanzania 2007 walikupa wewe ushindi na si wenzako mliokuwa mkichuana? Nini kilikusaidia?

RICHA : Jibu la swali hili wanalo majaji. Kilichonisaidia mimi ni kujiamini na kufuata maelekezo yote tuliyopewa na waandaaji.

BC: Unapojiandaa kuelekea China kama mwakilishi wa taifa letu la Tanzania ni mambo gani matano (5 ) mazuri kuhusu nchi yako ambayo ikitokea ukaulizwa huko China hutofikiria kwa zaidi ya nusu dakika kuyataja?

RICHA: Mazuri ni mengi lakini nayataja 5 kama ulivyo uliza.

(1)Amani na Upendo: Nchi yetu ina makabila mengi na kila kabila lina utamaduni wake. Lakini tunaishi pamoja kwa amani na upendo pia tuna uhuru wa kuabudu.

(2)Tanzanite: Ni nchi pekee duniani yenye madini ya Tanzanite.

(3)Ngorongoro crater: Hii ni maajabu ya nane ya dunia na ipo Tanzania.

(4)Mlima Kilimanjaro: Ni mlima mrefu kuliko yote Afrika. Ni kivutio kikubwa kwa watalii.

(5)Ziwa Victoria na Ziwa Tanganyika: Ziwa Victoria ni ziwa kubwa kuliko yote Afrika, na Ziwa Tanganyika ni ziwa lenye kina kirefu kuliko yote Afrika.

BC: Tangu tulipoandika kuhusu ushindi wako katika blog yetu, kumekuwepo na ‘mvua” ya maoni juu ya ushindi wako. Wako wanaounga mkono ushindi wako na wapo pia wanaoupinga. Wanaoupinga wanatoa sababu kama vile; kwa sababu wewe ni mtanzania mwenye asili ya Asia basi kwa ujumla utamaduni wako ni wa kihindi zaidi ya kitanzania. Unawaambia nini watu wa kundi hilo linalokupinga?

RICHA: Nashukuru sana, mimi ni Mtanzania mwenye asili ya kiasia, lakini nimezaliwa Tanzania na wazazi wangu wamezaliwa Tanzania, mama yangu anatoka Pemba na baba yangu anatoka Morogoro. Nimekulia katika utamaduni wa kitanzania, ni utamaduni pekee ninao ufahamu, ninaouthamini, na ninao upenda kwa dhati.

Nawaomba watu wa kundi hilo wanaonipinga, waungane na mimi wanipe sapoti kwa sababu ninawakilisha Watanzania wenzangu wote.

BC: Hii itakuwa sio mara yako ya kwanza kuiwakilisha Tanzania katika medani za kimataifa za masuala ya urembo. Uliwahi kuiwakilisha Tanzania katika mashindano ya Miss Earth yaliyofanyikia huko Philipines mwaka jana. Hukushinda. Una mategemeo gani katika mashindano ya Miss World mwaka huu? Unategemea kujiandaa vipi kuwania taji la Miss World tofauti na ulivyojiandaa ulipokwenda kushiriki Miss Earth mwaka jana?

RICHA: Ni kweli nilishiriki shindano la Miss Earth mwaka jana [2006] na sikushinda. Lakini katika shindano kuna kushinda na kushindwa. Na asiyekubali kushindwa si mshindani.

Isitoshe nimejifunza mengi kwenye shindano la Miss Earth na nataraji nitayatumia mafunzo hayo kwenye mashindano ya Miss world mwaka huu. Nimeshaanza kujiandaa na nitajitahidi kwa uwezo wangu wote kupeperusha bendera ya taifa vizuri.

BC: Umejifunza mambo gani ya msingi mpaka sasa hivi baada ya kuwa Mtanzania wa kwanza mwenye asili ya kihindi [Asia] kushinda taji la Miss Tanzania ?

RICHA: Kwa ujumla, nimejifunza kuwa Tanzania ni nchi yenye haki sawa kwa kila Mtanzania bila ya kujali rangi, kabila au dini yake.

BC: Una lolote ungependa kuongezea?

RICHA : Nashukuru sana kwa maswali yako na ninawaomba Watanzania wenzangu waniunge mkono na waniombee dua niweze kuiletea sifa nchi yetu nzuri ya Tanzania.

BC : Asante sana Richa kwa muda wako.Tunakutakia kila la kheri.

Mahojiano haya kutoka Bongo celebrity.

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Siri nzito yafichuka (Umbea wa Bongo?!)

"Mapokezi hayo yaliyofanyika Agosti 18, mwaka huu katika viwanja vya Jangwani na MC wa shughuli hiyo, Bw. Wilfred Lwakatare alimkaribisha shehe mmoja jukwaani, alipopanda alianza kuwaombea dua mbaya wale wote waliosababisha Zitto kusimamishwa Ubunge, ni dhahiri Mudhihir alikuwa mtu wa kwanza kumtia kitanzi Kabwe bungeni na ndio tunaoanisha tukio lile na ajali yake," alisema Juma Ally.

Akifafanua Bw. Juma alisema Mashehe wanapoomba dua mbaya kwa mtu wanayeamini kuwa kafanya kosa hutokea na akatoa mfano jinsi walivyofanya kwa Mwenyekiti wa TLP Bw. Augustine Mrema miaka ya nyuma.

Alisema Bw. Mrema aliombewa dua mbaya na Mashehe katika Msikiti wa Mtoro ili chama chake kisambaratike na asielewane na watu kisiasa na baada ya muda mfupi dua hiyo ikasikilizwa na Mungu.

"Dua ile ilisikilizwa, chama alichokuwa akikiongoza cha NCCR Mageuzi kikagawanyika mara mbili na viongozi wakuu wakamkimbia akiwemo Katibu Mkuu wake Mabere Marando na baadaye Prince Bagenda na Hamadi Tao," alisema Juma.

Akifafanua nguvu za dua za Mashehe, mwananchi huyo alisema licha ya kukimbiwa na watu hao, Mrema alitoswa pia na wasomi akiwemo Profesa Mwesiga Baregu, Dk. Ringo Tenga, Dk. Masumbuko Lamwai, Dk. Sengondo Mvungi na wanasiasa makini kama vile James Mbatia, Thomas Ngawaiya, Stevin Wassira na Daniel Nsanzigwanko.

Alisema kutokana na mfano huo, anaamini kuwa dua mbaya iliyosomwa mbele ya halaiki ya watu katika viwanja hivyo kwaajili ya wale wote waliohusika na kusimamishwa kwa Zitto ndiyo 'iliyomuumiza' Mudhihir.

Naye Frida Choda alisema alishuhudia dua mbaya ikiombwa na shehe huyo kwa wale wote waliosababisha Zitto kusimamishwa bunge na shehe huyo na baadaye Mhadhiri wa Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam, Bi Ndorokinde Kessy naye alipandishwa jukwaani na Lwakatare kisha aliomba duwa akiwalaani mafisadi na akamuomba Mungu kuwapa moyo wa huruma (mafisadi) wawe kama walivyokuwa mitume wa zamani.

Baadhi ya wakazi jijini Dar es Salaam waliohojiwa kutokana na dhana hiyo, walisema kwamba inaweza kuwa ni moja ya sababu ya ajali ya Mudhihir jambo ambalo wengi hawalijui na kushauri kuwa wawatafute viongozi waliomuandaa shehe huyo ili dua yake igeuzwe, vinginevyo inaweza kuleta madhara makubwa zaidi.

Hata hivyo, Mudhihir alipohojiwa mwishoni mwa wiki iliyopita katika Hospitali ya Muhimbili alipolazwa kuhusiana na hoja hiyo, alisema kuwa hakukuwa na mkono wa mtu na kwamba ajali ilitokea katika mazingira ya kawaida yanayofanana na ajali nyinginezo na anaamini kwa rehema za Mungu atarejea katika afya njema ingawa amepoteza mkono mmoja.

Mudhihir alipata ajali ya gari eneo la Sido mkoani Lindi Alhamisi iliyopita na imesababishwa akatwe mkono wake wa kulia.Wakati huo huo, John Gagari kutoka Kibaha anaripoti kuwa mfanyabiashara maarufu George Thomas (50) amekatwa mkono kufuatia ajali iliyotokea hivi karibuni mjini hapo.

Akizungumza na mwandishi wa habari hizi kwenye Hospitali ya Tumbi iliyopo Kibaha mkoani Pwani, Bw. Thomas alisema ajali hiyo imemfanya awe na ulemavu wa mkono wa kushoto hali inayomfanya aanze maisha mapya ya kutumia mkono mmoja wa kulia.

Akielezea juu ya tukio hilo, Thomas alisema kuwa alipanda basi la kampuni ya Hood aina ya Scania lenye namba za usajili T49 ARM likitoka Dar es Salaam kwenda Tunduma siku ya ajali.

"Basi letu lilikuwa kwenye mwendo wa kawaida na tulipofika eneo liitwalo kwa Mathias Kibaha, nyuma yetu likaja basi la kampuni ya Dar Express namba T273AHU lililokuwa likielekea Arusha, likawa linayapita magari mawili kwa wakati mmoja likiwemo letu, yakawa sambamba, mara likatokea lori mbele ya Dar Express hali iliyomfanya dereva wake atubane na kutugonga ubavuni, hivyo kupinduka," alisema.

Aliongeza kuwa baada ya basi lao kuanguka, mkono wake ulisagwa na ukabaki kiganja tu ndipo alipotolewa eneo la tukio na kupelekwa Hospitali ya Tumbi kwa ajili ya matibabu, "Namshurukuru Mungu kuninusuru na kifo na naendelea vizuri na matibabu ingawa nimepoteza mkono,"alisema Thomas kwa masikitiko.

You get AIDS certificates upon payment of 30,000/- .

By The Bongo Sun Investigative Reporters

It happened that the first contact The Bongo Sun was given by the link-person was of a medical doctor of Muhimbili Medical Centre and the second one was of a doctor working with the Angaza Counseling and Testing Centre at Magomeni. When doctors were contacted they all agreed that they would get the certificates upon payment of 30,000/- by the client.

The Angaza based doctor agreed to meet the “client’ at a certain place in Kariakoo and, on a motorcycle, drove together to Angaza - Magomeni where the certificate was forged and delivered without the authentication stamps. The doctor was paid 20,000/- bargained sum on the spot. Realizing that the certificate did not have official stamp the “client” went back to the doctor the next day and the authentication stamping was done.

Our reporter told the Angaza doctor that she was not ready for the actual HIV test because she suspected she is already infected because her fiancé died of AIDS .

It is interesting to note, however, that despite this “confession” by the reporter the doctor has been insistent that they strike a sexual relation deal, putting in question the ethical swearing of the medical professionals.

After finishing the deal with the Angaza doctor, our reporter went back to the link person who had already, by then, contacted the Muhimbili based medical doctor and got another ‘negative’ certificate. The certificate, all filled by the doctor and her role was just filling-in her name and age. The certificate was given to the reporter after paying another bargained 20,000/-.

However, in an act that shows this doctor is well experienced in committing such crimes, he offered a certificate with Kinondoni Municipal Council headed paper instead of ANGAZA where he works.

When asked about the matter, the Kinondoni HIV/AIDS coordinator, Dr. Victoria Ludovick was shocked but admitted that the certificate was from the Center. She thanked The Bongo Sun for the investigation that will save so many peoples’ lives and promised to take forensic action against the responsible person.

Ras Nas na album mpya "Dar es Salaam"

Nasibu Mwanukuzi, kwa jina la usanii "Ras Nas"

Msanii Ras Nas anajiweka tayari kufyatua album iendayo kwa jina la Dar-Es-Salaam. Albam hiyo ina traki tisa katika miondoko ya muziki wa dansi, roots na dancehall reggae. Katika kucheki anga imeamuliwa kutoa ruhusa ya ku-download traki ya Dar-Es-Salaam kwa umati kwa bure. More about Ras Nas at

Chanzo cha habari: TZ Times

Norwegian Government cancels part of The Gambia’s debt

The Norwegian Government agreed today to cancel NOK 2.5 million of The Gambia’s debt to Norway.

The agreement is based on a multilateral framework agreement concluded in the Paris Club, a forum for creditor countries, in June this year. The debt treatment for The Gambia in the Paris Club is part of the international initiative to reduce the debts of the poorest and most debt-stricken countries (the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, or HIPC, initiative).

In accordance with the Norwegian Debt Relief Strategy, the debt was cancelled without taking any funds from the development budget. The cancellation does not therefore affect the development assistance provided to other poor countries.

The Gambia’s remaining NOK 7 million of debt to Norway will be cancelled when the country reaches the completion point defined under the HIPC initiative.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Canadian, 70, claims unfair assault by TPDF soldiers Seeks JKs help

SEARCH FOR JUSTICE: John Susdorf, a Canadian citizen of Hebrew origin and former soldier, during his recent interview in the THISDAY newsroom in Dar es Salaam. Standing beside him is his son Christopher.

Dar es Salaam

A 70-YEAR OLD Canadian citizen, John Susdorf, is seeking President Kikwete’s intervention after being allegedly roughed up by a group of Tanzanian soldiers in Kibaha District, Coast Region, dragged to a police station, and charged with disturbing the peace earlier this year.

Susdorf claims he was thoroughly beaten up by four uniformed members of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) from the Nyumbu military camp in Kibaha on April 23. He said the incident occurred as he was trying to defend his son Christopher against expulsion from Nyumbu Primary School.

’’It all started when I went to the school to ask teachers why they expelled my son after he refused to be flogged for going to school late,’’ he said.

Flanked by young Christopher himself, the Canadian national claimed in an interview in THISDAY’s newsroom in Dar es Salaam that teachers at the school had a habit of forcing pupils to do frog jumps after administering corporal punishment.

’’That is a military punishment. I told them that schoolchildren are not soldiers, and the teachers are not army generals,’’ said Susdorf, stating that he himself was a former soldier serving in special foreign battalions in West Germany between 1957 and 1961.

Continuing with his narration, he said after arguing with the teachers for a while, four soldiers arrived from the Nyumbu military installation and started physically assaulting him.

’’The army has no jurisdiction over civilians...that is the work of the police. I am a 70-year-old man, but I was physically attacked by four soldiers without provocation, in front of my son,’’ he said.

He identified his assailants as Corporal Abdallah Ngueillizi, Corporal Frank Robert, Sergeant Pastory (military police) and Corporal Augustine Mjaya (military police).

’’Without any introduction or warning, Corporal Abdallah kicked me on my left leg. I fell down on the schoolyard ground, and the soldiers started to flog me savagely with military belts while at the same time kicking me all over the body with their army boots,’’ said Susdorf.

’’As a result of the beating, I sustained serious injuries and was hospitalised for several weeks,’’ he told THISDAY.

He said in his distraught state, he was dragged by the soldiers to the Mkuza Police Station and later charged with causing a disturbance at the school in criminal case number 89/2007, currently proceeding at the Kibaha Resident Magistrate’s Court in Coast Region.

He said all he is seeking is justice for himself and his son Christopher, who also holds a Canadian passport.

Describing himself as a land surveyor by profession, Susdorf said he does not have any confidence in the Kibaha Court to mete out fair justice, and has formally written a letter to the High Court requesting that the pending case against him be transferred to the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam.

Apart from presenting his complaints against the alleged military brutality to State House in Dar es Salaam, the Canadian national said he has also sought intervention from the Prime Minister’s Office, the former Chief of Defence Forces George Waitara, and the Canadian embassy in Dar es Salaam.

He said his first brush with Tanzanian courts came in another criminal case back in 2002, when he was jailed by the Kibaha court.

He said he successfully appealed against the conviction and sentence, and was cleared by the Tanzanian Court of Appeal, which in 2005 declared the trial at the lower court in Kibaha was null and void.

According to Susdorf, the Court of Appeal also described the sentence imposed on him as ’illegal.’

He said he believed he had been targeted partly because of his Jewish faith and the fact that he is a foreign national.

Source: Thisday

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kikwete umewagundua wanaokumaliza kisiasa-(Gumzo)

Picha kutoka:

Na Ramadhan Semtawa

SIKU zote katika maisha, huwa naamini katika ukweli ambao ni dira muhimu ya maisha yangu. Inawezekana hatua yangu ya kuwa mkweli ikawa haiwapendezi wengi wanaonizunguuka au hata baadhi ya watawala, lakini Mungu muumba wa mbingu na ardhi, anapenda ukweli.

Kwa kujua kwamba, napata nguvu kubwa na ulinzi kutoka kwa mwenyezi Mungu, ndiyo maana sipendi kuita rangi nyeusi kuwa nyeupe, au bluu kuwa zambarau, kwa maana nyingine rangi nyeupe nitaita nyeupe tu na si nyeusi, kwani huo ndiyo ukweli! Katika kuzingatia hilo, katika safu moja ndani ya gazeti hili la mwezi Julai, niliandika haja ya Rais Jakaya Kikwete, kucheza karata mpya kutokana na umaarufu wake kuonekana unaporomoka kwa kasi.

Ndani ya hoja yangu ya msingi, nililalamikia sana baadhi ya watendaji wanaomzunguuka Rais Kikwete na hata washauri, kwani wanashindwa kumweleza ukweli mkuu huyu wa dola, kuhusu mwenekano halisi wa taswira yake kwa wananchi.

Kwa kuwa nampenda Rais wangu, nikamweleza ukweli kwamba Rais umaarufu wako ndiyo huo unapotea, cheza karata nyingine, sasa sijui ndiyo hii kageukia michezo, mimi sijui. Lakini kama amefanya hivyo, nampongeza ni hatua moja mbele ya kurudisha umaarufu, lakini hii ya michezo si hoja yangu ya msingi.

Hoja ya msingi, ni kuangalia hatua ya Rais kutaka watendaji wanaompangia ziara zake za Mikoani, wasimpeleke katika barabara nzuri au maeneo yenye mafanikio tu bali maeneo yenye matatizo.

Nilivyomuona na kumsikia Rais, akitoa kauli hiyo ambayo ni nzito na yenye mantiki pana, katika luninga wiki iliyopita wakati anafanya majumuisho ya ziara yake ya mkoa wa Dodoma, nilikaa vizuri kuona nini anasema mkuu huyu wa dola.

Rais Kikwete, anasema kuna watendaji hawampeleki katika maeneo yenye matatizo ikiwemo barabara kwa visingizio lukuki, wengine wakisema usalama ni mdogo na sababu nyingine nyepesi mithili ya mdudu chungu, lakini yeye akasisitiza anataka apelekwe huko.

Lakini kikubwa, ambacho kimenisukuma kuileta hoja hii hapa ni kufurahishwa na hatua hii ya Rais kubaini kwamba, kumbe kuna baadhi ya watendaji wake hawamsaidii kumjengea taswira nzuri kwa wananchi bali wana mmaliza.

Hawa ni wale ambao rangi nyeupe wanaiita nyeusi, na hata Rais akilalamikiwa wao wanamwambia hapa unapendwa kweli wala usiwe na wasi wasi mheshimiwa. Hii ni dhambi ya unafiki, dhambi inayowafanya watendaji wa namna hii wamjengee chuki Rais kwa wananchi ambao wamemchagua kwa matumiani makubwa ya kuleta mapinduzi katika sekta mbalimbali za maendeleo.

Unafiki huu unatokana na nidhamu ya woga, watu wanafikiri Rais ni kama Mungu, wakisahau huyu amechaguliwa kuwatumikia wananchi. Ni hawa wanaompangia Rais ziara katika barabara za lami tu, wakisahau Kikwete ni mkuu wa dola ya Tanzania na wala hatoki Marekani, hivyo anapaswa kujua matatizo ya nchi na wananchi wake.

Rais huyu hata kama angetoka katika familia ya kitajiri, bado angepaswa kufikishwa kule ambako watu wanakula ugali wa mhogo na mlenda au ugali na kachumbari!
Sasa hatua ya kutaka kumpeleka Rais Kikwete katika barabara za lami ni unafiki mkubwa na wala si kumsaidia, ndiyo maana nampongeza kwa kubaini hili.

Lakini Rais anapaswa kufahamu, hatua hii ya kupinga unafiki wa viongozi hawa ni ya kwanza, ya pili angepaswa pia kutumia e mamlaka yake kuwaondoa madarakani, kwa maana wanaweza hata wakawa wamemdanganya Rais katika taarifa zao za mipango ya maendeleo. Kwa maana kama wanaweza kuficha matatizo ya wananchi ili wapendezeshe, watashindwaje kumpa takwimu na mipango ya maendeleo ya uongo?

Hii ndiyo aina ya viongozi tuliyonayo, viongozi wanaokosa utashi binafsi, viongozi wanaongozwa na unafiki na nidhamu ya woga, hawawezi kuipaisha ndege ya uchumi wala kufanikisha azma ya kuleta maisha bora kwa kila Mtanzania. Falsafa ya maisha bora haiwezi kutimia kwa kuwa na viongozi wanafiki, nchi hii ni masikini kwani nani hajui, hivi kuna haja ya kumficha Rais kweli kuhusu matatizo yetu?

Rais hakuomba kura mijini kwenye lami, huyu alifika hadi vijijini ambako anapaswa kufika kuona ile falsafa yake ya maisha bora imeanza kuwafikia hawa wanaokula ugali wa mhogo na mlenda? Nampongeza William Lukuvi, mkuu wa mkoa wa Dodoma kwa kuamua kumpeleka Rais hadi katika maeneo magumu, hawa ndiyo aina ya watendaji tunaowataka katika nchi.
Hatutaki viongozi ambao wanaonyesha udhaifu na kutojua majukumu yao, hawa Rais hawakufai wala hawalifai taifa, si wenzako hata kama walikuficha matatizo kwa misingi ya kufikiri wanakupenda.

Binafsi, naomba niseme kwa mujibu wa sheria, nitamweleza Rais na serikali kwa ujumla, ukweli kupitia kalamu kwa yale ambayo nasikia yanazungumzwa kutofurahisha wananchi au ninayobaini kama udhaifu. Kwa maana nitakuwa simtendei haki Rais na serikali yake, kama nitaamua kumpaka mafuta kwa mgongo wa chupa na kumfanya yeye ni Masiha wakati kuna udhaifu au mabaya yanatendeka katika serikali, hii ni dhambi ya unafiki!

Dhambi hii haitaishia kumtafuna Rais Kikwete na serikali yake tu, lakini unafiki huu kesho utanitafuna mimi, na vizazi vya sasa na vijavyo ndani ya taifa hili. Nitakuwa sitendei haki nafsi yangu wala kuijenga nchi yangu , nitakuwa nimefanya usaliti mkubwa, hivyo Rais anapaswa kuelezwa ukweli kuhusu matatizo ya nchi hii.

Ndiyo maana nakerwa na kuchukizwa kuona viongozi hawa wanaoficha matatizo ya wananchi kwa Rais, ndiyo hawa humwambia kwamba wananchi hapa wanakupenda sana mheshimiwa wakati wananchi wana mlalamikia. Huu ni wendawazimu, lakini ninachopenda kumshauri Rais ni kwamba, yeye ndiye ameomba kura kwa wananchi kuwa mkuu wa dola hii ya jamhuri ya muungano, kesho akirudi tena ataulizwa yeye na si wakuu wa mikoa au mawaziri.

Kwa mantiki hiyo, Rais anapaswa kuwa makini na watendaji hawa wabovu wasio na sifa za kuwa viongozi, kwa maana watakuja kumfanya apate maswali magumu katika uchaguzi wa 2010.
Napata wasi wasi mkubwa kuona kama Rais atashindwa kutimiza falsafa hii ya maisha bora, atakuja na falsafa gani 2010 ili aweze kuteka tena akili za Watanzania?

Kwa kifupi ni kwamba, miaka hii iliyobaki kabla ya 2010 ni ya Rais Kikwete kucheza karata zake kwa umakini mkubwa, vinginevyo atapaswa kufanya kampeni ngumu katika uchaguzi ujao.
Hapa niwe wazi, Rais Kikwete kama binadamu ana udhaifu wake, lakini kikubwa kinachomuangusha ni wasaidizi wake katika ngazi mbalimbali.

Rais anaonekana kuwa na utashi binafsi wa dhati wa kuleta maendeleo katika nchi, lakini kuna wasaidizi ambao ni wabovu aliwapa nafasi hizi kimakosa ingawa ana mamlaka ya kufaanya hivyo, ndiyo maana wanamsifia tu. Hivyo, Rais umewagundua hawa wanaokufanya wewe ni 'Masiha', naomba upige hatua ya pili mbele wafukuze, hawakusaidii bali wana kuharibia kwa wananchi na kukumaliza kisiasa.

Ramadhan Semtawa:,, 0732-107 188

SAS Cancels 120 Flights

Scandinavian Commuter - SAS De Havilland DHC-8-402Q Dash 8.

SAS has cancelled all flights with DASH-400 aircrafts, the same type of aircraft that has been involved in two dramatic emergency landings.

Eleven planes are now being brought back from various European airports to the SAS base in Stockholm and Copenhagen, where they will be thoroughly examined.

The planes will stay on the ground until the Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management gives them a clear signal, but will not be flying anywhere for the next few days.

In order to decrease the number of cancellations SAS have rented aircrafts from other companies, but the cancellations may end up costing them more than 100 million Danish Kroners. “We take one day at the time,” said Lisbeth Reinwaldt in SAS.

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/Norway Post (Julie Ryland)

na Radio Mlimani FM kwenye


Mauaji ya Wakenya 14 yagubikwa na utata

MAUAJI ya watu 14 wanaodaiwa kuwa ni majambazi raia wa Kenya, waliouawa na polisi mkoani Kilimanjaro kwa kile kinachodaiwa ni mapambano ya kurushiana risasi, yamegubikwa na utata na usiri wa aina yake.

Utata huo unatokana na kuwepo na usiri mkubwa wa uhalisia wa tukio lenyewe na taarifa zilizotolewa na Jeshi la Polisi mkoani Kilimanjaro.

Uchunguzi uliofanywa na Tanzania Daima tangu kutokea kwa tukio hilo, umebaini kuwa lilipangwa na kilichofanyika eneo la tukio huko Weruweru Maili sita, ni sawa na mchezo wa kuigiza.

Inadaiwa mipango yote ya kutekeleza mauaji hayo iliendeshwa na makachero wa polisi wa Tanzania waliojipenyeza nchini Kenya kama washirika wa matukio ya uhalifu na kufanikiwa kuteka mawazo ya watu hao.

Baada ya kufanikiwa kwa hilo, ‘majambazi’ hao waliweza kupata ramani ya benki ya Exim tawi la Moshi na kuandaa mipango ya kuvamia kwa lengo la kuwaua Wakenya hao.

Mtoa habari aliyezungumza kwa sharti la kutotaka jina lake litajwe, ameliambia gazeti hili kuwa, baada ya kufanikiwa kuwaingiza nchini raia hao wa Kenya, kilichofanyika ni utekelezaji wa hatua ya mwisho.

“Kama unavyoona hapa (eneo la tukio) ni sehemu yenye uwazi mkubwa, sasa kama lingekuwa tukio la kurushiana risasi, kwa nini polisi wasidhurike?” alihoji mtoa habari huyo.

Inadaiwa watu hao walikusanywa kama panya ndani ya mtego na kuwekwa kwenye magari ya polisi yenye nambari za kiraia na kupelekwa eneo ambako polisi wanadai ni maficho ya majambazi hao.

Huko ndiko kunakodaiwa mpango huo wa kuwaua ulianza kutekelezwa kwa kuuawa mmoja baada ya mwingine, huku polisi wakiyachakaza kwa risasi magari mawili likiwamo la kwao kama njia ya kuficha ukweli.

Katika kuonyesha kuwa tukio hilo lilikuwa sawa na mchezo wa kuigiza, gari la polisi T 168 AEA Hiace GLX, lilipigwa risasi zikatokea kwa juu huku kioo cha mbele kikiwa hakijapata madhara yoyote.

“Angalia kwa makini hilo gari lao (la polisi), utaona risasi zimepenya juu ya gari bila vioo vya mbele kuathirika… sasa kama lilikuwa ni tukio la kurushiana risasi, kwa nini vioo vya mbele visichakazwe na majambazi hao?” alihoji mtoa habari wetu.

Inadaiwa hata kitendo cha Wakenya hao kwenda ndani ya benki hiyo kwa lengo la kubadili fedha za kigeni, ni mpango ambao ulikuwa umeandaliwa na makachero hao kama njia mojawapo ya kukusanya ushahidi wa mazingira.

Mbinu nyingine iliyotumiwa katika mpango huo, ni kuwatawanya Wakenya hao kwenye nyumba mbalimbali za kulala wageni na kuweka kisingizio kuwa walikuwa wakitafuta vyumba vya kulala.

Baadhi ya nyumba hizo ni pamoja na baa maarufu mjini hapa ya Flamingo na Mkulima ambako watu waliokuwepo katika baa ya Flamingo walithibitisha kuwaona Wakenya hao wakitafuta vyumba vya kulala.

Kwa upande wa wananchi wa kawaida waliozungumza na Tazania Daima, wakiwamo wanaoishi karibu na kulikotokea tukio hilo, wamedai bado polisi wanahitajika kutoa taarifa za kweli juu ya kilichotokea.

Wanadai taarifa ya Jeshi la Polisi haiweki wazi ni katika mazingira gani watu hao 14 walipatwa na risasi na kufa wote pasipo hata mmoja kujeruhiwa huku polisi wakitoka salama.

“Kama ni suala la uzalendo sawa, lakini tukiamua kusaka ukweli wa tukio hili, bado kuna maswali mengi… haiwezekani brother (mwandishi), upande mmoja ukaathirika kwa asilimia 100 katika tukio la kurushiana risasi na upande wa pili usiathirike hata kidogo, hapa kuna kitu,”alisema mwananchi mmoja.

Wafanyakazi wa shamba la kahawa la Two Bridges ambako mauaji hayo yanadaiwa kutekelezwa na polisi, wameliambia Tanzania Daima kuwa, hawaelewi kilichotokea zaidi ya kusikia milio ya risasi na hivyo kuzima jenereta waliyokuwa wakiitumia shamabani hapo na kujikusanya sehemu moja.

Wafanyakazi hao wamedai tangu mchana kabla ya tukio hilo, waliwaona askari waliokuwa wakirandaranda maeneo ya tukio pasipo wao kuelewa kinachoendelea.

Utata mwingine unaozidi kuligubika tukio hilo, ni maelezo ya polisi kuwa, waliweka gari lao kama kizuizi wakati eneo hilo la tukio upo uwazi mkubwa ambao hauzuii gari jingine kupita.

Hata hivyo, baadhi ya watu wanaunga mkono mauaji hayo bila kufafanua zaidi kwa madai kuwa, matukio ya ujambazi, hasa wa kutumia silaha nzito zikiwamo za kivita huku yakiwahusisha raia wa nchi jirani, yameonekana kuota mizizi nchini.

Septemba 5, mwaka huu, saa 1.30 katika eneo la Weruweru ndani ya eneo la mashamba ya kahawa ya Two Bridges, polisi waliwaua watu 14 wakidai kuwa ni majambazi waliokuwa na mpango wa kuvamia benki ya Exim, iliyopo barabara ya Boma mjini Moshi.

Katika taarifa kwa vyombo vya habari, polisi walidai kupata taarifa za kuwepo kwa watu hao na kwamba mtego wa kuwanasa uliandaliwa na wakafanikiwa kuwaona wakielekea mafichoni kabla ya uvamizi huo.

Waliouawa katika tukio hilo ni Simon Maina Ndabuki, Moses Kuria Kamau, David Njuguna Mbugua, Peter Maina Waweru, William Muiruri Kamau na Phillipo Irungu Wanjiru.

Wengine ni Rudovick Giceru Kariuki, John Gikonyo Buku, Zacharia Mwangi Kamathiro na Jeremiah Macharia, wote wakazi wa jijini Nairobi.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kikwete off to UN

Rais Jakaya Kikwete. Picha kutoka:

Sunday News (Tanzania)
; Sunday,September 16, 2007 @00:01

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete left yesterday for New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which begins on September 18 this year.

Mr Kikwete is expected to address the assembly on September 24 and 27 on various political and social issues, especially on global climate change – the top item in the agenda -- in this year’s meeting, the state house said in a statement.

The president would also deliver a speech on UN reforms, especially the structure of the UN Security Council. He would also speak on the political situation in the Great Lakes region and developments in western Sudan’s region of Darfur.

Mr Kikwete will Co-Chair with the Finnish President a global summit to discuss climate change and receive African American Institute (AAI) award to Tanzania in recognition of the country’s efforts to ensure more children go to school.

He will meet other top political, social and business leaders including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and World Bank President Robert Zoellick.

The president’s delegation includes several ministers and members of the business community with the aim of continuing and following up on various agreements between Tanzanian and American businessmen.

He is expected back early next month.

Miss Tanzania 2007 katika jaribio la nanihii.....

Mnyetishaji wetu aliongeza, mbunge huyo ameshawatajia hoteli mbalimbali visiwani Zanzibar, anazoweza kuzitumia kurusha roho na Richa, mara mkakati wake utakapokamilika. “Kila siku anatwambia akimpata Richa lazima aende kulala naye kwenye hoteli moja kali Zanzibar, anasema Dar es Salaam itamnyima uhuru wa kujinafasi anavyotaka.

“Hivi sasa ameshawapa ‘dili’ wanawake wawili wa Kariakoo ambao sasa hivi wanahaha kumtafuta Richa au ikiwezekana wapate hata namba yake ya simu, ili iwe rahisi kumpata,” alisema mnyetishaji huyo. Mtoa habari wetu aliongeza, mbunge huyo anataka kufanikisha azma yake ya kumnasa Richa kabla ya Fainali za 57 za Miss World, zitakazofanyika Sanya, China, Desemba mwaka huu. Alisema: “Anataka kumpata kabla ya hapo ili Richa atakapokwenda Miss World, waondoke pamoja, kwakweli dada yetu asipokuwa makini, anaweza kuingia mkenge.”

Gazeti hili, liliwasiliana kwa simu na mbunge anayedaiwa kumtega Miss Tanzania, Richa Adhia ambapo maongezi yalikuwa kama ifuatavyo;

Wikienda: Mheshimiwa mbunge unaongea na Gazeti la Ijumaa Wikienda.
Mbunge: Vema, niwasaidie nini?
Wikienda: Mheshimiwa, kuna madai kwamba umekula yamini kumpata kimapenzi Richa Adhia, ni kweli au siyo kweli?
Mbunge: Nikiwajibu ni kweli, itawasaidia nini?
Wikienda: Siyo suala la kutusaidia, sisi tunataka ukweli?
Mbunge: Huo ukweli utawasaidia nini?
Wikienda: Mheshimiwa, kwanini hutaki kujibu swali?
Mbunge: Sikiliza, haya ni mambo yangu binafsi na hampaswi kuyaingilia, (akakata simu).

Akiongea na mwandishi wetu, wiki iliyopita, jijini Dar es Salaam, Mratibu wa Miss Tanzania, Hashim Lundenga alisema, Richa ni mtu mzima, kwahiyo uamuzi ni wake mwenyewe kumkubali au kumkataa mbunge huyo.

“Sisi tunawachagua warembo waliotimiza umri wa miaka 18, Richa ni mtu mzima, hatuwezi kumuingilia, uamuzi wa nani awe mpenzi wake ni juu yake mwenyewe,” alisema Lundenga. Hata hivyo, Lundenga alimsifu Richa kama mrembo mwenye nidhamu ambaye anamuamini hatolipa sifa mbaya Taji la Miss Tanzania. “Najua kuna vita kali ya kuichafua Miss Tanzania, lakini haitawezekana kwa kumtumia Richa, huyu atakuwa mfano bora kwa warembo wengine wote,” alisema Lundenga. Ijumaa Wikienda linamuasa Richa kuwa makini na mbunge huyo kwani hana nia njema, kwanza ni mume wa mtu na watoto. Siye huyo tu, watamfuata wengi kwa ‘gia’ tofauti, lakini muhimu ni kujichunga na kutambua dhima aliyonayo kama Miss Tanzania.

Kutoka gazeti la Ijumaa, Wikienda.

Gazeti la Ijumaa lachemsha! ....laomba radhi

Ndugu wasomaji,

Naomba nichukue nafasi hii, kwa niaba ya kampuni, nikiwa Mkurugenzi wa kampuni ya Global Publishers Ltd, wachapishaji wa magazeti pendwa ya Uwazi, Ijumaa, Ijumaa Wikienda, Championi, Risasi, Amani na The Bongo Sun. Pia kwa niaba ya wafanyakazi wa kampuni hii, nachukua fursa kuwaomba radhi ninyi wasomaji kwa kilichotokea katika habari na picha zilizochapishwa kwenye gazeti la Ijumaa la tarehe 14, Septemba, 2007, chini ya kichwa cha habari WABAMBWA!

Asubuhi na mapema siku ya Ijumaa baada ya gazeti hilo kutoka, nilianza kupokea simu kutoka kwa wasomaji wengi wanaotutakia mema wakidai habari hiyo ilikuwa ni ya kweli lakini haikutokea nchini Tanzania kama tulivyoandika, bali nchi jirani na kwamba ziko kwenye mtandao. Simu hizo zilinishtua sana, nikalazimika kulitafuta gazeti hilo ili nisome na kuona kama taarifa nilizopewa zina ukweli wowote.

Baada ya kuziona picha hizo na kuisoma habari husika, nilichofanya ni kumuita mhariri wa gazeti hilo na kutaka atoe maelezo juu ya malalamiko yaliyotolewa na wasomaji wetu. Katika maelezo yake, mhariri alidai habari hiyo ililetwa na chanzo cha habari ambacho siku zote tumekuwa tukifanyanacho kazi na kukiamini. Kwa mujibu wa chanzo hicho, tukio hilo lilitokea maeneo ya Mabibo jijini Dar es Salaam na kikafanikiwa kupiga picha hizo na kuzileta ofisini kwetu na kudai malipo ya shilingi 200,000 (laki mbili) zilizotakiwa kulipwa siku ya Ijumaa baada ya gazeti kutoka.

Kufuatia utata huo, niliagiza chanzo hicho kuhojiwa kwa mara nyingine kama kweli picha hizo zilipigwa Mabibo na yeye ama la, jambo hilo lilifanyika na awali katika maelezo yake, chanzo kilisisitiza kuwa picha hizo alizipiga yeye katika eneo hilo, lakini baadaye alipobanwa kwa maswali mengi ikiwa ni pamoja na kuonyeshwa picha kama hizo zilizotumwa kwetu kwa njia ya mtandao na msomaji aitwaye Anna, alikiri kudanganya kwa lengo la kujipatia fedha!

Kwa kweli, jambo hili, mimi binafsi pamoja na wenzangu katika Global, limetuumiza sana, kwani kwa muda mrefu yamekuwepo madai kwamba habari tunazoandika siyo za kweli, lakini mara nyingi tumefanikiwa kuwathibishia wasomaji wetu kuwa hatuandiki uongo. Ndani ya miaka kumi tunayokaribia kuimaliza, hata siku moja hatujawahi kupata tatizo la aina hii! Hii ni mara ya kwanza, tunakiri kosa hili na tumeshaelewa tatizo letu, tunaahidi kuwa makini zaidi siku nyingine ili tusiudanganye tena umma wa wasomaji wetu wanaotuheshimu na kununua magazeti yetu kila siku.

Zipo hisia kwamba, chanzo hiki kilikuwa kimetumwa na maadui zetu kwa lengo la kutushushia heshima. Jambo hili bado tunalifanyia kazi, lakini tunachokifahamu ni kwamba mwisho wa vita vilivyopo tutashinda tu kama ninyi mtaendelea kusimama na sisi na kutukosoa pale tunapokwenda vibaya. Kumbukeni “to grow economically you need friends, but to develop economically you need enemies, so enemies are important for us to develop.”

Hatua makini zimechukuliwa kwa chanzo hiki, kisingeweza kuachwa kiondoke huru baada ya kuwa kimetuumiza kiasi hiki. Kinachoendelea wakati tunaandika waraka huu, ni kwamba Bw. Anos Magongo Rugahimkamu (pichani chini)yuko Kituo cha Polisi Msimbazi, alikamatwa siku hiyo hiyo ya Ijumaa na kufikishwa kituoni ambako alifunguliwa kesi namba MS/RB/10757/07 ya kujaribu kujipatia fedha kwa njia za udanganyifu. Anategemea kufikishwa mahakamani Jumatatu.

izi ndizo hatua tulizozichukua, pamoja na yote hayo, hakuna jambo lolote ambalo muungwana anaweza kusema baada ya kukosea zaidi ya kuomba msamaha! Kwa niaba ya wenzangu, tunaomba mtusamehe na tunaahidi kuwa makini sana siku nyingine. Ni matumaini yetu mtakubali kufanya hivyo. Kumbukeni hili ni kosa letu la kwanza na sisi ni ndugu zenu, tumetoka nanyi mbali miaka kumi iliyopita, TUPENI NAFASI NYINGINE.

Mungu awabariki sana.
Eric Shigongo James

NB: Hatua makini pia zimechukuliwa dhidi ya Mhariri.

Kwa wapenzi wa Bongo Flava

AY na Mwana FA wanakuja na album lao la kukata na shoka walilolip jina la Habari ndio hiyo ambayo tayari imekamilika ikiwa na songi nane kama Asubuhi,Fungua Shampeni, Binamu, Ngoja ageuke, Unajuaje, Bounce, Kula kwa macho na Habari ndiyo hiyo uliobeba albamu” katika album lao pia wameshirikisha vichwa ama wasaniii moto kabisa kutoka africa wakiwemo Lady Jaydee, Q-Chiller, Jose Chameleone na Tallia..., wakilonga zaidi Mwana FA na AY wamesema lengo la mradi huu kujiongezea mafanikio au tuite kujikwamua kimaisha, lakini kubwa lililopo mbele yao ni kujulikana mbali zaidi ya Afrika Mashariki. Wameshafanya shoo kibao katika nchi mbalimbali lakini bado wanatamani kuwa kimataifa, ndoto ambayo baada ya miaka kadhaa huenda ikatimia kwasababu wanahasira ya kufika mbali katika game..

Habari hizi toka:
Picha na

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rais Jakaya Kikwete akimwapisha mkuu mpya wa majeshi Jenerali Davies Mwamunyange ikulu leo

Rais Jakaya Kikwete akimwapisha Luteni Jenerali Abdulrahman Shimbo kuwa mnadhimu mkuu wa jeshi leo ikulu. Picha toka:

'Lula' on state visit to Norway

Brazil's president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Brazilian flags were waving around Oslo on Thursday to welcome the county’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, for an official state visit. Best known as simply "Lula," the folksy head of state planned to urge Norway to ease its protectionist policies and allow more Brazilian products into the country.

Brazil's popular and highly respected president was to head straight from the airport to a an official welcome ceremony on the grounds of the Royal Palace, and then to a gala banquet held in his honor inside.

The sun was shining brilliantly as palace crews put the final touches on arrangements for his arrival. His official program begins at 9am Friday, when he's to open a trade seminar between Norway and Brazil.

From there he’ll head into morning meetings with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, before having lunch with government ministers and a meeting with the president of the Norwegian Parliament, Thorbjørn Jagland.

Lula's wish list
Lula told newspaper Aftenposten in an interview in Brasilia that he looked forward to meeting Stoltenberg and had three missions on his agenda, "two of which I’m going to ask the Norwegian prime minister to help me with."

Lula said he intended to ask Norway for its support for Brazil's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

"In addition I want to ask Prime Minister Stoltenberg to support us in the Doha round (of the World Trade Organization talks)," Lula said. He wants wealthy countries like Norway to cut their subsidies to agricultural products, "something the Third World can benefit from."

Lula, like many others, believes subsidy cuts would enhance real competition in the market. Norwegian farmers' traditional demands for assistance effectively keep cheaper imports out of the country and keep Norwegian price levels high. Norway's longtime support for its own farmers has often been criticized as coming at the expense of farmers in poverty-stricken countries.

Product of poverty
Lula, age 61, is a product of poverty himself, as the youngest of eight children in a poor family from northeastern Brazil. He had to help support the family as soon as he learned to walk, went hungry, and tried to earn money shining shoes as a child.

"I’ll never forget the hunger and degradation," he told Aftenposten. "That’s why we’re pursuing education, a more fair distribution of wealth and campaigns against hunger and poverty."

Lula, said he was "deeply impressed" by the social welfare states built up by Norway and other Nordic countries. He hopes to do the same in Brazil, and claims that around 7 million people in Brazil have been lifted out of poverty. He said around 11 million families now receive financial assistance that allows them to send their children to school and for regular health checks.

Lula is traveling with Brazil’s foreign minister, Celso Amorim, and the director for state oil company Petrobras, Jose Sergio Gabrielli. The state visit runs through Friday.

Aftenposten reporter in Brazil
Arne Halvorsen

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Nina Berglund

Friday, September 14, 2007

.....that the National Population Register includes information about everyone residing in Norway?

Information about people living in Norway is gathered for tax, electoral and population analyses by local tax assessment offices. This information is registered in the National Population Register (Folkeregisteret), and is overseen by the Directorate of Taxes (Skattedirektoratet). Information from the National Population Register, e.g. names, addresses, citizenship, identification numbers, position of employment and civil status of people, is only accessible to authorised public sector offices. However, members of the public may apply for access to information from the National Population Register for legal purposes. Applications for information from the National Population Register are processed by local tax assessment offices and the Office of the National Registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Police nab ‘smart thieves’ from Kenya

AFTER last week’s killing of 14 hardcore criminals, 12 of them Kenyans, in a shoot-out with police, cops have arrested two alleged credit card thieves from Nairobi attempting to con shops in Arusha, the headquarters of the East African Community (EAC).

The Arusha Regional Police Commander, Mr Matei Basilio, named the two suspects yesterday as Reuben Kirongothi (33) and Bernard Kirui (30) both residents of Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr Basilio told the 'Daily News' by telephone that the Kenyans were also found in possession of a machine for making fake credit cards, a master card key, three Compact Discs (CDs) with different computer programmes and several credit cards bearing different names.

“The Kenyans were arrested after three people entered a Woolworth shop on September 9, selected clothes worth 700 US dollars and tried to pay using a Barclays Bank credit card.

But the attendant got suspicious and when checking the authenticity of the card, the three men hurriedly left the shop without a word”, Mr Basilio said.

According to Mr Basilio, the three men left in a Toyota Corolla taxi cab. After the shop notified the police, the law enforcers nabbed the driver who led them to the suspects.

“The taxi driver told the police that the suspects were staying at Roundabout Guest House and when the police went to search the place they found two of the men and put them under arrest”, he said.

The RPC said that the two suspects had legal travelling documents and records showed that Kirongothi has visited Tanzania once before and that Kirui had visited the country twice before. They last arrived in the country on September 9 this year.

Mr Basilio further said that the suspects named one John of Sinawari as their Tanzanian accomplice along with his Rwandan girlfriend, Pauline Nyimara. Police are still searching for them, he said.

Source: Daily News Tanzania

Mwamunyange awa Mkuu mpya wa Majeshi

RAIS Jakaya Kikwete amempandisha cheo Luteni Jenerali Davis Adolf Mwamunyange, kuwa Jenerali na kumteua kuwa Mkuu wa Majeshi.

Jenerali Mwamunyange anachukua nafasi iliyoachwa wazi na Jenerali George Waitara, ambaye amestaafu rasmi jana.

Kabla ya uteuzi huo, Mwamunyange alikuwa Mnadhimu Mkuu wa Jeshi la Wananchi wa Tanzania (JWTZ).

Taarifa kwa vyombo vya habari iliyotolewa jana usiku na Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi, Philemon Luhanjo, ilieleza kuwa wakati huo huo, Rais Kikwete amempandisha cheo Meja Jenerali Abdulrahman Amir Shimbo, aliyekuwa Mkuu wa Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa (JKT), kuwa Luteni Jenerali, na kumteua kuwa Mnadhimu Mkuu wa JWTZ.

Luteni Jenerali Shimbo anachukua nafasi iliyoachwa wazi na Jenerali Mwamunyange.

Aidha, Rais Kikwete amempandisha cheo Brigedia Jenerali Martin Madatta, kuwa Meja Jenerali, na kumtea kuwa Mkuu wa JKT, nafasi iliyoachwa wazi na Luteni Jenerali Shimbo.

Kabla ya uteuzi huo, Meja Jenerali Madatta, alikuwa Mkuu wa Uzalishaji Makao Makuu ya JKT.

Uteuzi wa viongozi hao umeanza jana.

Mkuu mpya wa Majeshi, Jenerali Mwamunyange, na Mnadhimu Mkuu wa Majeshi, Shimbo, wataapishwa Jumamosi ijayo, saa 2 asubuhi, Ikulu, Dar es Salaam.

Naye Safina Tibanyendera, anaripoti kuwa aliyekuwa Mkuu wa Majeshi ya Ulinzi na Usalama anayemaliza muda wake, Jenerali George Waitara, amepiga marufuku imani ya dini ya kilokole ndani ya jeshi hilo, kwa madai kuwa ulokole unaweza kumtoa mtu katika taratibu za kijeshi.

Waitara alisema hayo jana wakati wa sherehe za kumuaga zilizofanyika makao makuu ya jeshi hilo jijini Dar es Salaam na kuwataka maofisa wa jeshi hilo wanaojiona wameokoka kwenda makanisani kuliko kuendelea kuwa wanajeshi.

“Tusiingize ulokole kwenye jeshi…imani ni imani, kiongozi akiwa mlokole na wafuasi walokole itakuwaje? Tukianza kusema huyu hastahili kufanya kazi hii kwa sababu ni mlokole, hapo tutakuwa tunaleta migawanyiko, na mtu wa namna hiyo anayeleta ulokole kwenye jeshi, kazi itamshinda,” alisisitiza Waitara.

Aidha, aliwataka maofisa wengine kumpa ushirikiano wa kutosha mtu atakayechaguliwa kushika nafasi yake, ambaye anatarajiwa kutangazwa na kuapishwa wakati wowote kuanzia sasa.

“Mafanikio mliyoyaona kipindi chote cha uongozi wangu, ni kwa sababu ninyi mlionyesha ushirikiano pamoja na mimi ndiyo maana tumepiga hatua katika mambo mengi, hivyo nahimiza mshikamano…muwe kitu kimoja, kwa sababu jeshi ni moja, msigawanyike,” alisema.

Waitara, aliwaasa viongozi wote wa vikosi vya jeshi kuacha ubaguzi, kwani unaweza kusababisha mgawanyiko na makundi ndani ya jeshi hilo, jambo ambalo linaweza kushusha tija katika ufanisi jeshini hapo.

Aidha, aliwakemea wanajeshi wanaoharibu sifa ya jeshi kwa kujihusisha na vitendo vya uhalifu, na kudai kuwa watu hao hawatakiwi ndani ya jeshi, kwa hiyo viongozi wa vikosi wawe macho kuhakikisha wanawatambua wanajeshi wanaowasimamia tabia zao ili mkorofi aweze kufukuzwa mara moja.

“Hata tuhuma peke yeke haifai kwa mwanajeshi, viapo vyenu vya kuwalinda raia vinakuwa tofauti, mimi nahisi watu hao waliingia jeshini kwa ajili ya kutafuta ajira, tusiwape nafasi tuwaondoe mara moja,” alisema.

Alisema, kipindi cha uongozi wake amejitahidi kupunguza matatizo yaliyokuwa yakiwakabili wanajeshi kama chakula, mavazi na malipo yao ya likizo ambayo hivi sasa yanatolewa kwa wakati pamoja na fedha ya usafiri.

Akizungumzia bima ya afya, aliwataka maofisa wote wa jeshi kukata bima ya afya, na kwamba watakaoingia mwaka wa kwanza (wageni), itakuwa ni kama sheria kwao kuhakikisha kuwa ni lazima kukata bima ya afya kabla ya kujiunga na jeshi hilo.

Akisoma risala, Kamanda wa Kikosi cha Makao Makuu ya Jeshi, Kanali Salum Kijuu, amempongeza Jenerali Waitara kwa mambo mazuri ambayo ameyafanya na kumtaka aimarishe afya yake kwa kufanya mazoezi ili asizeeke haraka.

Aliyataja baadhi ya mambo hayo kuwa ni pamoja na kusimamia nidhamu ya jeshi, ujenzi wa ukuta wa jeshi, kukarabati majengo machakavu na vyoo, kujenga kisima cha maji, kuongeza mishahara, pensheni, marupurupu na kuboresha uwanja wa kuchezea gofu.

Jenerali Waitara amelitumikia jeshi hilo kwa kipindi cha miaka sita tangu alipochaguliwa Julai Mwaka 2001.

Chanzo cha habari: Tanzania Daima.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ethiopia: Norway supports ‘terrorists’ in Africa

Deputy Foreign Minister, Raymond Johansen says the allegations are unwarranted.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin accuses Norway of supporting "terrorist groups" in Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan. "False allegations," replies Norwegian Parliamentary Secretary Raymond Johansen.

"Norway tries to build a peace-keeping image, but cannot do so at the expense of the peace on the Horn of Africa," said the Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin in an exclusive interview with newspaper Aftenposten.

His statements mark the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the two countries. In late August, Ethiopian authorities expelled six Norwegian diplomats from the country. Two days later, Norway announced it would cut Ethiopian aid.

In a blow to Norway’s peace-keeping ambitions, Mesfin alleged in the Aftenposten interview that Norwegian authorities support "terrorist groups" in Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan, destabilising peace on the Horn of Africa.

"The soldiers in Eritrea are financed in full by Norway. By supporting those who destroy peace processes in our neighbouring countries, Norway undermines the Ethiopian government’s peace work," Mesfin claimed.

He added that Norwegian money sponsors weapons for terrorist groups in Somalia and Sudan, and that Norwegian authorities operate out of sight of local governments.

Parliamentary Secretary Raymond Johansen in the Norwegian Foreign Ministry denied the Ethiopian Minister’s allegations. "Nothing he says is correct," Johansen said.

Johansen said that the Norwegian authorities had always been open and honest about their intentions, and that they wanted nothing but peace and reconciliation on the Horn of Africa.

The six Norwegian diplomats will leave Ethiopia on Saturday, leaving only three Norwegian diplomats left in the African country.

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Kristin Solberg
Aftenposten's reporter
Anbjørg Bakken

Euro 2008 qualifier: Norway - Greece 2-2

Ruud Gullit introduced the term "sexy football" during his time in England. Yesterday, Norway played a sexy football. Photo: Dagbladet.

Norway held Greece to a 2-2 draw in their second Euro 2008 qualifier in Oslo on Wednesday evening. John Arne Riise and John Carew scored for Norway.

This means that Grrece still leads Group C, with Norway sharing second place with Turkey.

Sortiris Kyrgiakos gave the Greeks the lead twice in the first half, but Norway equalized after just a few minutes both times.

Riise scored the most beautiful goal of the evening, from 25 metres.

Norway pressed for a winning goal towards the end, but to no avail, despite several good chances.

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/Norway

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tunawatakia kila la heri

watakaojaliwa kuufunga

mwezi Mtukufu wa Ramadhani

unaoanza Alhamisi

tarehe 13 Septemba 2007

PCCB boss: Ex-presidents protected by the constitution

From left to right: President Jakaya Kikwete, PCCBs boss Edward Hosea and ex-President Benjamin William Mkapa

Dar es Salaam

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has no legal powers to investigate allegations of corruption brought against the country’s former presidents because of constitutional restrictions, PCCB director Edward Hosea asserted yesterday.

Speaking at a special discussion forum on the new anti-graft legislation for editors and senior journalists from various media houses in the country, Hosea said the national constitution contains various clauses and provisions that make it difficult for the anti-corruption watchdog to investigate ex-heads of state.

’’For instance, Article 46 of the constitution prohibits anybody from raising a criminal and related case, including corruption, against the president in power. Other constitutional provisions protect these leaders against corruption charges even after their tenure of office expires,’’ stated Hosea in response to a question from one of the forum participants.

The question was raised in the wake of serious allegations of abuse of power brought against former president Benjamin Mkapa and first lady Anna Mkapa, who are alleged to have registered their own private entrepreneurship company, ANBEM Limited, and subsequently engaged themselves in private business dealings while still at State House.

According to Hosea, a person wishing to charge or sue a former president would have to abide by protracted legal procedures in order to do so. ’’Such a person will have to forward the matter to parliament for debate and approval. And such a motion would have to be endorsed by a certain percentage of MPs,’’ he said.

He continued: ’’The ex-president himself would need to be notified prior to the corruption charges being brought against him. In fact, there are quite a number of complex and complicated constitutional procedures that protect former presidents from such corruption charges.’’

The PCCB boss said a constitutional amendment was the only way to scrap the restrictive clauses and provisions and ease the procedures for prosecuting top state leaders implicated in corruption during and after their tenure in office.

’’However, constitutional amendments have negative implications. This (the constitution) is a sensitive document, which cannot be amended lightly. That alone will require its own procedures, and at the end of the day, you will find yourself going back to the same story of prolonged procedures. It´s not easy,’’ he told the avidly-listening forum participants.

Ni filamu ambayo ilionyesha mapinduzi ambapo waigizaji wa kibongo walipoenda nchini Nigeria ambako kunaaminiwa wapo juu katika uigizaji katika nchi za kiafrika.


Waigizaji:-Mercy Johnson,Nancy Okeke,Bomba Akintoka(Nig),Kanumba,Imanuel Myamba,Mr Manento(TX)

Kanumba anaonekana ni kijana mwenye nidham na heshima na kutokana na hekima zake anaadoptiwa na mzee ambaye anamuamini na kumpa kazi na mwisho anaamua kumtuma Kanumba kwenda kuwasaka wanae waliopo nchini Nigeria akiwa huko anashindwa kuwapata watoto hao kwa kuwa walibadilisha majina na bila kujua anaanza uhusiano wa mapenzi na mmoja wa watoto ha huyo baba ....waliporudi Bongo wanakkuja gundua kumbe wao ni nduguu.....hiyo ndo Dar to Lagos Knowledge before Marriage.

Oxlo konferanse (in Norwegian)

uka 2007


Lysere fremtid
for Oslos minoriteter?
Cosmopolite, Møllergata 26
kl 8:30 – 15:00

Programleder:Ariana Fernandes

08:30 Registrering. Kaffe/te

09:00 Kulturinnslag

v/ statsråd Heidi GrandeRøys, Fornyings- og administrasjonsdepartementet

09:30 “Dagens digitalisert samfunn: er minoritetskvinner på nett?”
- hva sier minoritetskvinneledere selv?
v/ MobeenaTanver,OverseasWomen Network in Norway og
Fatima Nadar, SomalilandWomen Solidarity

Kulturinnslag. Pause

10:45 ”Åpne øyne mot barrierer”
- institusjonell diskriminering i kulturlivet?
- kulturarbeidere med minoritetsbakgrunn lykkes: hvorfor og hvordan?
v/Amani Olubanjo Buntu, kunstnerisk leder, African HistoryWeek

11:30 LUNSJ

12:15 “Sammen for likeverdige offentlige tjenester”
- om samarbeid mellom kommunale virksomheter og innvandrerbefolkning
v/Akhenaton de Leon, Rådet for innvandrerorganisasjoner i Oslo

12:30 “Bolig og nærmiljø for alle?”
- minoritetsungdom og boligmarkedet.Diskriminering i det private boligmarkedet ?
- hva skal til for å rette på forholdene?
v/Ali Osman Egeh,Ungbo, Storbyavdelingen,Oslo kommune

Kulturinnslag. Pause

13:30 Panel og dialog med sentrale aktører
Ordstyrer:Asta Busingye Lydersen,Queendom

14:30 Oppsummering og avslutning

innen 14.09.07